A new name for me? Suggestions


I joined on here as wet_outdoors.  I only thought about this name for about 15 minutes when I created this account.  I am an outdoorsman that likes to wet himself, whether on a camping trip or on a bike ride.  I consider myself an athletic person who likes to be outdoors and doing stuff.
I’ve noticed over the years that people are possibly mislead over my intentions.  I don’t piss outdoors, I only wet.  I do poop myself, but those are in rare cases and I try to prevent them from being a social event.
My wetting started innocently in my childhood from an anxiety of lowering my pants/shorts outdoors, even though I’d love spending day and night outside.  I’ve been wetting since about the age of 8 or 9.
Today, my fantasies take me to times from between 7 on up to about 18, depending on the mood I am in.  I was very toilet shy and was very picky about the toilet that was available and at the same time, didn’t want anybody to know I had to go because I knew I was too old to be told to go to the bathroom and was very embarrassed about that.
I’m looking for suggestions for a possible username to change to that would convey the emotion, history and fantasy that I’m living these days.  I’m not opposed to incorporating my heritage as well in the name.
What are your ideas?

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  1. I think wet outdoors describes you perfectly.
    You wet and you do do it outdoors.There is nothing misleading about that.
    I think we all know the difference between pissing and wetting.
    Keep your name then we all know who you are.

  2. If people think that the name "wet_outdoors" conveys pissing outdoors and not being wet outdoors then you may just have an uphill climb with them whatever you call yourself.

    If you wet outdoors and people know you as "wet_outdoors" why not just leave it.

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