A New Massage Oil

I thought of getting a massage in a private room since I had the idea to shit in there, when paid for the private room and laid down on my stomach I remembered what I drank like 4 beers at a party which led to my stomach loudly rumbling. I tried my best to hold in the shit in my dirty ass, when the masiur arrived in the room he gave me a back massage which forced me to relax my entire body. I knew this was a bad thing since I was clenching my ass together but since my whole body feels so relaxed I just let it all out, it came out as a soft serve at first which moved the towel from my ass. The soft serve felt like it wouldn’t stop until it instantly became a volcano of diarrhea, it went all the way in between my thighs and it felt so warm and a little chunky. The best part about all of this is that the masiur really loved scat, I can’t believe something so coincidental could happen but it actually happened. Since the masiur was wearing gloves for the oil, he started smearing my shit over my ass and it felt so warm with a little chunky feeling added to it. Then the masiur smeared the shit on my feet with addition of a massage with the shit, this made me relax even more than before and this caused me to piss all over the massage bed. The masiur started tickling my soles with his dirty hands this caused me to laugh alot, the laughing then caused me make a long and loud shart this caused me to moan as the relief felt so good. The masiur finally stuck his face directly onto my dirty ass to lick my asshole clean, as soon as he started licking I pushed to let out some wet farts. This made the masiur stick his tongue inside my asshole and suck out my shit, after he was done he gotten some wipes to clean me up. I left smelling like rotten sulfur and I came with another messy plan.

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