A New Experience

So I don’t normally mess myself in public. I leave that side of me to myself. However, one day I was feeling adventurous (and horny) and felt like I needed a new experience to get me going.
I already had to get done shampoo at Dollar General so I decided to take a boring trip into and exciting one. So I got dressed, or on dark jeans so wet spots would be harder to notice, and left to the store.
As I arrived I was feeling both nervous and turned on. I walk inside and notice is not a busy day today. My nerves were so high, I could not wait, so I walked straight to the shampoo aisle. I took a deep breath and squatted down to grab a bottle. This was the moment! As I was squatted down I let out a small grunt and pushed on my bowels. I could almost instantly feel the poop slide out into my panties. It was large and a little hard and I could imagine that it made a huge bulge in my pants. I grunted as it all came out. Then, as the poop finished coming out, the pee started coming. I must’ve had a lot to drink, because when I was done there was a puddle below me.
I finished up, and looked around and felt my panties to see the damage. It filled my underwear and even reached my pussy. This made my cheeks plush and made me very horny, however, I still had to buy my shampoo. I walked to the cashier (waddling a little bit) and handed her my items. She was annoyed by her job anyway, so she didn’t pay attention to my nervous and guilty face. As I stood there, I could start to get a strong smell of my mess, and this just made me even hornier. I got my items and waddled to my car.
As I sat down, the poop slid more into my pussy and rubbed against my clit. I took a lot of strength to not masturbate right then. I drove home with my mess sinking up the car and making me even more turned one. I finally got home and I headed straight to my bed. I checked the mirror and saw my wet and bulgy jeans. I couldn’t even wait to take off any clothes. I laid in my bed and started pleasuring myself. I would push the poop up against my clit and in and out of my vagina. It took me no time cum the first time. After I can down from my first climax, I could smell my mess and still feel it against my clit. So let’s just say, I had a busy day alone from there 😉

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  1. I would love to have a public poop with someone! I too have pooped myself at the store, it would way better with a partner!

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