A new Discovery

I had posted this story a few days ago and had not selected the proper catagories, For you who have read it and left feed back, thank you. for those of you who are seeing it for the first time, I hope you enjoy it

Wow!! I finally had
my very own place to live. I think it is a great accomplishment considering I
am only 20 years old and managed to rent a cute little house just outside of
town from a sweet old couple that had needed to move in to an assisted living center.
They had left the house furnished and had only taken their things that they
wanted around them. The rest they had placed in storage.

   While I got my
things organized, I was looking all through the house, and opened a storage
closet, and discovered that they had obviously forgotten to take what was in
here. There were about four huge bags of adult pull up  diapers. I am guessing that one or possibly
both of them had problems with control.  At first I dismissed it and went about setting
up the house and putting my things away. As the day went on, my thoughts kept
coming back to the diapers. I remember that when I had first started puberty,
that for whatever reason had gotten a thrill out of  sometimes wetting and even pooping myself as
I had masturbated. But that had been years and I hadn’t even thought about it
in forever.

   The more I kept
thinking about the diapers, and the more I remembered what I had done as a
preteen, the more aroused I became. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer, and
decided to see where this would take me. I had three whole days to myself
before I had to be at work again, so I decided to indulge this strange feeling
that was capturing my mind.

   I stripped off my
clothes , except for my panties and tee shirt. Then I went to the closet and
took a diaper. I slipped it up over my panties and looked at myself in the
floor length mirror. I was quite a sight. The diaper wasn’t all that bulky ,
but my nipples had hardened and were poking at my teeshirt. At that point, I
fixed a big glass of sweet tea and sat down at my computer and did a Google
search for pee and poop. I was floored. There were thousands of hits.

   As I sat at my
computer, I read a few stories, then started watching videos. At first I was
shocked at what I saw, but the more I watched. The more aroused I became. Soon
I was watching a video of a woman that not only peed and filled her panties
with poop, but started playing with her mess and masturbating. This was way
past anything I had ever done when I was a curious preteen.

  All the water I had
drank was beginning to fill me up. I kept a hand between my legs and was
rubbing myself through my diaper. I could tell that my pussy was opened up and
wet. I could feel the crotch oof my panties sticking to me. I finally reached
the now or never moment, and made the decision to let go of my adult inhibitions.  I relaxed my bladder and felt for the first
time in years the delicious feeling as my panties soaked through with my hot
pee. The diaper contained all my pee, and I could feel as the wetness spread
from my pussy across my bottom. Between the pee and my rubbing through the
diaper, I reached an orgasm so intense that I thought I was going to pass out.

    It took me a few
minutes to regain my senses. I thought to myself, that if peeing myself was
that intense, that if I took the next step, I would be rewarded with even more
pleasure. As I sat in my sodden panties and diaper watching the video, I began
to push. I could feel my poop pushing my ass open, but couldn’t force it out
while sitting. With my eyes glued to the video of the woman now masturbating
herself and smeared almost all over with her nasty shit, I stood up and pushed
my chair back. I was lightly fingering both my nipples through my tee shirt and
once again started pushing. This time I was rewarded as my ass cheeks were
forced apart by my poop. I felt as it came in contact with the cotton of my
soaked panties. With that , I pushed even harder. My poop started to seek
places to go and tented my panties out and also started spreading . I could
feel it pushing ,y panties down and even felt as some leaked out the leg band
of my left leg. I looked in the mirror  and was pleased to find that even the diaper
was turning brown and looked filled.

    At this point, I
reached my hand into my panties and felt just how wet and nasty I had made
myself. I inserted first one, then two fingers in my pussy. As I reached as
deep into my pussy as I possible could. I was pinching one of my nipples. After
only a couple of minutes I was once again captured by a sense shattering
orgasm. I was weak in the knees and sat hard down in my chair. I felt my poop
flatten and spread out.  In my wildest
dreams I had never experienced anything coming close to what I had just went

   I knew without a
doubt that this was something life changing and I would continue to explore
further to see just how nasty and depraved I could become………..        

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  1. Congratulations for your new home, And the privacy it will give you to explore your self. Thank you for your story

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