A new discovery Part 2

   Ever since I had gotten my own place and discovered the adult diapers the people that had owned the house had left behind, I was hooked. Every day when I came home from work, I would immediately get out of my clothes and pull on a diaper.

   I would hold at work so that sometimes I would be squirting pee even as I pulled up my diaper. I also couldn’t wait to get to my lap top to see what new pee and scat videos had been posted to my favorite sites that day. Even as I went about cleaning house or doing other things, I would be in a diaper.

   I had gone weeks without peeing or pooping in my toilet at home. I always used my diapers. I had gotten in the habit of wearing panties under my diaper so that I could feel the wet pee against my skin. Also the panties would just be more fun to poop in, because they were tighter and I could feel my mess as it filled them to sometimes over capacity.

   One day on my way home from work , I got tangled up  in traffic. I hadn’t bothered to go to the restroom at work all afternoon, so I would be full when I got home. Today it was a bad idea. I realized I was never going to make it home in time. I had my hand in my crotch and was trying to hold on, but there was no way! I not only needed to pee, but I really really needed a BM. I was stopped at a red light , when I finially lost all control. my panties were soon soaked and pee was gathering between my legs on the car seat. There were people all around me in their cars, and they had no idea I was peeing myself. At this point I figured it was all hopeless and I relaxed myself, and felt as my load of shit began pushing into my panties. before long I was sitting in wet shit filled panties and I knew my skirt was ruined. Even with that thought, I couldn’t resist reaching down and fingering my pussy. When I reached inside them and pushed my hand down I was surprised to find that a good portion of my poop had came forward seeking the path of least resistance . my hand encountered not only my pee slick pussy, but my pee had mixed with my poop forming a soft mushy mess.  I found a mostly empty parking lot a block further down and pulled in. I knew this was crazy, but I couldn’t stop myself had I wanted to. I was rubbing my poop all over my pussy and masturbating myself, I was also rubbing one of my titties through my blouse . With out even thinking, I switched hands and too late realized I had just smeared shit all over my white blouse. At this point, I didn’t care anymore. I shuddered as I had an orgasm. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the nasty moment. when I opened my eyes, I was shocked back to reality to see Vanessa one of my co-workers had seen my car and had pulled in to see if I was ok. I was caught “shit handed” with no excuse

   I had tears forming in my eyes and didn’t know what to say. Vanessa sat for a minute taking in what I had done. then she motioned for me to roll down my window. I knew she could not only see my mess, but smell it too. she sat quiet for a minute, then said “let’s get you home, ok?” I just shook my head in agreement and started driving on toward home. When I pulled into my drive, Vanessa pulled in behind me. I knew I had to face her, and beg that she not tell everyone we worked with what I had done. I didn’t have any excuse. I mean really! you can’t climb out of a car pee soaked, smeared in shit and say it was an accident.

  When I stepped out of my car, when my skirt straightened I felt shit that had been forced through the leg bands while I was masturbating start to slid down my legs and plopped onto the driveway.   My face was flushed as Vanessa took it all in. I said nothing as I went to the door and let myself in. She followed me and after we were inside , she shut the door. I turned around, only to find that she was unbuttoning her blouse and stepping out of her skirt. I knew she was rumored to be a lesbian, or at the very least Bi. If she thought she was going to blackmail me into sex, she had another think coming. I was still horny and nasty. I was going to be a very willing participant. As I stood looking at her, I heard a familiar hissing sound and looked down to see pee running through her panties and down her legs, With a total disregard for the mess that I was, she stepped to me and wrapped her arms around me and our lips met. her hands were all over me, and I was doing the same with her. at some point during our kiss, my hands had strayed down to cup her ass. I felt her go stiff, and soon her panties were pushing out and filling with her poop. I felt as she pushed her hand inside my panties and was rubbing my pussy . I knew she was getting my shit all over her hands, so I did likewise and reached inside her panties and gathered a nice handful of her fresh haot shit and smeared it up her back . soon we had sank to the floor and were fingering each other to orgasm.

   eventually we managed to calm down, and after a few minutes, I noticed that Vanessa had tears in her eyes. I started to apologize, but she told me it wasn’t necessary. The reason she was crying was that she was happy, happy that she had finally found someone else that got off on the same nasty things she did.

    We went in and took a very long hot shower together, during which I told her all about how I had discovered I liked being a nasty girl and how I always wore diapers while at home. Before the evening was over, we had made plans to move Vanessa in with me and split the rent on the house. We went to bed that night both in diapers and snuggled in each others arms.

   Not only had I discovered I was a nasty pee and shit loving girl, but that I didn’t at all mind sharing my new found fetish and doing with another girl.

    I’ll continue this story if I see and interest and good feed back.   

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  1. That’s nasty and sexy and I can relate I’m a lesbian and I was so happy when me and my gf found out we share the same fetish

  2. it’s a very hot premise! I wanna know what she does with you when you’re full and about to go, and you with her…

  3. It is a dream come true to find a friend like that who likes the same thing.

    I hope there may be some truth in that story or was it just the same dream we all have.

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