A new Discovery 3

   Finally Vanessa and I had gotten her moved into what we now called “our” house.  All of our co-workers thought the move was just to share expenses. Little did they know we were sharing much much more . We were both what we considered bi, not lesbians. We both planned to date guys and  agreed that if we wanted to bring a guy home to sleep over, we would call ahead so that the other could hide the evidence of the fun and games we  played when it was just us girls

   The first Saturday that we had after the move turned out to be a beautiful day. after breakfast, we decided to spend most of the day out doors. In that we didn’t have to worry about a mess of any sort outside, all we had on were out panties. Being outside of town with no neighbors close by had lots of advantages. We had put deck loungers out in the back yard with a table between. I had made a huge pitcher of iced tea and we were just soaking up some sun and talking.

   It wasn’t long before I felt a need to pee. I casually got up and went and straddled Vanessa’s chair, and let go. My pee ran out of my panties and was splashing onto her belly . Before I was finished, I lowered myself and was rubbing my pussy up and down her thigh, masturbating myself on her. Vanessa pulled her panties to the side and held her self open and started peeing also. She directed her pee onto me and it was soaking me and her both. I almost had an orgasm, but stopped myself so that I could prolong the fun and build up. We ended up making out and I was playing with her tittie, when she told me she really need to go. Meaning she was in dire need to poop. I looked at her and reminded her she had made me a promise the night before. “are you sure?” she said. I grinned and sat down on the deck and held the front of my panties open. Vanessa pulled her panties off and squatted down facing me , with her bottom just touching my hands. I could see her concentrating and soon I felt her hot poo as it would down into my out stretched panties. When she was through, I let the waist band go and had her warm poop bulging out my panties in the front. She turned around to admire her handy work. She leaned down and started squashing it around inside my panties. Having a load of poop in the front was a new and amazing sensation. As she was rubbing me through my panties, I started pushing and was rewarded with a huge poo of my own.. My panties were filled to overflowing both front and back. I was rocking myself on the decking and could feel my poop as it spread out and up.  Vanessa stood and was shoving three fingers into her pussy and I was rubbing poop on my titties with both hands . I then shoved one hand into my nasty panties and was masturbating myself in the mess we had made. I was like going to another dimension. One where there were no rules that had to be followed. When I felt my orgasm start, I pushed for all I was worth and felt even more poop force it’s way into my already filled panties. Vanessa was cumming also and was squirting pee and even a thin rope of poop that landed on my stomach. I was so spent that I rolled over and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up a while later, Vanessa had showered and was sipping an iced tea beside me. I leaned over her and gave her a quick kiss , then went out onto the grass and turned on the water hose and started washing the dried mess off myself. I pulled my panties off and was washing, and then stuck the end of the running hose inside my pussy to wash it out. It felt amazing!! When I was sure that everything that had been pushed inside me was rinsed out, I eased the hose into my ass. At first I just stood with my ass relaxed feeling the water go a ways into me then run back out around the hose. Then I clamped down around the hose and felt as the water began to fill me up. When I felt like my tummy was starting to be full, I gently pulled the hose out and held my butt closed as tight as I could till the feeling of needing to expel it mostly passed.

  After that I rinsed down the deck and got rid of the poop stains. I mean really! we are nasty when we play, but we aren’t dirty by nature, if that makes any sense. AS I was coiling the hose back up, I leaned over and expelled the garden hose enema out onto the grass. Then I went in and took a nice long shower.

    When I came out, Vanessa had a wicked gleam in her eyes. I ask just what she was up to, and she turned her laptop around so I could read what she had found. It seems that some flight attendants had been found drunk during flights and had passed a breath test. when questioned at length, one of them finally admitted that they were doing vodka enemas. They had been doing it for ages, but it had gotten out of hand and they had used too much and became roaring drunk. According to the article alcohol absorbs rather quickly into the blood stream when pushed into the system as a enema . This had lots of possibilities!!

   We slipped on diapers , skirts and tee shirts and headed off to a nearby town. We didn’t want people from work seeing us buy diapers and having to come up with some lame story on why we were buying them. While we were in WalMart, we also bought several bottles of wine to try out the story about alcohol enemas. It was only Saturday afternoon and we had till Monday morning to play and experiment. It was going to be a fun weekend.          

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