A “Muddy” Foot Spa Bath

I had a plan to truly improve on my foot fetish, buy a Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa and fill it with pure diarrhea. Today I drunk about 10 cups of coffee (because I shit a little too much from it) and went to Walmart to buy the the foot spa, after all that and getting home my stomach started rumbling making me cramp. I ran and sat on the sofa box in hand while opening the box, when I got the spa bath out I plugged it up on a extender near me. I put on the rollers and instantly squatted over the spa bath and shit sprayed everywhere inside the bath and it instantly filled up near the brim. The shit gave out a memorizing smell that made me instantly sink my feet inside the bath, the shit felt a little chunky and slimy all over my feet. After about an hour I took my shitty feet out to rubbed them with my hands, after that I rubbed my feet together spreading the shit all over my soles it felt so wet and creamy. I grabbed and moved my feet near my nose to sniff the absolute best combination smell of unwashed feet and diarrhea, I instantly came as soon as I took one single whiff from the dirty mess. When I was done I put some thigh-high socks over my mess and grabbed my spa bath to clean out the shit, the socks I had were also unwashed giving out a stinky fabric smell mixed with the mess feet smell making me cum again with piss all over the sofa and floor. I never cleaned up after all this.

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  1. Such a hot story, love reading about your creamy diarrhea

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