A movie idea

This is a movie that starts off with a boy and ends when he finishes college. Some of the events are based on myself though the name is different and the looks different. I also never actually pooed my pants in lessons but I went to the toilets and did.

It starts off with family of 3. Mum, Dad and son. It goes through all the early years on home video, potty training, growing up, birthday parties play group, play school, infants, primary up to secondary. A couple accidents happened in the home videos. We get to a boy of 15/16 years old, again, he’s had a couple of accidents during secondary school, he’s going into year 11, and it’s a new school. He wants to stop pooping his pants, doesn’t want to do it throughout the whole school year.

Let’s give this boy a name. Aaron. Aaron has always enjoyed pooing his pants. Particularly in jeans. He stopped after being potty trained at age 3, until 10 years old. With the exception of accidents. But on a holiday he was with his family taking a picture when he had to poo. That’s the day the fetish started. His parents passed it as another accident.
This boy, with blond fair hair, bright blue eyes, is intelligent and sharp. He’s not fat, he’s got an average body. He’s aced all his exams and is looking to go to college then uni. But he wants his fetish under control. He wants it to stop.
He had the lessons at school where he couldn’t hold it in and asked the teacher if he could go, but when the teacher said no he begs. But it’s too late, he ends up bending over slightly putting his hands on his knees and starts pushing his poo out into his school uniform. Kids laughed at him.
But going into year 11 at a new school gives him the chance to change.
The first few months everything is ok. He doesn’t have any urges. But one day he’s in English and he has to go. It’s five minutes before the lesson ends and he has to go. He asks the teacher, but this teacher also say no. He waits. You would see him getting really uncomfortable, hearing the clock ticking and people chatting quietly, and then the bell goes. He doesn’t run, he walks to the toilet. He cramps up but he managed to go in the cubicle. You don’t see him in there for obvious reasons. You see a closed door.
February. He’s 16 now. Turned 16 in January. Things are good. No almost incidents. But then it happens. He does it. He sits in class, needing to go. But the lesson had begun and the teacher wouldn’t let him go as he had “just come back from break”.
He sits in his chair trying to hold it. But he try’s to fart quietly, but gets more. The head of a firm poo sits slightly out of his hole. Now he’s feeling uncomfortable, he doesn’t want go in his pants. Not in front of friends. He’s actually popular at this school. But he can’t hold it. He puts his pen down. Nobody notices. He lifts himself up a little bit. And pushes. A big, firm load creates a ball in his pants. He stays in that position. He doesn’t want to sit in it. Then “Miss, I smell poo”…..

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  1. hopefully he is wearing boxer briefs, so when he does stand up the turds do not drop down his legs.

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