A Messy Week – Day 2 – Sunday

When I woke in the blaring heat I sat up and remembered I still had the soft mess from yesterday is still all over my ass, I turned off my heater to then notice my musk has became worse and the shit smelled more rotten than before. This combination of smells really got me going to then notice as soon as I put my hand over pussy I remember I pissed myself aswell, I then instantly started masturbating before I start the day. After I was done I let out some bubbly farts that kind of burned my asshole a little bit, I got and walked to my room to then dress up in my jogging outfit with a sweater instead of a shirt. After I was done dressing up I went off to the park to start jogging and up the stink of my musk, when I was done jogging I sniffed my stinky armpits and they smelled like rotten sulfur but I loved every second of smelling them. I walked all the way back home to then get my milk carton from the fridge to then attempt to drink the rest of the half, I almost backed down when I was almost down but I was able to finish the rest of the carton. This all lead to my stomach instantly cramping and sloshing, I kneeled down while my stomach was in pain and I let out some wet and loud farts. I opened my fridge again to then find a cut piece of cheese I forgot about like a week ago, I thought of eating that with my bloated belly still sloshing around and I grabbed the slice of cheese to sniff the stink of it’s yellow exterior. I took a big bite of the piece of cheese to then take more and more big bites till the cheese was gone inside my thick belly, I rubbed my stomach to then lay on my back and let out some more farts as my asshole felt like it was being stung as each fart came out leaving me with a moan each time I let on gaseous cloud outside my smelly body. The more I farted the wetter and raunchier it got and this lead to my farts getting so warm I thought my asshole was a heater, I let out one big shart to then have it lead to a soft serve for it to then dissolve into diarrhea that made a big wet stain all over the bottom of my onesie, I instantly took my sweater and track pants off to then get up to go to my room to look at my dirty mess in the mirror. I then rubbed the stain to make it bigger all around the lower part of my onesie and it felt so warm as the shit was spread all over my ass, after I was done it was sunset and I thought of going to bed early with a plan. I walked to my bed and instantly covered myself from all around with blanket when I laid down, my stomach rumbled and I let out some bubbly farts which still kind of stung my asshole. I sniffed up every wet fart to come out of my asshole while I was “trapped” in the blankets, this was technically hotboxing as soon as my farts became more wet and warm. Now my sweaty pig body start sweating like a waterfall as I let out some more farts to sniff inside my nostrils, I then tried pushing out more fart so hard I felt like I was gonna pass out until I let out one big fart that devolved into a wet shart that stained my onesies a little bit more. I then felt tired after pushing so many farts and fell asleep.

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