A Messy Week – Day 1 – Saturday

It is now day 1 of my messy week and I’m already sweating like a pig in all of this heat with the fact that I’m wearing a thick ass onesie, I smelled the air around me and I smell a horrible but delicious odor coming from my sweaty body. I got up from my bed to the living room and to the couch to lazily sit there to watch scat videos on my laptop, I thought of cupping my farts every single time I let one rip out my ass. I cupped about like 20 farts, the reason I farted so many times is because I drank a quarter of milk each hour after 4 PM until all of the milk was gone and my belly was sloshing all around full of milk. I thought it was time for to shit with the warm feeling on my asshole but it was just a very warm fart when I pushed as hard as I can, since I pushed so hard piss started flooding my fuzzy and warm onesie it felt so warm it felt like warm bath water. I got the idea to lay on my back and lift my legs so far they near my head, as soon as my ass reached near my head I started sniffing the combination of a sweaty pig and piss. But this combination of smells wasn’t enough for my nostrils so I had to start eating my bought food for the week, I got me a plate of broccoli, corn, and beans. After I was done eating I thought of drinking half of the milk, my belly almost couldn’t handle all of the milk but I was able to stay fine. After about an hour of laying on my stomach and watching TV my stomach rumbled with my asshole almost bursting out a warm soft serve before I had another idea, I popped the button off the butt flap and stuck my wireless mouse inside there to then put the buttons back in place. I let out my chocolate ice cream all over my mouse, I played around with my shit from the outside and it felt so good as the shit spread around my ass with the mouse pressing my asshole. After I was done I buttoned down and took out the mouse that was now painted brown, I placed the shitty mouse on my table and buttoned up my butt flaps. I let out some farts from my dirty ass and let out some more soft serve, I smushed all the shit against my ass with my fist and it felt so good with warm sensation. I could even feel a little corn inside my shit, after I done smushing the shit all over my ass I got my heater to cook up the living room while I sit on the soft mess and continue watching TV. After I was done watching TV I laid down and slept whie my heater is on maximum heat and I was still sweating like a pig.

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