A Messy Result

I’ve had the best Thanksgiving feast ever with me eating foods such as: Turkey (Duh), bread rolls, cornbread, mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn, and to top it all off one of my cousins birthday was on Thanksgiving so we had some extra treats which I definitely ate. These treats were cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and especially cake. It was the best set of food I’ve ever had, and this results into me having the best scat session ever. After the Thanksgiving party I drove home knowing the results of all that food in my soft tummy, as soon as I got home I came up a extra plan to sweeten up my messy result. I went and made scat special dinner and this included: Sugar-free gummies, laxative-mixed milk, small cup of ice cream, hottest peppers I can find, and a lemon and coke zero mix. All of this to then makes my biggest mess ever, my body felt so hot from the thought of this grand fiasco. My stomach rumbled so loudly it sounded unreal and I let out a couple bubbly farts from my dirty asshole (which I have not wiped ever since last week), then my farts slowly became more and more wetter by the second, finally my asshole felt like it was going to explode into millions of pieces. I instantly anticipated and pulled down my pants to let out a big shart, then I knew it was time. I ran to the bathroom and took off all of my clothes, then went inside my cabinet to find a whole laxative bottle drink and I drank it all. I went inside the bathtub with my heart racing while kneeling on tub with my ass held including my cheeks being spread as far as they can go, I let go a small airy fart and I let all of the hot, steamy, stinky, dirty, and messy diarrhea out of my ass all over the wall and tub, it wouldn’t stop coming and I let out the loudest moan I can as some sharts come in the mix while it’s still coming out. When I was finally done I let one long and loud shart which made a small rosebud from my asshole, my asshole was slightly gaping after I was done and I started fingering my ass as fast as I can and when I stopped I turned around to look at my greatest achievement. It reached all the way to the floor a little while it was all over the place, I then rubbed shit all over my legs, feet, ass, back, and stomach. It felt so good I came along with the addition with a ton of piss forming a large puddle in front of me, I then sat on the puddle to let out some farts to make piss bubbles. After I was done with this beautiful scene I turned on the water to clean up.

Oh, but this isn’t the end. My stomach started having issues after that day, this started at 12:49 AM in my bed while I was wearing a diaper because I usually like wearing them on Fridays to Sundays. I woke up having my stomach hurt alot as I started cramping, I let loose some very wet farts until I feel a huge grumble from my stomach and I instantly moaned when I released a shart out of my ass. I felt my ass to feel the warm shart that stained my backside, I sat and walked to the bathroom still with a cramp. I opened the toilet lid and sat on the toilet so I can easily shart more, when I let out some more sharts it instantly came out as a soft serve almost causing my diaper to fall apart. The soft serve became a bigger and bigger pile until my diaper fully opened up and all of the shit fell inside the bowl, when I was done I put the diaper back together and went back to sleep.

This concludes my greatest achievement ever

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