A mega wet shit whilst shopping

My biggest and baddest poop in public was about a couple of years ago. I was doing some shopping in the town where I live and I felt very loose all the time I was in the shops so when I was outside a shop looking in the window, I just let it go. However it came out with a huge fart and completely filled my pants with very smelly soft shit. I then had to walk down the high street and back to my house with this huge pile of shit in my pants trailing this awful smell. People must have noticed and heard my loud bubbly fart. Although most of the shit was held in my pants, some started oozing out the legs. By the time I got home, my bottom was covered in shit, it was between my legs and on my balls and the tops of my legs. I was a mess!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun, although I can imagine that the walk home wasn’t all that much fun, but rather embarrassing…

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