a meeting in the woods

I been home all day i just had my evening meal the weather was nice out so i decided i go for a walk , i set off down the lane and into the woods , i was feeling a bit bloated and farted a couple times and thought i best make my way home . just as i was about to do so i noticed a car parked on the road near the woods ,i had walk that way past the car it was empty and i could not see anybody around , just as i was to continue on my way i heard like somebody moaning over in the woods so i went to have a look . there was this young woman sitting on the fallen tree that’s what looked like i shouted you ok . she replied iam sorry she said but i needed toilet but iam miles away from home so being as looked quiet i thought i take a leak and shit here i said o right well guess you have to do what you got to do , i said i need do the same really i just heading home but if you don’t mind i join you , she laughed sure if you can stand the smell ,i said cant be any worse than smell i make . anyway she was sitting over the tree pants down showing her so sexy ass i could help but look , she said you like what you see i said i sure do just then she farted a blew out a small splatter of shit followed by moaning and grunting i was undoing my pants and sat down next to her she looked at my cock and said mmm nice . i said thanks i then started to push out my shit as she continued with her shitting we both did so big turds we admired each others loads and said it was cool to share a shit with a stranger , i laughed yeah sure is and said i going piss now she cool will you pee over my ass to clean it off and i can do same for you , ok so she crotched down so i could wash her ass with my pee she said that feels so good so warm and sexy feeling i said glad you like it your turn to wash my ass now . well she said best if you remove your pants as i cant aim so good as you which i did and she spattered he hot pee all over my back side running down my crack onto my balls causing me to get a hard on , mmmm she said can i feel your cock i said mmm if wish she rubbed her hand over it and said its wet can i suck it dry ,i said i wont stop you but if i cum i cant help it , she said mmmm please feel free to i love cum so after so sucking and me feeling all over her body with my hands i finally shot my cum in her mouth filling it with several hot shots of cum for which she swallowed , with some on her chin i licked it off kissing her as i did she said mmm thanks how good it had been sharing some fun with a stranger .we got dressed and i followed her to her car and said anytime your this way it would be a pleasure to do it again . we swapped numbers and said we would but that’s another story

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