a lunchtime surprise

This happened a couple of hours ago. ..

So there I was,relaxing with tea and a sandwich,wondering what do do with the rest of my day.Lunchtime news on t.v and no chores needing to be done.I felt a familiar light pressure that usually means i need to ‘let one go’.No matter-i live on my own and so i can fart whenever i like without causing offence.I relaxed to let it out and suddenly realised i was shitting my pants!This was a total and genuine accident-there had been no feelings to indicate i needed anything more than a light fart,bu there i was filling my pants and feeling it all bubbling round my bum and the top of my legs!I knew it was a sloppy one-i was sat down and hadnt needed to raise myself up to make room for it in my pants-this was not going to be an easy clean up!Well, it was done now, so i finished my lunch before going to the bathroom to clean up.It wasn’t too bad after all-my pants are now soaking in warm soapy water and there is only a slight stain inside my jeans-that will be washed out later when i piss in them!

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  1. A qui cela n’est jamais arrivé ???
    Après un pet foireux, il m’est arrivé du’une partie des excréments soit dans mes slips … mais jamais entièrement !!!
    Maintenant, c’est différent, il m’arrive toujours d’avoir des accidents mais, la plupart du temps, je fais dans mes slips volontairement …

  2. I had been on a morning shift and like you I was sitting down with coffee and a snack. I had the same feeling as you and farted. It seemed alright and then I raised a cheek a little and let another out. until I realised I was pushing wet poo up my crack to my waistband and all around my balls. My reaction was to sit and giggle and walk to the bathroom and finish it sat on the toilet. It certainly took some clean up time and it was a real accident.

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