A little game for you to try

This is a game that I am thinking of.

Go to a forest, like Thetford forest where It’s very secluded and I think this would be great fun to play.

The rules are that you have to walk a long way from you car before the game can start, at least 2 miles.

You should be with some one like minded.

I would be better if it was a hot day as you must be wearing short legged shorts that will show up bad when wet.

Once into the forest  find a nice clearing, preferably in the warm sun, and just be in your little shorts and a top, don’t forget they must be a colour that will show up bad when you wet them then……

Squat down and face each other then………

Both start to fill your pants with a nice warm soft poo, while watching each others shorts start to bulge as the poo is pushed out into them.

You must do it slowly so you can really enjoy the sensation for as long as possible and then do a big wee wee to totally relieve your self, you may hold and touch each other as you relieve your selves and feel the bulge growing and the wee all warm as you totally enjoy filling your shorts.

After pooping and wetting your little shorts completely you must, of course, and this is a rule you must not break, sit and squish it all.

Rule not to be broken, You must really make the mess in you pants as bad as you can so it shows at the top around the legs and the back of your shorts.

This is not a rule but wouldn’t it be great fun to be together and put your hand in each others shorts and make you both relax even more with a lovely, slow rub that makes you both explode in your already very dirty, wet shorts.

You must lay their in the open in the sun drenched clearing for a while to enjoy the feeling of it and get your strength back

Now the real fun starts…….

You have to get back without some one seeing you all wet and poopy,

This is a must, do not break this rule, you must take all the proper public paths back to your car.

You must take the same route as you did coming out and walk the same amount of miles, you are allowed to dive into the trees if you want to hide.

Then when you get to your car without getting caught you can congratulate each other and squish it a bit more.

Tell me how you would do it and any more things you can think of to make the game even more fun.

Looking forward to you answers, and if you have tried it tell me how it went.

Bye, Dean.

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  1. my fantasy is to do it with another str8 guy, stick our dicks in each other’s fly, pee each other’s pants while we poop in our own pants, then grope each other forcing the poop through our levis.

  2. Hey id love to try that with someone hehe, anyone near manchester up for this lol

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