a little fun today

Today I decided to do a little public pants pooping, but I had somewhere to be later and didn’t have time for cleanup so I went into a Walmart and went into their bathroom. I proceeded to take down my pants, sit on the toilet, take some t p and I pooped on that. I proceeded to wrap the soft, mushy load in some more t p so that way none would leak out…..I then put it in my pants and pulled them up, walked by the mirror in the bathroom and their was a very large bulge sticking out. It was very noticeable….I was a little self conscious about it, but I didn’t worry because it didn’t smell hardly at all. I walked very carefully out of the bathroom and kind of touched the back of my pants and felt the grapefruit sized load and kind of smooshed it a little….I could barely smell anything so walked by a few people and they didn’t notice. Their were a group of kids messing around in the bike section…I walked by them and paused for a few seconds, but they didn’t seem to react. After I walked by them, they started laughing and I thought oh man they have seen the bulge, but nope they were just goofing around, so I walked by a few other people and no one noticed. I loved walking around with a very big load in my pants and no one was the wiser….Normally I don’t do the t p thing, but didn’t have time so this made it handy and cleanup was easy. 🙂 before I left, I thought I would be a little devious….I pretended I was talking on the phone with someone and I told that person that I shit my pants about a half hour ago and needed to clean up…well I did it loud enough and a kid heard me and turned around just as I was touching the bulge and smashing it a bit….he looked at me and then turned around and left the aisle, but turned back once more to see what I was doing….lol…I decided then to go back to the bathroom and dump the load and have a little jo as well. I think maybe I will do this more often as their is little to no clean up, but their is still nothing like pooping a load and feeling it on you. 🙂

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  1. Great story and a real inspiration to my walks in public in loaded pants – the best feeling ! Makes me want to go out now……..

  2. I have had multiple loads wrapped in old cotton tshirt cloth and would put it on the dashboard of my car so the sun would warm up the load and put it in my the whole load unwrapped in my briefs and walk around malls including K-marts, Sears, Walmarts, Target stores and Murphy Marts. And sometimes go to a men’s room and empty the load in my pants and wear the poopy briefs for a few hours..

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