a little dirty sex

“Uh.” I groan as a hard fart rippled out of my backside. My stomach was rumbling loudly, gurgling in that special way. I knew that I would have to shit urgently very soon. I smiled contently. Good. Behind me, my lover wrapped his arm around me to rub my stomach, almost absentmindedly. “You got to go, baby?” he asks.

I know he could feel my gas percolating against his groin, so I just smiled and grind back against him. I fart again, a long warm one, and I hear him sigh contently. “Why don’t you just let it go, honey?” He suggested, trying to sound nonchalant; However, I knew how much I was effecting him. I could feel him growing hard against my backside and his reaction was only serving to add fuel to the flame curling in my groin. He wants me to fill my little lace panties. He wants me to do it soon. However, he does not always get what he wants.

Coyly, I ignore his request. Instead, I snuggle back into him, melding our bodies together. I want him to touch me. I want it really bad. The gurgling in my stomach was getting worst and the promises it withheld were making me lustful. I could already feel the moister gathering between my legs, the throbbing. I take his hand, bringing up to my breast, brushing our joined fingers across the taunt mound of my nipple which was pressing insistently at the black lace of my nighty. I moan, teasingly. What a naughty girl I could be. I could hear his breath quicken and felt him buck against me, nudging that little burden against my backside. I fart again, purposely this time and he groans. “God, babe. Your so hot.” He mutters.

I smile. So unromantic but so honest. I liked that. I also liked the way his hand was brushing against my breast, repeating my earlier actions. He paused to give one a playful squeeze and a real moan emerged from my throat. He was a quick learner. But he was impatient. Already his hands were tracing down my stomach, reaching for the apex between my legs. I capture the hand bringing it to my mouth to nip at the knuckles. He moans again, a deep, needy sound. “Darling don’t tease me.” He whimpered.

I take pity on him, pulling him in for a deep kiss. Licking his lips, I delve into the cavern of his mouth. He tasted like coffee and mint. My tongue wrestles with his, not giving up control easily. Meanwhile, a cramp hits me, making my breath hitch. I want to savor this moment, prolonging the pleasure. But my bowels would not wait much longer. I had to move on. Grabbing his hand once more, I lead him to my core, playfully trapping his hand between my legs. He moans again. “God, your so wet. You so ready for me.” I sigh and reach up to pull him into another kiss to silence him. He dips two finger into me, using another to finding that little bud of pleasure. I moan again, rewarding him by tightening around it. He shivers.

Another cramp hits, this one followed by a harsh fart that had a little wet sigh at the end. It was going to happen soon. I could feel the pressure building against the little star of my sphincter and knew I would not be able to hold on much longer. Pressing back against him, I grind into his groin, enjoying the evidence of his desire. “oh god, I got to go.” I whisper into the shell of his ear before giving the lobe a friendly bite. This time I can feel the bulge pressing into me jump with arousal. “ I don’t think I can hold it any longer.”

This time he doesn’t respond. Instead, he just stares down at me with those eyes full of hunger. The finger caressing me begins to quicken, just how I like it and I groan. Its coming. I can feel it building with the duel pressures, his fingers pushing me up to pleasure and the shit pushing down against my sphincter. I was caught in the middle, floating tortuously between the pains. And then like a wave they hit me at once. I cried out as my orgasm hit me, the throbbing in between my legs swelling to the breaking point, shattering me. I moaned loudly, feeling my body tightening again and again against those talented little fingers inside me. For a moment, my entire body clenches in my ecstasy.

Then all at once my body relaxed. The little star of my sphincter shivered twice then opened releasing a torrent. The first soft mound emerged pressing itself against the back of my panties sending my insides quivering anew. I moaned allowed bucking back against my lover’s groin. His eyes grow wide as he looks at me. “your doing it aren’t you. Fuck you are.” I dont respond the second mound is coming out, larger wetter. It forces itself into my panties,filling them. I can feel pull his hand away from my breast to press it against the bulge in my panties. His own bulge is straining hard against his briefs. He’s close. I know he is. He always is after I do that. But he wont do it until I tell him to. Until, I give him permission. Grabbing his hand, I lead it to his throbbing dick. “Stroke yourself.” I say as I press my ass against his fingers, pining his hand between my swelling panties and his erection. I grind against him as I take a big breath, baring down to finish what my body already started. With a liquid fart, my panties begging expanding again until even I doubt their ability to hold up. All the while, I squirm against my lover, enjoying the feeling of his twitching fingers. His breathing quickens as he bucks into me, moaning my name. I call back feeling my own disire building again, awaken by my dirty deed. I feel his free hand pulling at the side of my panties, slipping inside to pleasure me again.

He wants us to do it together. He always does. I buck eagerly against him. I was almost there. We were almost there and I had one more surprise. One more treat for my good little lover. As I felt my second orgasm hit, I took a deep breath and bared down with all my might, crying out in triumph when I felt a hot burst of urine rush through my panties, soaking my partner. He cried out, whole body spasm as he exploded singing my name. I cut his cry off with a deep kiss, swallowing his moans as spurt after spurt of hot cum mingled with the urine still flowing from my body to soil his own briefs. I held him as his body rocked from the aftershocks, then tucking myself into his arms, I wait for him to drift of to sleep before ducking out of bed, heading for the shower, humming to myself and planning our next encounter.

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  1. Babe, I so want to be him! You had me totally engrossed from start to finish. You write beautifully dirty stories.

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