a little about me

hi my name is rob. i thought i’d explain a little about me, i have always messed my pants as far back as i can remember but back then it wasn’t sexual for me of course. i can’t explain it i just love the feeling of it filling up my pants. i try to do it as often as possibe but that seems to be about twice a week or so at the moment. When i do it i prefer to be in briefs as thats what i used to wear when i was younger. i’ll post some storys soon about some of the times that i have done it.

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  1. It´s similar to me. I was 13 or 14 the first time I did it. Since then I´m filling my pants as often as possible. I need this horny feeling. But is dependent on clothes. I prefer jeans, baggy and cargo pants ( my fetish ), I´m wearing always these.

  2. I started when I was 13, sitting in my bedroom doing homework, I shit and pissed myself and loved it. I am sitting in my shit filled jeans now!

  3. I started when I was 12. Messed my pants accidently and have never looked abck since. I do it in my pants at least three times a week, either walking home form work or out for a hike.

  4. my first start was when i was a child of about 5 or 6 y.o. i got my first orgasm. i did not know what it was at that time but today i know it was my first hot orgasm. then for long time i forgot it because of my parents. i started again of about 12. again a big orgasm. i stopped again, because i was told that is not normal. when i was about 14 or 15 y old by really accident. it was so undiscribable hot. from that time i do it full intended… up to now. nowadys i do not use toilts because i need that very hot strong smell flowing out of my thight pants. and that hot wet feeling… i get horny every time… it the hottest sex for me combined with….

  5. first time i was 4or5 yrs used to save it up held on too long was found by my mother never did it again till i was 21

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