A Humiliated Hubby Part Two

“I think you need to be punished, Jerry. Only naughty boys wet their pants in public.”
Her eyes glittered with desire and she squeezed his penis once more before releasing it. She had never been so hot in all of her life and she knew that she was going to have to keep this wonderful moment going. 
“I… What? You…?” He stammered in confusion and bemusement, distracted by his humiliating accident and his wife’s sudden, sensuous advance and her hand grasping his groin.
His penis flexed and twitched excitedly at her touch. A million thoughts went through his head as he replayed the events so far and pondered the coming ones. All of them seemed to narrow in on the idea that Candice had planned his accident, but a million different emotions followed it, and he could not resolve how he felt about it.
The wet fabric of his pants cooled and brushed his legs noticeably with each step in his stride. Each step reminded him of what had just happened. Each step teased and taunted him, again and afain forcing him to face the fact that he had wet himself. Each step was a haunting reminder of his accident.
Candice smiled at her husband as he walked and held his hand gently in hers. She gave it a comforting squeeze as they walked. She knew that he had probably figured out her part in his accident and wanted him to know that she loved him very much for it. Candice hoped that a part of him enjoyed it as much as she did.
“How do you feel now?” she asked gently. “Better?”
She knew that his legs were probably cold. The one bad thing about accidents was that the urine didn’t stay hot for long. Candice had a solution for that…but wasn’t sure her husband would appreciate two embarrassing accidents in one night.
“Do…you want to talk about it?”
“Better?” He scoffed, still humiliated and upset with himself.
“What can I say…?”
“You don’t have to say anything love,” Candice said. “I know what needs to be done.”
Candice felt slightly guilty about adding to her husbands humiliation by spanking him when they got home…but the idea turned her on. She wanted Jerry to like this…to find it as hot as she did…it would save their sex life in a way.
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner if you don’t mind me asking?”
He thought to himself, but couldn’t think of a definite answer.
“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t want to ruin the evening. I didn’t realize a bathroom was so far away.”
He had gone along with what she had wanted, and it made him happy to do so. Now he felt like he let her down.
“I’m sorry honey.”
Candice could tell that Jerry was taking to heart that he had ruined her evening. She thought he sounded so sweet and innocent to her. It was that sweetness that Candice had fallen in love with. She thought he was the most kind soul in the world, even when it wasn’t his fault.
“Well…now we know better for next time, don’t we?” she said gently.
Candice didn’t want to give in and let him believe that she approved of his accident. But it almost hurt her to not comfort him at least a little. They weren’t exactly in the comfort of their own home, he couldn’t even feel comfort that no one else had seen him.
“And don’t apologize baby…I’m your wife…I’ve seen you at far worse.”
Jerry blushed, reflecting on past embarrassments he had suffered in front of his loving wife. She had always been understanding and compassionate with him, though stern sometimes.
Another couple passed them as they walked. Jerry felt his shame rise again, seeing their gaze linger on his legs. The woman’s soft giggle after they had gone by only made it worse. Now he could no longer even entertain the idea that his pants had at least dried enough to not be noticeably wet.
“Next time, huh?” Jerry said softly, feeling his gut quiver slightly.
 Candice took his hand and gently guided him down another street. She wasn’t ready to go home yet. She knew that Jerry probably yearned to get inside and hide away, but his wife wasn’t in the mood to let him have an excuse to hop into the shower. And the night really was too beautiful to give up right away.
“You are dry enough…we can walk around a bit more. And since you don’t have to pee we don’t have to worry about anymore accidents.”
Candice smiled and gave Jerry a comforting kiss on the cheek.
“Mmm…” Jerry felt his stomach turn a little.
Seeing that this new street was a little less crowded, he agreed. Still, he could not shake the embarrassment he felt passing by that last couple. He wanted to go home and take a hot relaxing shower, but would give into his wife’s wishes again and walk with her some more.
“Okay, honey.”
Candice walked with her husband, her arm latched with his own. She could sense slightly that something was off about his behavior. He looked uncomfortable again, but not like he had to pee. No, this was a different kind of discomfort. Candice wanted to ask what was wrong, but didn’t want to push Jerry too much more. She decided that she would let him tell her on his own if something was wrong.
Still holding onto his arm, she smiled and looked up at the night sky. This truly was turning out to be her absolute favorite date night of theirs. She was going to have to schedule more of these.
Jerry felt another quiver deep in his gut, this one longer than the last. He grimaced, aggravated that now his stomach was trying to spoil the evening. He pushed it from his mind and they even walked happily hand in hand for some time, but another pang in his belly suggested something dreadful was on the way.
They held their gaze on the night sky as Jerry wished his stomach troubles would pass soon.
Candice squeezed her husband’s fingers and gently wrapped an arm around him. She truly loved this man, even with all the Hell she knew that she had put him through. He had always been her soul mate, from the moment they had met it was love at first sight. And something told Candice it would be that way for quite some time.
“Let’s keep walking love.” she said gently. “The night’s not over yet.”
More time past with Candice and Jerry just walking side by side through the city, but as they continued Candice felt that Jerry seemed to be distracted. He must be getting tired. They were about twenty minutes from their house so she wasn’t too worried about them getting home in time for Jerry to shower and go to bed.
Jerry gulped nervously, his bowels quivered and squirmed again. This would not pass, that was clear now. He sensed the urgency that was just around the corner and needed to convince Candice that it was finally time to head home.
They walked, and there was another rumble in Jerry’s abdomen. He rubbed his stomach gently.
“Candice, honey? Can we go home now?”
“Are you tired sweetheart?” she asked gently.
Candice knew that it was probably time to head back anyway. She could enjoy the walk back if they took it slow. There was no need to rush anyway. She was willing to let Jerry have this one. They could begin to make their way home, but they were going to walk at her pace. She wanted to keep some control over the evening after all.
“Jerry, slow down…I am not walking fast in these heels.”
“S– Sorry, honey. Ye– yeah, I’m kinda tired.” He stammered.
His bowels suddenly started feeling lose, and the pressure and urge was growing. He hadn’t realized how fast he was walking. This urge he definitely wanted to control. He slowed his pace to match Candice’s pace.
Candice watched Jerry carefully as they walked. There was something severely amiss here and Jerry was trying desperately to hide it from her. She couldn’t lay her finger on it, but whatever it was she kind of liked it. Something told her that if she walked slow enough she would discover what was wrong with her husband…whether he liked it or not.
Jerry felt his wife watching him, but that encouraged him to hold on. To prove to himself and her that he was at least in control of himself. At least, that is what he thought up until he felt his gut squirm and quiver violently, making it very clear he needed to get to a toilet immediately.
“Candice, please… I need you to think really hard. Is there a bathroom around here that’s still open?” He asked hopefully, swallowing his remaining pride.
Candice’s eyes widened a bit in surprise. He had to use the toilet again? He couldn’t have to pee. Her husband could hold his bladder for quite a bit and he hadn’t had anything to drink after he lost control. That had to mean he had to go to the toilet for another reason.
“Honey, no, they are locked up for the night.”
She was being completely sincere this time, although she would not mind having Jerry mess himself in front of her…she was not lying when she said there was no toilet around here. That was why she had lured him out to this part of the city to begin with.
“Don’t you think you can hold it until we get home? It’s about fifteen minutes from here.”
He grimaced, feeling the quickly rising urgency and pressure in his bowels. Another fifteen minutes of this was insanity. He would be lucky to last one at this rate. Gripping his stomach, tightening his anus, clenching his butt, he began to confess this desperate situation.
“Oh, I think that lobster really disagreed with me. I REALLY need to get to a toilet, honey.”
Candice watched her husband and looked around. She truly didn’t have any solution to his problem. If he could hold out a bit longer they might make it to their home. She didn’t know if he would be able to get up the steps to the toilet, but at least he would have this accident within the privacy of his own house. 
“Jerry, there isn’t one around here…” she said sincerely. “You need to wait until we get home.”
At least there wasn’t so many people outside. Wetting ones self in public was one thing but messing was something entirely different. She really doubted her husband would be able to let himself off easy with that kind of accident. Still, part of Candice yearned for it to happen. She found his entire predicament unbelievably arousing and was not eager in the slightest to help him find a proper bathroom.
“Candice, please,” Jerry whined, his intestines again quivering violently. “I don’t think I can wait that long..”
He squirmed and clenched his butt as hard as he could, his bowels threatening to expel at any moment. Jerry was frantic to find a solution, but there was nothing he could think of. Home was too far away. Even as he struggled to keep control of his urge, he could not believe it was about to happen. He resolved that there was no way he was going to mess himself. Even as a child, such a gross and humiliating thing had never happened. There was no way he was going to let it happen now. He didn’t want to think what Candice might think of him if it happened.
“I don’t know what you want me to do for you baby,” she said holding his hand. “I can’t magically make a toilet appear for you.”
His squirming and clenching was making her wet and she truly didn’t know how much more she would be able to take before she chose to just take him home and shag him relentlessly. Candice knew that Jerry thought this whole thing was unappealing and embarrassing, but really it was making Candice the horniest she has ever been. There weren’t words in the english vocabulary to describe her excitement and want for this to happen.
“Standing here isn’t going to make it any better….we need to keep walking sweetheart.”
He knew his wife was right, as much as he hated to admit that right now. The struggle between holding it and expeling his waste raged relentlessly in his body, and it was becoming apparent which side would win out. Jerry felt so helpless and frightened at this very moment. Even if Candice had planned for him to get desperate to pee and even wet himself, he couldn’t imagine that she would want it to go this far.
It was only minutes ago that Jerry had been walking so quick, Candice needed him to slow down. Now, he was struggling to keep up with her. Every step strained the muscles he needed to keep his but tightly clenched, but he had to take shorter and shorter steps to do it. The torturous walk dragged on, and Jerry balled his fist and clenched his wife’s hand tightly as he felt himself nearing the verge.
Candice held onto Jerry’s hand and felt him squeeze her fingers as the urge grew worse and worse. She knew that he was nearing his breaking point and she was just waiting for the moment to come when he told her that he had messed himself.
They were still fairly far from home and Candice already knew there were no bathrooms open. She had thought for a moment about giving Jerry permission to go in his pants, however she knew that it would be too easy and his reaction would prove less pleasing. She wanted him to feel embarrassed so that she could comfort him the best she could. It was the domantrix within her.
Moments passed, though it seemed much longer to Jerry. He suddenly stopped and gasped, the pressure had finally become to great for his body to handle. His muscles had relaxed for only a fraction of a second, but it was enough to allow a tiny spurt to escape his sphincter and splash against the fabric of his underwear.
“Oh fuuuuck!”
Jerry’s face contorted in anguish as he twisted and grinded his legs to get back the control he had a moment ago. The wet stain on the inside of his underwear was apparent to him, he felt it against the skin of his butt. It mocked his loss of control, a merciless reminder that he could not relax or let his guard down for an instant.
Candice could tell immediately what had happened and she watched intently as her husband tried to gain control over his stomach. He must had relaxed for only a moment and instantly his body had rebelled. That lobster really wasn’t sitting well with him at all. 
“Darling are you alright?” she asked, her eyes displaying a look of concern.
Candice knew that Jerry would be fine, but she wanted him to believe that she was completely supportive and helpful during his time of need. She knew that he would feel that much more guilt after his body won the battle against his stubborn will to prevent his accident. Again Candice was surprised he had held on for as long as he had. She probably would have given up the fight a couple minutes ago, then again…she was not the one in Jerry’s current predicament. She supposed that she couldn’t say what she would actually do.
“Uh-huh. I’m okay.” But his voice trembled.
It didn’t feel like much of an accident. Nothing more than a wet fart, perhaps. His pants were probably ruined already anyway. Still, Jerry knew this was just the beginning. Again, his intestines quivered violently, forcing their contents lower and lower, against Jerry’s tired sphincter. For a second, he stood paralyzed, fearing that even a single step now would puch him past the breaking point.
“N- No! Agh! Oh my god, no!” Jerry recanted as he took that fateful next step.
His hold had weakened just as another spasm shook his gut, their contents erupting suddenly from his anus, splattering and splashing in a torrent into his pants. Jerry could neither hide nor deny what had just happened this time. The contents of his bowels now filled his pants and had begun to stain through, even as they started to drip and trail down his legs.
Candice watched her husband and looked down to see a small puddle of fecal matter form under his shoes. Her poor husband had messed himself something terrible and she could tell that he stood there unable to stop it.
“It’s okay love…” she said, still holding his hand. “Accident’s happen.”
His humiliated expression and sensitive state made Candice excited. When they got home she would offer to help him clean up and then reveal to him her entire part in this entire date. She was even going to take blame in his messy accident…perhaps that would make Jerry feel a little better to know that it wasn’t entirely his fault.
“Let’s get home so I can help you clean up.”
Jerry’s gut shook violently again, another torrent erupted into his pants. Most of what was not liquid enough to escape down his pants legs gather in his underwear, warm, moist, and held against his butt.
“I’m so sorry Candice!” He moaned.
Another gush of diarrhea shot into his pants, though it was much shorter than the last couple of bouts. Jerry now felt enough relief from his bowels that he could walk in in less dicomfort, discounting the huge mess he was carrying in the back of his pants. In his current state, he couldn’t bring himself to look at Candice.
Candice insisted on holding Jerry’s hand while they walked home together. And even though a few people caught a glance of her husband, she didn’t mind. She loved Jerry regardless of what anyone thought and to her she had never been more attracted to him in all of her life.
“It’s alright love.” she said as they reached their front steps. “You know I’m not angry.”
Candice doubted Jerry would be able to look at her for the rest of the night, but she wanted him to. She wanted him to see just how hot he made her, that she was having her own battle with desperation containing herself in front of him.
“Actually…baby…I think we need to discuss a proper course of action now that this has happened. I’m a bit conflicted you see.”
“Conflicted? What do you mean?”
Jerry took notice of Candice. She seemed anxious, nervous perhaps, like there was something she really wanted to say, but couldn’t. He wondered what it could be, and if it had anything to do with what had happened that night. She must have been just as embarrassed as he was, to have been seen with a man who had just wet and messed himself in public.
I mean…” she sighed. “I’m trying to decide whether I want to have sex with you this very minute while you are still filthy or if I want to clean you up, punish you, and have sex with you then.”
Candice advanced on Jerry and pulled him close her lips finding his and pressing hard against them in the heat of her passion. Her tongue slipped past his teeth once more and then tied with his. God she was so horny that she was certain she would burst at the seams.
“I’m going to give you a choice right now,” she growled. “The ONE choice I will give you…sex now or sex after I clean your ass up?”
“What!?” Jerry gasped in shock. This was not the sort of confession that he had expected at all.
What had gotten into her, he wondered. She acted like a completely different person tonight, he had never seen her this way before. He had never in his wildest dreams have ever imagined she was capable of what she was suggesting.
Jerry considered the dilemma. He wanted to satisfy his wife. He knew he would get just as much out of it as she would. The mess cradled in his pants nagged at him, insisting he clean up before he could relax and enjoy himself. Again he was mad at himself for letting this happen to him. There was no way he wanted his wife to see or help him clean it up though, it was just too embarrassing.
“Candice, my love, can I clean up first?” He offered.
“Only if I help you.” she smiled. “I don’t think you can handle cleaning this up on your own.”
Candice was not letting him out of her site, and she wasn’t going to wait long to start fondling him. She was going to enjoy helping him clean himself up far more than she ever expected.
“You are my husband…we keep no secrets from another, right?”
Jerry still thought there were somethings that should always be kept private, even from such an open and loving woman as Candice. However, he sensed that this was going to be another one of this things she was not going to compromise on, and he was in no mood to get into an argument about it.
“Okay. You can help.” Jerry said meekly after taking a deep breath.
Candice smiled and took her husband’s hand, leading him upstairs to their bathroom. It was a very spacious room in their house, plenty of room for Candice and Jerry to both work together on getting him cleaned up.
Gently, she lowered his pants and instructed for him to step out of them. She knew that there was no saving them, so she tossed them into the closest rubbish bin she could find.
“Oh my…” she whispered. “Look at you…”
“Ugh, I would rather not…” Jerry blushed.
It felt good to finally get out of the dirty clothes, even as his wife stripped him, examined the mess in all its detail. He tried not to think about. He wondered how she could stand to clean him up like that.
“I think I should just get in the shower.”
Candice smiled and nodded, removing her black dress and tossing it to the ground at her feet. She smiled at him and went to turn on the water.
“You are so cute when you blush.” she smiled, removing her bra as soon as the hot water began to run.
Going back to Jerry, she gently pulled his shirt over his head and moved her hands to bis underpants. Her fingers lightly caressed his thighs and she held him firmly in front of her.
Her touch sent shivers through him, exciting him as it always did. He admired her beautiful body as she stood nearly naked before him. It wasn’t long before those thoughts had the typical reaction on him, and he felt his penis swelling with arousal as she held him.
Finally getting out of his messy underwear would be a blessing, even if his wife was taking them off him herself. He braced himself for the embarrassment he knew he would feel as she revealed the mess that had so far been kept from sight.
Candice kissed him softly, her hands moving up and down his legs and then gently groping his erection. He was already so hard that she was sure she could take him now and they would be okay. She decided that she would give him a bit of a preview as to what his mess was doing to her.
Gently she brought his hands over to her and slid them down the front of her lacy panties. She was already dripping wet from his earlier messes, and toying with him now just added to her juices.
“Mmm…you taste good.” she breathed, tongue lightly going over his lips.
He moaned softly as she fondled him. As his fingers reached her lips, he could not believe how wet she was. He felt her juices coating his fingers in her damp panties. Sensing she was past the point of needing more foreplay, he decided to tease her anyway. He cupped her mound, feeling the heat and lust emanating from her. Wanting to do more, but wanting more to hold back, he took great care to avoid too much direct stimulation on her most sensitive spots.
“I bet you do, too.”
Candice moaned softly as Jerry fondled her. He had such warm and gentle hands. It felt wonderful. He knew how to make her cum and pleasure her beyond measure.
Moving her hands around his erection, she gently pushed him closer to the tub, her hands not moving from his underpants once.
“I want you to take me baby…” she growled. “Take me now.”
“Mmm, do you?”
He penetrated her with his middle finger, being sure to touch the sensitive roof. His other hand carressed her back, slowly going lower and lower. As he reached her lower back, he penis throbbed in her hand as they made their way closer to the tub, their hands in each other’s underwear as they went.
Jerry moaned as he embraced her kiss. When her hand reached his ass, he felt a little conflicted. Though still very much aroused, the mess in his underwear was still a bother. It wasn’t enough for him to be turned off. Not with Candice stroking him and the soft moans of pleasure that escaped from her as fingered her. His hand finally reached her ass and he gripped it assertively. Holding Candice so close and intimately as the water poured over them was enough to make him finally relax and enjoy himself.
Candice didn’t want the moment to end, and she stood there kissing Jerry passionately and moving her hands over him. She could not remember the last time they had touched one another like this. The last time they had truly touched one another and felt electricity at the tips of their fingers.
Pulling his briefs down completely, she thrust her hips hard against him.
“C’mon baby….c’mon…” she pleaded.
Jerry could not resist their passion any longer. His cock pulsed as she pressed her wet panties against it. His finger slipped under the hem of her panties and the small of her back and began to pull them down off her hips.
He pulled her naked body against his, his cock between her legs. He began to maneuver her body so that he could finally penetrate her the way she wanted. Gently he positioned his to do it, the tip just between her lips and eager to dive in.
“Go for it, my love.” He beckoned her to take him inside herself.
*Candice moaned loudly and thrusted her hips against him. His penis went deep inside of her causing Candice to scream with pleasure and thrust again.
“Yes…yess…” she panted, her thrusts moving faster and faster.
Her hands weaved through Jerry’s hair and she pulled him as close as physically possibly, leaning against him for support. Several minutes of this and she was already close to getting tired and running out of breath. This was her wakeup call to have sex with her husband more.
Jerry was breathing just as heavily, the texture of Candice’s pussy felt divine upon his cock. He held her firmly, though still gave her enough freedom to penetrate herself upon him as she pleased. 
The sensation drove him to higher and higher feelings of pleasure, and he felt like he would cum soon at this pace. He sensed his wife might be getting there soon as well.
Candice was quivering and she knew that any second she would cum, but she wanted Jerry to cum with her. She wanted them both to experience the same amount of pleasure at the same time.
“Cum with me baby…cum with me…” she breathed, her breath hot against his neck.
Her hot breath moaning those words against his neck drove him over the edge. He didn’t have to hold back any longer. His semen bagan to build up for imminent release as he felt her pussy tightening around his cock.
“Oh yes! Yes Candice! I’m cumin!”
Candice screamed with him and felt her body tremble hard against him as her pussy throbbed. She closed her eyes and gave into that moment. The moment when she felt almost nothing but the sheer pleasure that came with an orgasm.
It had shook her very being, to the point that she had to lean against him to prevent collapse.
“Uhh…baby…that…” she whispered. “That was so good…so good….”
Jerry smiled happily as he held her up. They both needed a moment to catch their breath. It had taken a lot out of Candice to cum so hard as his thick hot cum shot out inside her at the moment she came. Jerry had felt a moment of perfect, transcendental bliss at that moment, too. He would cherish it the rest of his life.
“Yes, darling, it was.” He was breathing heavily and his heart was racing.
She kissed him softly, brushing wet locks of hair away from her face as she rested her forehead against his.
“We are going to have to do this again sometime, don’t you think?” she smiled.
“Yes, we are.” He said after a brief pause, not sure which parts of the evening she was referring to.
He ran his fingers through her hair and held her head against him.

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