A Humiliated Hubby Part One

*So this story I wrote with a friend from another site. I believe he is a member here as well, but am not sure what his account name is. Just know that I did not write this story completely by myself ;). I hope you all enjoy :D.*

Candice had made these dinner plans months ago and had to all but drag her husband along. She knew that he was busy with work, but every now and again they had to make time for one another. This was Candice’s way of making him make time. She had demanded that he make a reservation for them at exactly seven, and here they still were…waiting to be seated. Saying she was less then happy would be an understatement.

“This place seemed a lot nicer when Laina told me about it.” she sighed. “I didn’t know we’d be waiting forty-five minutes for a table we already reserved.”

Leaning back against the cold brick wall of the Italian restaurant, Candice sighed. She felt like she had gotten all dressed up for nothing. Her long brown hair was curling elegantly down over her shoulders and her green eyes continued to scan over the other patrons of the restaurant.

“Isn’t there anything you can do, honey? YOU made the reservation!”

Jerry sighed softly to himself. The extended wait was every bit as frustrating for him as he sensed it was for his lovely wife. She could be an impatient and demanding woman, but those were qualities he loved about her. He scanned the tables, full of diners, and didn’t see anything to indicate they were being deliberately ignored. The restaurant was just full, and getting upset at this point wouldn’t accomplish anything.

“No, I don’t think there is.”

He idly thumbed through the email on his phone to pass the time, even as his stomach began to growl in anticipation. He hadn’t even realized it had been so long and had to admit this kind of delay was not acceptable, even for his relaxed attitude. Maybe they could get some free drinks or appetizers out of it, he thought, considering the options.

Candice gave her husband one of her looks, but knew it wouldn’t do her much good. Jerry was a very laid back man and it was his calm demeanor that kept her from tearing everyone a new one. He balanced her out and more or less made her behave.

Usually she did very well on her own controlling her temper and impulsive behavior, but as another twenty minutes rolled by Candice was finding it harder and harder to contain her loathing for this eatery.

“Jerry…I am going to murder someone if we don’t get seated soon….aren’t you the least bit upset about this?”

“Absolutely! I’m starving.” Jerry said.

He slipped his phone back into his pocket, no longer content to wait about for the staff to take care of them. Being kept waiting for food was one of the few things he couldn’t stand. He looked around through the restaurant, trying to identify a member of the staff of some importance.

“Let’s see what they are going to do about this.” 

He took Candice’s hand and started toward an older, well dressed employee. The man did not immediately appear to be an employee, but he wore a well tailored suit in the same style as the rest of the staff, and Jerry had seen him conversing with them when he had glanced up earlier.

“Excuse me. Are you the manager?”

“Yes, sir, I am. Can I help you with something?” He smiled, broadly, politely, and confidently.

“I’m sorry to say I’m rather disappointed with our evening here so far. My wife and I have been waiting over an hour now for a seat I reserved and there still doesn’t seem to be any indication when one will finally be available.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Let me go and check with the matrie’d and see what the status on your table is.”

He hurried off quickly as Jerry smiled at Candice, hoping this would appease her.

Candice smiled back at her husband. She found it cute that he got so much accomplishment out of making her happy. Her husband truly was her soul mate in her mind. He would do anything for her if she asked him to…or goaded him into it.

“Thank you love,” she said smiling. “Maybe we can save this night after all.”

Gently, Candice kissed his cheek and watched as the manager came back and escorted them to their own table. It was perfect…exactly where she had hoped they would get to sit. They had their own table that sat by a crackling fireplace and held a beautiful view of the city.

“Laina said the seafood linguini is to die for. Her and Dan ate here last week.”

A warm feeling of happiness ran through his body as she kissed him, he smiled proudly at having pleased her. The crackling of the fireplace and the expansive vista before was immensely impressive to him.

Jerry glanced through the menu, equally impressed by all the options. His immediate thought was to have everything or anything, his anticipation and appetite having been built up so high.

“That sounds good. Although I think I want to eat something a bit fancier in a place like this.”

Candice smiled and nodded. It wasn’t often that they got to eat in a place like this. It had nothing to do with their lack of funds, but Jerry and Candice made plenty of money…it more or less went along the lines of them having time to enjoy the luxury of eating out.

“I’m think of getting the lobster tail…you know I love sea food.”

It didn’t always love Candice though, but she felt like being daring…at least for one night. She could not recall the last time she had eaten a well prepared lobster tail. Just as she was about to summon a waiter, Candice was caught off guard as the manager came by with a complementary bottle of wine.

“Please accept this as a token of my sincere apology for your lack of service earlier.”

“Thank you.”

Jerry didn’t know much about wine. He wasn’t sure if the name was the name of the grape, the region, or even French or Italian. The label on the bottle was elaborate and elegant, and that was enough to convince him of the manager’s sincerity. Hopefully, the wine itself would impress.

“Yes, I think lobster would go very well with this wine.”

Meager as his knowledge of wine was, he still hoped to impress Candice.

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Candice smiled and nodded to the waiter as he removed the cork and let it sit open for a moment. It was a lovely Pinot Grigio…very delicate and rather dry. Candice loved it and the lemony flavor would go wonderful with her lobster tail.

“Since when did you know so much about wine?” she teased.

Sipping carefully from her wine glass she gestured to the waiter to pour her husband a glass and took his hand from across the table. She wanted to do something special with her husband tonight. She felt that he deserved a kind of treat for all the trouble he went through with getting tonight together.

“So…is there anything in particular you are looking to get out of our evening together?” his wife smiled.

“We’ll discuss that later, darling.” He said, winking at her.

He smiled excitedly to himself. Even after all the years, his wife still new how to excite him, and that made him feel immeasurably happy and content. Just the romantic evening alone with her would be satisfying enough. The hours they worked did not give them as much time together as he sometimes wanted.

“I will have the lobster as well.” He inhaled the wine’s aroma and then took a long sip.

Candice smiled and sipped from her wine. Her husband looked like a love sick puppy. It was absolutely adorable. Candice knew that if she told Jerry to jump he would ask her “how high” it was one of the reasons she was so attracted to him? She liked being the one in control…especially when it came to their sex life. She got off on being in command of him.

It wasn’t long after their lobster arrived that Candice found herself finishing her first glass of wine and cocking her eyebrow at her husband. He seemed to be really enjoying his wine and Candice felt that this could be used as a form of gateway. Jerry was always more compliant when he was tipsy…even more relaxed and easily dominated. She could not remember the last time her and her husband were able to indulge in some good old kinky fun.

“More wine, my love?” she asked sweetly, pouring a bit more into his glass.

“Yes, please. It is really good, isn’t it?”

Jerry couldn’t object to more wine like this. Especially not from Candice. He always knew she loved him deeply and had his best interests close at heart. That was why he was perfectly happy to give up control to her. She excited him a way that he couldn’t describe or comprehend, but he did understand that he liked it a lot.

As the waiter set down his plate, the heavenly scent reached his nose and he inhaled deeply. The lobster was lavishly garnished and looked so moist, tender, and succulent. He eyed his wine and then his wife, then raised his glass.


Candice smiled and gently tapped her glass to his before setting it back down and cutting into the lobster tail. It was just as heavenly as she knew it would. Buttery, flaky, and wonderful. There were words that would never be able to describe just how good their supper was.

For a moment she couldn’t even bring herself to speak, but then after a couple more bites and sips of wine, she found herself laughing and enjoying the company and conversations she shared with her husband. The night was turning out more perfect then she could imagine…and she knew it would continue…especially since she could see that the wine was starting to take affect on her dear husband.

“How was your lobster my love?” she said gently. “You know…it’s such a lovely night…I was thinking we could walk part of the way home instead of calling a cab.”

The rich creamy flavor of the lobster paired perfectly with the wine on Jerry’s palatte. He sipped between nearly every bite. Candice was always the perfect company, she always knew what to say to make him laugh and smile. 

“The only bad thing about the lobster is that there’s so little of it left.”

Cheerful and eager to continue letting Candice have her way, he thought a short walk would be a terrific idea. The cool night air would be the perfect way to continue this romantic evening. The boulevard the restaurant was on was world famous and a very pleasant walk at night.

“That’s a great idea!” He agreed, then sipped the last bit of wine in his glass.

Candice smiled at her husband’s enthusiasm and pulled her jacket on. She slipped the cash for the meal into the book and made sure she left a generous tip for the waiter. Normally this was Jerry’s job, but she was so eager to get them on their walk that she didn’t want to have to wait for him to dig through his wallet.

“Shall we?” she asked politely.

Latching arms with her husband, Candice led him outside into the cool night air. It smelled of fall outside and a gentle breeze caressed her cheek as she zipped her jack up a little further.

“What a lovely evening.”

“Yes it is.”

They walked at a leisurely pace, holding hands, occasionally glancing at each other and smiling briefly. There weren’t many other people out around them owing to their late dinner. After sitting next the fireplace, the cool winds were pleasantly soothing. Everything had come together perfectly at this moment.

“Where shall we go from here?”

Candice held his hand gently and leaned in to kiss him softly. Carefully she slipped her tongue into his mouth and moved it to caress the backs of his teeth.

Candice had often tried to set her husband up for these kind of situations. They were far enough from a toilet that if her husband had to go he would be virtually screwed. She wanted to induce his accident and then punish him for it…without informing him of course. She thought the spontaneous action would make the love making all the more passionate.

“You tell me baby.” she whispered.


He hesitated, thinking to himself. Besides making him feel blissful and relaxed, the wine was having another effect on his body. He was beginning to regret not going to the bathroom back at the restaurant. She didn’t seem to have to go, so he hated the idea of turning the rest of the evening into a hunt for a bathroom. Suddenly he remembered there was a large department store several blocks ahead the way they were going.

“Let’s keep going this way.”

Candice smiled and walked with her husband for a bit. She knew that he was probably trying to find a bathroom. No, that would not do…so just as they were about to reach a store building, she turned a corner and took them down another street. Jerry couldn’t refuse her a thing…even if that meant the possibility of embarrassing himself.

“Something wrong honey?” she asked, gently.

The desperation…his body movements…the strain on his voice. It was enough to make her body tremble with excitement. However, Candice knew better. She didn’t want to let on that she knew…she wanted Jerry to feel completely helpless and embarrassed…knowing that she knew would just take away from that.

Jerry groaned very softly to himself in frustration. Whenever he drank, nature always called soon after. He leaned forward a little and walked with slightly shorted steps to ease the the strain, but he found it did little. The belt across his lower stomach was the real nuisance right now, and there was nothing he could do about that.

“No sweetie,” he replied softly.

He would have to keep more of a lookout for a place that might still have somewhere for him to relieve himself. Figuring Candice knew the area better than him, he thought to ask her, but then immediately changed his mind, not wanting to go back on what he just said. This street was not one Jerry was the least bit familiar with. All he could see were small shops, more than a few of which had closed for the day, and he doubted had public bathrooms anyway.

“I’m fine.” He said, hoping she could not detect the strain in his voice his bladder was causing him.

Candice held Jerry’s hand and didn’t let her eyes leave him. It was the best form of desperation. He couldn’t clutch himself, undo his belt, or find any form of relief. She wanted to egg it on even more.  She always kept a bottle of water in her purse, why? Well…one never knew when water would come in handy did they? Taking it out she insisted Jerry sip from it.

“Baby, it isn’t good to just drink and not balance it out with some water. What if a cop comes by? You need to drink so it clears your head.”

Candice wasn’t accepting anything short of yes. And she even opened the bottle for him and went as far as to put it in his hand.

Flustered and taken by surprise by the sudden offer, Jerry tried to think of something to say.


Just the sloshing of the water in the bottle caused his urge to signal again and make him shift his stance to ease it. He dreaded the prospect of ingesting more fluids in his current situation, though he knew she had a point. He took a short sip, hoping the gesture would appease her and his aching bladder.

“Thanks.” His voice strained more than he wanted.

Candice smiled at her husband.

“You hold that baby…you will probably need it more than me.”

Candice was having the most fun she had had with her husband in ages. She felt like they were newly weds again . When they had sex almost every other night and were going at it like horny little rabbits. Tonight might be the rebirth of that feeling for them…a new step in their marriage.

They walked for quite a while and Candice was very impressed by her husband’s ability to prevent an accident, but she knew that it would only last so long. Something would give. His bladder would eventually give in, or he would at least spurt here and there…then it would only be a matter of time before the lobster began working through his system as well.

“Honey…are you sure you are okay? You look uncomfortable.”

He tried to ignore the water sloshing around in the water bottle as much as he tried to ignore the urine straining his bladder. Both were getting very difficult. Still not having spotted a shop  that might have a bathroom, he realized he needed his wife’s help finding a bathroom. The idea of needing help with something so personal like this was embarrassing, but he knew he had run out of options. If he didn’t get relief soon, it could be a lot more embarrassing for him.

“I’m sorry honey, I hate to spoil the moment, but I need to find a bathroom.” His voice trembled ever so slightly, out of masked shame and urgency.

“A bathroom?” she repeated. “Honey…it can’t be that urgent. It’s such a nice night, I’m sure you can hold it for a bit longer.”

Candice knew he couldn’t and the trembling in his voice was melting her like butter. He would comply to her and she would punish him for it. She was still trying to determine whether or not she wanted  to wait until she got home, or punish him in public wherever he had his accident. Decisions…decisions.

“You should have gone at the restaurant…now you’ll have to wait until we get home. There are no shops open with a toilet at this hour of the night.”

He winced at her subtle reprimand. His bladder throbbed again, letting him know exactly how very urgent it was. Considering the options didn’t give him much hope. The shops were closed, but it was still too bright and populated for him to duck into an alley or behind one of the many large potted plants lining the street.

Inside his abdomen, his urine put steadily increasing pressure on the walls of his bladder. The fluids pressed down as well, on the inner opening to his urethra, threatening at any moment to push through. His belt was firmly strapped across his stomach. Every step sent a tiny jolt to his bladder, and he walked a little slower to compensate.

There was no way he could wait until they got home. His aching bladder was about to burst and he needed to relieve it immediately. A sudden spasm forced him to stop and squeeze his legs tightly.

“Please, honey, there has to be somewhere nearby…” He tried to keep his composure even as he spoke these words, but his bladder was getting the better of him now, and his stressed plea betrayed his dire urgency.

Candice was in complete and total heaven watching her husband. His desperation was so appealing, so sexy. She was being driven wild by his words and pleading, knowing that she held the key to his relief. She had to hide her smile and replace it with a face of complete sternness. She wanted him to feel naughty for having let it get so bad.

“I told you Jerry, there isn’t.” she said firmly. ” And you can’t just go on a tree…people might see you.”

He had no other option, not that Candice was giving him much of one. And still holding his hand, she tugged him to continue moving. They were far enough from their house that Candice was assured that her husband would have a long walk in his messy clothing.

She walked slowly with him, prolonging his agony for as long as she could. Candice wanted him to plead with her, to beg her for a way of relief. She knew that she wasn’t going to give it to him, but hearing him so desperate just added more to her pleasure.

A softly spoken “sorry” was all he could say. Disappoint at having let her down began to nag to at him along with nature’s calling. Worry crept in, he realized the distance from home and a lack of nearby facilities made a very unfortunate situation look very likely. Panic soon followed, he couldn’t see any way out but to convince his wife to take pity and help him find the very nearest bathroom.

Another surge ran through his bladder. The water bottle slipped from his hand, spiling and splashing over the sidewalk. The sight of that water running free doubled his desperation, and his free hand shot between his legs, pressing into his groin as he bent forward and squeezed his legs tightly.

“Ah, shi–!” He gasped.

“Candice, please! I’m in trouble… he- help.” 

Squeezing his legs and rubbing himself to get his need back under control, he blushed in shame at having gotten into this predicament.

Candice stepped over the emerging puddle from the water bottle and to the side of her husband. Oh this was just getting better and better. He could barely move and wasn’t even able to stand up straight anymore. It was so perfect that she could just barely contain her excitement. But she refused to let the facade go no. When they were all done and home, she would explain to him everything…explain to him how hot he had made her…and hopefully he would be interested in doing this more often.

“What do you want me to do baby?” she asked. “There aren’t any toilets and there are quite a bit of people still out.”

Candice couldn’t even offer her husband a maxi pad to pee in. He was completely and totally trapped, something Candice had been plotting for him from the beginning of their romantic dinner.

“We only have a couple more blocks…straighten up and let’s go now.” she said firmly. “Now Jerry.”

The word “baby” stung unusually hard. He felt every dirty connotation of it as he struggled to keep from wetting his pants. Her stern tone and demeanor took him aback as well. Jerry found her assertiveness and commanding tone rather harsh right now. Mostly he blamed himself for getting into this situation, but he began to suspect she might be hiding something.

The walk home loomed before him, menacing and threatening the little the strength his bladder still had left. He frequently pressed his free hand between his legs to give himself a much needed squeeze. There was no relief at all in sight, and Candice was not helping. His bladder, however, had taken on a mind of its own, and it still had one option left to offer.

In his mind, he pleaded with his bladder to hold on. His bladder threatened to release at any moment. He promised himself he could hold it, willed himself to hold on, but he only felt his desperation surge stronger.

A tiny trickle began to flow through Jerry’s penis. He gasped and his eyes widened as he felt his hot urine soaking his underwear. He willed with all his strength, clenched his muscles with all his might, but the flow grew stronger.


He stopped and pressed his hand into his crotch, trying desperately to stop the flow. The muscles in his bladder only contracted tighter, squeezing his urine from him even faster.

“No, oh no!” He gasped

He let go of Candice’s hand and now pressed both hands into his crotch. He blushed deeply, feeling his warm urine soaking through the crotch of his pants. He twisted his legs and squirmed, trying desperately to halt the flow, but he could do nothing.

“Oh no, no! No… NO!!” 

Urine ran down the legs of his pants and a few drops fell to the pavement, glistening plainly in the soft glow from the streetlights. The relief he felt was little consolation as his overwhleming desperation was replaced by overwhelming shame. The reality of the situation dawned on him as he stood in the middle of the city sidewalk having wet himself like a child.

Candice watched her husband lose control and listened as she heard his pee stream down his legs. The sound, his humiliation, it just all added to her over all sex drive. He was soaking wet now and Candice could smell the urine on him. Moving closer to him, she gently pressed herself against his soaked clothing.

“You naughty boy…” she growled softly. “Look at what you did…you wet your pants like a child.”

Gently Candice reached down between them and gripped his crotch. It was hot and soaking wet with pee. It felt amazing in her hand and she squeezed gently, causing more urine to gently hit the pavement. Her husband hadn’t been kidding when he said he really had to go.

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