A helping hand – Part 2

Three days later, Billy was in position in the end cubicle. He had removed all his clothes and sat there, naked and waiting to help his new friend once again. He heard the toilet door open and footsteps on the tiled floor. There was a loud fart, followed by another even louder one as the footsteps approached his cubicle door. Billy watched as it slowly swung open to reveal the Asian guy, already undoing his flies ready to drop his trousers. Seeing Billy naked, Asif rushed to strip off his own clothes and was soon facing Billy with a stiff cock. Billy was still on the toilet and leaned forward to suck Asif’s beautiful cock – it was much darker than the rest of his body, and long and slender, with beautiful balls hanging loosely below.
As Billy sucked, Asif continued to fart. The aroma was turning Billy on so he turned Asif around and began to explore his arsehole. The aroma of shit was much stronger nearer its source and Billy inhaled deeply. As he licked the little pucker, it began to expand and Billy pulled back to watch as it slowly grew wider to reveal the brown treasure inside.
Asif knew his turd was going to be big. He hadn’t had a shit since the last time Billy had helped him and he had felt an enormous pressure building up on his sphincter since earlier in the day. He slowly relaxed as the turd moved onward and he could feel his hole getting really wide. Billy watched intently as the turd got bigger and bigger until it was least as wide as a coke can. It continued to slide out – six inches now, with no sign of stopping. Asif was panting with the effort of releasing his turd into the light. He slowly dropped to his knees managing not to break the turd which continued until it touched the floor – Billy reckoned it must be a foot long as Asif clenched slightly and the turd plopped onto the floor.
Billy realised his turd was on the way too and turned so that his bum was on the edge of the toilet seat and he could shit on the floor. Asif could not believe he had given birth to the massive turd which he carefully picked up – it was solid – and placed it on the floor under Billy’s bum. He saw Billy’s hole expand as a dark brown turd made its way out. Billy teased him by pulling it back in but could only manage this once as the turd began to power its way onward. Billy was leaking pre-cum as the firm turd slid out and he began to wank his cock – he could hear Asif doing the same.
As Billy’s turd, not as thick as Asif’s but almost as long, fell onto the massive log below Asif grunted and shot cum all over Billy’s backside. This made Billy shoot too, all over the wall behind the toilet.
As they compared their turds, Asif looked up at Billy and smiled. “I don’t know about you” he said “but I think we need to do this again. Will you be my shit buddy..?”

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