A Heist Gone Shitty

As the writer of this story, If any female panty poop actresses on here that see this story want to replicate it on video, please feel free to do so! We need more story and accident based panty poop videos!

It was a somewhat gloomy Saturday afternoon with an overcast and was rainy off and on in the coastal area of the Northwestern United States; a group of people inside an older house within the bad part of town planning a robbery. The group consisted of four large males who were rough around the edges along with their ring leader Chasity who was approximately 5 foot and two inches in height with a thick voluptuous build. Chastity, who had a rough upbringing, decided to enter a life of crime at 17 years of age after dropping out of high school and always surrounding herself with a bad crowd. While she was no major crime boss, over the years she did develop a reputation around the local area as a vicious robber who ran her own small theft and robbery ring.

Now, at the age of 30 year old, she plans her most ambitious heist yet where she and her small gang intend to target a wealthy philanthropist who has a high profile within the local area. She’s cladded in a skimpy school girl uniform that consists of a black tight button down shirt with a knot tied at the bottom and the first few top buttons undone due to the size of her beautifully shaped breast, a short skirt that her large round butt is partially exposed in due to its size pushing up on the bottom of the skirt, a pair of red mesh panties that you can see through that are revealed at the bottom beneath the skirt, and some knee high boots with black thigh high stockings being held up with a sexy garter belt. The plan was to the attention of the intended victim and take advantage of his willingness to help strangers while hopefully getting his attention focused on Chastity due to her sexually suggestive outfit, and the robbers would attack him, rob him, and force him or his family to pay a ransom.

After the plan was set in place, and everyone understood their role, they would go to the parking garage of a hospital where he conducts much of his business and rob him during the late night hours. The crew had all of the information they needed, his vehicle description, where his routine parking spot is located, and what time he usually leaves the hospital.

At midnight, the crew enters the parking area discreetly, they all hide in a well concealed spot and wait for him to come out. Meanwhile, The philanthropist, Mr Johnson is walking down a hallway with one of his associates. His associate is a tall curvy woman named Janet who works at the hospital as a Physician. Janet who just got off shift and changed into her regular clothes was going to a local pub with Mr Jiohnson for some drinks. She’s a curvy and well built fit woman wearing tight leggings, some ankle boots, and a casual top. Janet was also a young Physician, at only 26 years of age, she was already a successful doctor. As the two walk out through a door into the parking garage, comes the moment that will be a humbling experience for Chastity due to everything not going as planned.

Just as Mr Jonson and Janet get to Mr Johnson’s vehicle, the four men come out with bats and threaten them. They yel;l at Mr Johnson and Janet to get in the back seat of the vehicle while they drive, Chastity who is wielding a pistol tells them they better listen or they will be beaten to a pulp. However, before anyone can even blink and eye, Janet suddenly executes a swift high kick and knocks out one of the men. The other three attempt to rush her, but she swiftly dispatches of them with various skilled punches and judo throws until they’re all incapacitated. Before the swift action was even over, Chastity realized she’s all alone and began to tremble in fear with the gun in her hand. Chastity yalls out “get in the car or I’ll shoot you”, however, Janet ignores her demands and calmly walks closer to Chastity. Chasity who is clearly trembling in so much fear that she can’t even hold the gun straight, walks backwards until she up against a wall. Janet continues to walk up to Chastity until she’s only a couple inches in Chasity’s face. Janet calmly grabs the gun from Chastity and places her hand around Chasity’s throat and tells her “it’s in your best interest that you stay here until the police arrive and face the consequences of your poor decisions”.

As Janet continues to verbally scold Chastity, she uses the one hand she has around Chasity’s neck, and lefts her up off her feet up against the wall. As soon as Chastity is lifted off her feet, piss comes gushing down from between her legs forming a small puddle on the ground and soon after a gaseous popping noise is heard accompanied with a strong order. As Chasity helplessly flails her feet in desperation, a large bulge has formed in her panties from a large turd she excreted out of fear. Janets asks her “what’s that smell?”, and Chasity replies a crackling voice displaying obvious fear “I’m a naughty girl who just had a n accident”. At that point, Janet decides to rip Chasity’s skirt off and says “since you’re so naughty, everyone will see what you really are, a big baby”. After ripping the skirt off, Janet forces Chasity to face the wall and ties up her hands with a rag Mr Johnson gave her, she then grabs Chastity by the arm towards the car, lifts her up, and sits her down on the hood like a little child being disciplined. From there, Janet and Mr Johnson wait there with Chasity forced to sit in her own soiled panties until the police arrive to arrest her.

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  1. Nice story would be great to see that happen.

    During high school my friends and I got up to some mischief and though we wear tough. Reality was the things we did were quite minor and if we got caught, we probably would have shit our pants in fear. We never got caught but we almost did once and one of our friends literally did. It was actually one of our friend’s sister that insisted on hanging around with us for a while. She was quite pretty but also a tom boy and thought she was tough, which she mostly was. The night it happened was when we broke into a local factory. We had no plans to steal anything but had discovered a way of getting in and not long after we had two security guards appeared. All we could do was find a place to hide and hope they didn’t discover us during their search. All 5 of us got into a partly made air conditioner and crouched down as the guards got closer and closer. As they did it also became evident once had pooed their pants. It wasn’t bad or strong but enough to be noticeable, or least to me.

    When the guards left, and we made our escape no one said anything or admitted to it. Everyone acted perfectly normal and no one left or even went to the toilet. Maybe that was so no one suspected them or they though no one realized but either way I wanted to know. The idea someone had done it in their underwear excited me and after a while I began to suspect my friend’s sister. She was acting fairly normal but keeping her distance and put her hand down her underwear as we sat in the dark waiting for the opportunity to get our bikes and escape from the industrial area we were at. It was dark so she probably though no one would see but I did. When the guards had finally left the area, we got our bikes and began to ride home. As we did, I noticed she was very reluctant to sit on her seat unit her brother said, “sit down and ride normally ***, what if the security guards drive past”. As she did, I could hardly concentrate on what I was doing thinking about what might have been in her underwear and what the seat was doing to it. I never actually found out if it was her that had done it or someone else, but I sure thought about it for a long time after.

  2. Hi Poopypants2

    Seeing people having accidents has always fascinated me and there were a few during school and after. They were mostly after the event and it always intrigues me listening to stories or rumors about someone that had done it. One of the best was during high school when I discovering a guy had done it in his underwear. It was lunch time and he was up a tree retrieving a model glider he had been flying. I was into model planes myself but when I went over to see what he was doing he got quite defensive, making it clear he didn’t want me around. That didn’t bother me, so I just stood under him watching what he was doing, hoping he would let me him with his glider. That’s when I discovered the real reason, he didn’t want me around. As he got the model and climbed down, I could see up his pants and very clear evidence he had pooed in his underwear, and not just a little.

    He knew I had seen and threatened to beat me up if I told anyone. He was well known as a bully but there was no way I was going to tell anyone anyway. Once he was confident his secret was safe, he let me join in flying his glider but all I could think about was what was in his underwear. He was in a senior grade to me, yet he was still doing it in his underwear and that completely fascinated me. When our lunch break finished, he went straight to class and that fascinated me even more. After that I began to hang around him and was sure he had done it other times, but I was too afraid to ask and unfortunately, he left school at the end of that year.

    There has been a couple of time I have witnessed accidents, like the time one of the girls I hung around with did it in a taxi on the drive back to a friend’s house. We had been out at a nightclub and she got quite drunk, so I decided to take her with me back to the friend’s house before anything happened to her. The moment we got in the taxi she laid across the seat and began to tell me how drunk she was and how she needed to go to the toilet. Not long after we stared driving, she thought she had already done it in her underwear, then pulled her skirt up and said something like “is it already in my panties”. She was quite drunk with her face in the seat, so I didn’t hear exactly what she said but it was something along that line. At that stage her panties were clean but not long after they were absolutely not. The thing that amazed me was how fast her panties went from clean to dirty. In an instant her panties had tented out and the very light material went from pink to drown. The taxi driver was not impressed at all, but I was. By the time our other friends got back I had cleaned her and hidden her panties and put her in one of the beds, so no one found out. In the morning she woke me in a panic, terrified everyone knew what she had done. When I told what had happened and her secret was safe, and no one knew she “thanks for that”, then laid down and went to sleep. She must have been very hung over because she slept until lunchtime and we never discussed it again. After that she always insisted, I went clubbing with her and she often got drunk, but she never pooped her pants again. She did pee herself a number of times, one of which was while she was sitting on my lap.

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