A happy accident

Let’s start by saying this is just a fantasy of mine.

I’m a 22 year old guy that’s been curious about being with another guy for awhile. I’ve posted a few ads on Craigslist but always chickened out at the last minute. I was sitting at work one day extremely horns, so I decide to see what’s on Craigslist. There was ano ad that caught my eye. Late 20’s looking for younger guy to experiment with. We emailed back and forth and decide to meet at a local motel.

I was getting really nervous and was thinking about calling the whole thing off. But I was frustrated and wanted to do something about it. So I grabbed my bag with an extra pair of clothes( just in case) and went up to the room he was in. I get up there and knock not knowing what to expect. He looked exactly like the pictures he sent me. I walk into the room and he introduces himself as Rick.

As soon as I put my bag down he shoves my up against the wall and starts to feel me up. I was still feeling nervous and my stomach was showing it. As soon as I opened my mouth to say I needed to use the bathroom he put his lips on mine. We were really getting into it, feeling each other up. Then my stomach started to act up again. I try to stop him again but he doesn’t take the hint that I have to go. The feeling of having to go came back again but this time I wasn’t able to hold it. I froze in place and he finally sensed that something was wrong. He just stared at me while I continued to fill my pants with a huge load of shit. I was almost done shitting when my bladder let go. Ricky backed away and just looked at me in disbelief. There I am standing in front of a complete stranger with my boxer filled with shit and a huge wet stain on the front of my jeans. Ricky finally broke the silence and asked what happened. I was still in shock and wasn’t sure what to say, Ricky closed the gap between us and put his lips back on mine. He then leans in and says that was the sexist thing I have ever seen.

The thing Rick didn’t know is I really enjoyed shitting and pissing my pants. I would usually shit myself while I was it home and the odd time in public. I never really considered the thought of someone else would be into this kind of thing.

As soon as he said that the stress and embarrassment went out the window. I told him that I enjoyed messing my pants but never thought of doing it with someone else. Rick then grabbed my hand and lead me to the bathroom. He then started to take my clothes off, first my shirt, then my piss soaked jeans. I was now standing in my piss soaked shit filled boxers. I did a couple spins to show off my mess. I stop and he starts kissing me again and rubbing the shit all over my ass. After what seemed like hours he took of all of his clothes and I was excited to see a thick 8 inch cock spring out of his boxers. I can’t take my eyes off his impressive cock, Rick turns the shower on and hop in. Rick turns around with my ass towards him. He reaches around and starts stroking my rock hard cock on the outside of my boxers. WhIle he is rubbing my cock I can feel his cock rubbing against my shit covered ass. I’m now on the verge of cumming and he stops, he now moves around the my ass and sticks his hand inside and grabs a handful of my shit. I turn around to get a better look at him with his now shit covered hand. He starts rubbing my chest moving up towards my neck and face. He goes back in for another handful, and goes back to rubbing it all over. We continue to make out, feel each other up, and smear my shit some more.

At this point I was getting really really turned on and was just begging to be fucked. I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled my shitty boxers down. I grabbed a handful of shit and start stocking his cock, covering it in my shit. I give him one more kiss and bend over offering my virgin ass to him. He starts rubbing my ass hole, the puts on finger in. I’m let out a moan, it feels amazing. Rick keeper up a good pace finger fucking me, he then adds another finger. I’m in pure extascy. Once he takes his fingers out I feel really empty now. That feeling only lasted a couple seconds before I felt the head of his cock against my ass. It hurt a little more then I expected. It didn’t take long before it was pure pleasure. He started out slow but picked up the pace. He fucked my for about 20 minutes. I knew he was close, he started to breathe heavy and grunt really loud. I was ready to explode. I tired to hold back but the urge to cum was to strong. I just let lose and was cumming without touching myself. As soon as I started to cum, Rick exploded in my ass. Filling me up with his hot cum. I feel like I’m going to pass out.

To be continued

Hope you guys enjoyed, it was my first story. If you guys liked it let me know.

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  1. Great story, really hope to read some more. As a guy who has just recently had my first experience with another guy this really worked for me.

  2. awesome !!! I really hope you became good friends and continued seeing each other. life is too short not to have good friends, and always live like tomorrow will be your last day on this earth !!! keep up the stories ! I am totally bisexual and cant wait to be with the right person and let loose !!

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