a game

I met a man on the internet who is very excited by my panty poop stories. Let call him Bob. I suggested a game which Bob agreed to play : i ‘m going to hide some really dirty pair of cute underwears somewhere for Bob to find, then i’m going to tell him where i hid it and he ‘s going to take them.

We exchanged some mails, i can tell Bob loves messed underwear.

Actually, i let a small ad on an adult board, saying that i liked to talk about panty pooping. And Bob answered, very excited. It looked like the words i had chosen had found some echo in his imagination.

We had a talk, shared pics and fantasies, and agreed to proceed to this little hide and seek game today.

I know he will not be disapointed with the undies i’m dirtying right now. I’m quite nervous 🙂

Now we have to find an okay place to play this game. I was thinking about some public toilets which are not far from my home. I thought i could enter a cublicle, take a nice stinky poop and wipe my ass with my briefs, take them off and let them hidden behind the toilet bowl. Then i message Bob telling him in which cublicle i abandonned my poopy briefs.

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  1. here are the news, we couldn’t make it today, so it will be tomorow.
    Too bad, but on the other hand i keep farting in these briefs one more day.
    I’m sure he will be excited. I wrote the pseudo i used to chat with him down the briefs’ tag, next to the “name” label, so there is no doubt ;p i’m sure he will find it funny.

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