A game… to be continued

I already posted two posts about my little game, here are the last news.
As i wrote, i let a pair of well worn briefs in a little parc where a man with who i talk on the Internet found them, as planned.
We are planning a meeting, and may be we will even make a short movie :p
Basically i’m going to make a huge poop in front of him, with my bending ass, and he would love to put his nice cock in here, then.
He wrote me a few minutes ago to tell me jacked off two times today; one time sniffing the “pee side”, and the second time sniffing the “poo side”.
He even told me he was addict to my stinky perfume.
When we will meet in this hostel room, im going to make he cum like a horse :p

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  1. Oh yes! I would have jacked off to your stinky shitty well worn briefs like mad. Additionally I would have demanded a pair of your sweaty socks and sneakers to sniff and jerk off to.

  2. he fucked me right in the poopy hole tens of time since this post lol
    it lasted 2 years from 2015 to 2017 then he had trouble but we still meet and are good friends,
    I used to suck his cock real good as well ^_^ sometimes while he was sniffing my poopy briefs

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