A Furry’s Tail Ch 3.

As a general warning, this story contains furries, lesbian acts, and acts of female pissing and pooping. Sorry for the time it took to write this, lots of drama went on in my life and I ran into some complications, but I’ve been able to make time now and will (Finally!) continue what I started so long ago. As suggested I’m going to add in a new character, so hang with me if I make any mistakes or cause any confusion. As, always I’d love to hear back in the comments on what I could add, change, or do differently the next go ’round.

Erika’s stream splashed against the shiny wood surface of her secluded home. She dipped her paw in the pool around her and brought it, still dripping, to the entrance of her womanhood. With a deep longing and a passionate moan she brought two fingers deep inside of her soaked pussy. She began to finger herself at a quick pace and was soon panting and nearing climax. She was only spurred on by this, not able to prolong it anymore she jammed her fingers as far as they could go and gasped in climax as she came with great force, a dribble of her juices running down her soaked leg. She panted in near exhaustion, having much of her energy spent by this eventful morning. Outside, a soft rain began to fall upon her small mountain home as she searched for ideas of an answer for the burning question of “what next?’ Her thought immediately trailed to her neighbour down the road, Ruby. Ruby was Erika’s long time best friend and Erika’s secret longing. She knew her lesbian fantasies would never be true as she knew of Ruby’s various stories of the wonderful experiences with an odd variety of boyfriends she had. Erika looked at her own disheveled self and began to hatch a plan. After several minutes of sitting in her mess, mumbling to herself about the fine details she stood up shakily in search of a revealing set of clothes. She carefully chose an outfit from her closet, a semi-transparent t-shirt that showed off her C-cups and perky nipples without a bra on, and the shortest pair of Nike sports shorts she could find. The bulge in her used underwear was all too noticeable and if you looked carefully you could see some poo from around the leg bands. The rain having picked up since she began, she realized it would be the perfect cover-up for her damp panties.

Erika headed for the door, opening it and nearly tripping on the package from earlier, curiosity and her ADD got the best of her as she sat down on her porch an audible “squish” from her rear as she did, and set the package in her lap. Using her claws to slice the packing tape she pulled from the box a trial pack of adult diapers for moderate to heavy accidents. Erika smirked having remembered ordering them off the internet in a free offer several weeks ago. She took them inside and set them near the door and set about her original task again. Walking briskly as to not get cold, but slow enough to get thoroughly soaked she made her way down the gravel road towards the distant shape of Ruby’s house.

Her load bounced along with her shapely ass as she walked, creating a pleasant feeling from withing the confines of her clothing. She stopped as she reached the front door, nervously hitting the bell in front of her, the “gong” sound nearly scaring her half to death. A few seconds later Ruby’s soft voice replies “coming” and footsteps come closer from another part of the house. Shortly after Ruby answers the door, her skinny orange and yellow fox body in the doorway as her smaller breasts are barely evident through the puffy, white bathrobe she wears. “Ohh, hi Erika, just got out of the shower, come in, come in.” Erika nods and comes in, trying to hide her nervous and embarrassed emotions as to not reveal her secret just yet. “Why on earth would you go out looking like you do, in the rain no less, Erika. I thought you had more sense, you look rather… ” her friend searches for the right word “deprived of material. No matter though, you can borrow some of my clothes, they may be tight, but still better than that.” Erika is not given a chance to respond as she is half forced into the master bedroom of her friend’s house. “you just wait there, i’ll be back with a nice change for you.” Ruby disappears into the closet as Erika begins to rethink and revise her plan.

Ruby returns shortly with a bundle of cute looking clothes, though Erika has no intentions of putting them on any time soon. She notices Ruby herself has put on some denim shorts and a Guns and Roses t-shirt that shows her midriff and small breasts on her bra less chest, though the odd bit is the weird puffiness in her friend’s pants. “Let’s get you undressed shall we?” Ruby does not hesitate as they were both in the same gym classes and had plenty of sleepovers as kids and teens. She stops abruptly when she catches sight of Erika’s destroyed panties. “Erika… I…” She tries to stutter out the words but is stopped by Erika’s paw. “Let me explain…” she starts as she explains her secret to her best friend, leaving out the part of her lesbian thoughts. Upon finishing her story Ruby takes Erika’s hand and brings it to her own shorts, letting Erika touch the outline of a diaper, it crinkles softly as she does so. “Ruby… are you…?” Erika struggles to believe her own reality. Ruby nods and whimpers softly as she emphasizes her point by letting her bladder release somewhat into the fresh diaper, a look of shock and disbelief across Erika’s face, but with just a hint of wonder. (At this point i’m going to end at a cliffhanger, and see what everyone would like to see happen next. I plan on having some interaction between the two, but my creative mind is drained as I type this sentence. thanks!)

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  1. oh my gosh this is amazing. much better quality with another person in it! Please continue!

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