A Furry's Tail Ch. 2

Again, this story contains furries, you have been warned. This is continuing (finally) the events of the first chapter. P.S. if i make any spelling mistakes blame Apple for making a rubbish keypad, or blame giant thumbs of mine. As always, feedback is always greatly accepted and i would love to hear what everyone wants to read about in a chapter 3! Erica moaned in ecstasy as her pee streamed from her womanhood. The puddle on the wooden floor beneath her feet had started growing into a sizable lake of warm urine. This experience turned her on like nothing else as her stream turned to a trickle. Her underwear was truly soaked and there was obvious evidence of the “accident” on her sleep pants. She collapsed in the puddle with relief and threw a hand into her panties. Lifting up her shirt to reveal sizable breasts, which she immediately began to play with she realized that she would have to clean her mess up eventually. She smiled at this, “not before i have a bit of fun” she said to herself. The world outside had faded away as she played with her beautiful body in the puddle of quickly cooling urine. She was nearing climax when she heard a knock at the door. “Shit! I wasn’t expecting anyone today!” She heard paws walk away and then she realized that it was just a FedEx fur, delivering a package for her. This experience scared her senseless, despite it being a false alarm as she had never told any of her friends about her secret. “No sense in making these any more worse for ware” she said as she began to take off her pants and shirt. As she finished removing her pants another pain hit her lower body. He remembered the Mexican food she had eaten for breakfast and realized that she hadn’t pooped in 4 days. This build up of poop had caught up to her, not helped by the Mexican food. She let out a whine and a juicy fart into her soaked underwear. “Ahh what the heck, I’ve already planned on peeing these” glancing at her underwear. She feels more treasure against her hole as the massive load tries to force it’s way out. She moans as another fart escapes. She whines softly as she lets her muscles relax allowing the load to slide into her pants. They begin to fill rapidly as she had chosen some very small underwear. The bulge grew larger as she began to rub her tits again. The poop was still coming out as it began to squish against her beautiful cheeks. Her womanhood was almost dripping, as it desperately wanted action she rocked back, letting the poop ooze out from the legbands. She felt the warm load touch her clit a bit and felt the need to pee, ever so slightly. So, she peeled back her panties and let a wild stream mix with the puddle on the floor. To be continued… Again, comment with what you think should happen next, i am considering adding Erika a female friend.

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  1. Oh these stories are awesome! You could have the box contain enema supplies and Erika and could have her friend over and give eachother enemas? Or just have them both get desperate to pee/poop and have accidents? Just brainstorming. Keep the story alive!

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