A fun poop game!

Sometimes I feel like my particular speedo swim briefs need more than just a pee challenge. When I’m in this mood and I get a poop urge I do this routine. No matter where I am (down in the woods or away from a toilet can completely eliminate the challenge!!!!) I will fight the urge at first. Then I completely relax my bum and head for the toilet. No matter how far or how long I will NOT attempt to hold it back. If I reach the toilet before anything escapes then I can lower my briefs and go normally and ‘win’. But, if something begins to escape I cannot do anything to stop it and if my speedos get loaded before I reach the toilet, then I lose!!! (which from how ‘slippery’ the front of my briefs becomes after means it’s maybe fun to lose!!)

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  1. Losing a poop into Speedos is not a lost prize. Lycra shorts, bike shorts, and swim suits are a so hot to mess in.

    Going in the woods is even hotter an is one of my favorite things to do.

  2. I think you got your “win” and “lose” backwards. Shitting in your nice speedo’s is just “right”. Shitting at a toilet is just “not right”!
    I wouldn’t even be looking for a toilet. I’d never fight the urge. I’d just shit in my speedos and enjoy every bit of it.

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