A Fun Little Video Project

So it’s almost 0200 here and out of pure boredom, I came up with a fun little idea to do here.  It’s really not the first time I have done this.  I done it at other sites before.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well, what you do is ask me a question in this blog and either on the last day of this month or the first day of the next month, I will answer all your questions in a video. I know it sounds like a lame idea, but trust me it’s fun.  People get a kick out of hearing their screen names spoken by another person and also have their questions answered via voice instead of just simple text.  Plus you all get to hear my lame sounding voice.  Apparently people in the chat room like hearing my voice because apparently I’m funny when I rant on about things. 

So yeah, ask your questions in this blog.  Please no PMs about it because I want all the questions to remain in one place to make it easy on me to be able to read them while the cam is going.  All questions are perfectly welcome within reason.  Also keep in mind that your screen name WILL be read by me, so if you have a unique name you chose and would feel embarrassed if you heard it spoken then don’t ask a question.

Have fun and ask away!  Multiple questions are welcome as well. ^_^  

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  1. You have an awesome amount of content – when do you find time to record, edit and upload it?
    Do you have clothes that are exclusively for playing in, or do you just go in whatever you have?
    How long do you stay in your wet clothes after you’re done pissing in them?

    This is a great idea, by the way!

  2. Hey!


    1. How did you get into pants wetting?
    2. Do you ever do it in public?
    3. What are your favorite clothes to wet or mess in?
    4. What’s your drink of choice to tank up before you make a vid?



  3. ps: great idea…I may need to do this as well :).


  4. 1. wheres the craziest public place you’ve ever pissed yourself?
    2. do you ever mess your pants out of sheer laziness?
    3. do you ever have unplanned accidents in public? (yes, truly unplanned lol)
    4. have you ever pissed your pants with someone else in person?

  5. 5. you used to be a tb..have you stayed in touch with your ab side much? what kinda stuff do you do as far as ab goes

  6. have watched all your videos and luv em. My favorites are the ones where you JO and cum especially when you are in your undies. Would like to see you wetting in public too.

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