A Friend Indeed

Tom and I have been sharing a unit for a few years, since we were at Uni, and being so close together , we have seen each other in our good and bad times. Most of all, we have both shared in our mutual fetish, pooping pants, wetting beds and joining in with each other’s bathroom visits. As you may imagine, there are no secrets between us and we both feel at ease with our activities.
Earlier this year, we both took two weeks off to go skiing in the Alps. We were both novices at the sport, but after a few days, we had picked up enough courage to attempt the harder slopes. All went well until Tom took a terrible fall which landed him in hospital with two broken arms and a broken leg, as well as multiple bruises and cuts.
The last week of the holiday was spent at the hospital where I was able to visit him in his recovery. At the end of the week, Tom was allowed to go home and the doctors asked him if he had someone at home who could help him with bathing and toileting. I mentioned that I could probably manage the tasks and Tom felt comfortable about that arrangement.
After we had got Tom home, with both arms and a leg in plaster, it was not long before I had to help him in many things. Perhaps the bathroom needs were the most difficult when the time came for him to use the toilet. The first trial was a disaster when Tom was unable to hold his bowel movement as I was trying to get him seated. He told me that he had just pooped his pants and was busting for a pee. As we both had become used to each other pooping and wetting our pants, I suggested that he might as well do the whole lot there and we would work out a better system. The clean-up involved me having to cut away Tom’s soiled pants to get the messy pants over the leg plaster.
As Tom was virtually bed-ridden for the next month or two, we decided to attend to his bathroom needs while he was in bed. I was able to obtain a men’s pee bottle which made that activity less complicated, which meant that I had to position the bottle between his legs and put his penis in the neck of the bottle. That proved to be quite successful.
When it came for Tom to have a poo, I had to pull his pants down and lift him up to slide a plastic sheet under his butt. With both knees bent up as far as possible, I told him to start pushing. At first, it was erotic to see his poop emerging out of him and onto the plastic sheet. Of course, the last bit of poo was always soft and came to rest against his arse-hole. With rubber gloves on, I had to clean the mess away from him and then I had to clean him up. With Tom being in bed for so long, he became very sweaty in his groin area and I had to get a bowl of warm water to give him a good wash. Soaping up his genitals caused both of us to get erections which we both enjoyed. It was one of my wishes to be able to wash and massage another man’s genitals and my wish had come true, not once, but in the many times I had to do this for Tom. To be fair to Tom, I always did these tasks while I was naked, so that he could see how aroused I was getting. Only twice, did he wet his bed when he could not wake me up to give him the bottle. Thankfully, we both had mattress protectors but the task of changing the sheets involved a lot of effort from both of us.
This episode in our lives has now passed and we both look back and acknowledge that it has brought us even closer together and that we can continue pooping our pants, wetting our beds and joining in with other bathroom activities.

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  1. Good story but it would have been much easier just to use and change the adult diapers. Put one on and watch each other use it. Changing the diaper would not take long and be much cleaner in the end. Both of you could relate to the experience of doing it in front of each other and the person in the bed would not feel out of place going in the diapers.

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