A Flood in a Hurricane

I had to work the day Hurricane Sandy was in full swing. I live in a coastal town, but because the store where I work was far enough from the ocean, apparently it made perfect sense to remain open during a natural disaster. But I digress.


I had the morning shift and since none of the busses were running (because the transit company is not as sadistic as certain retail chains) I had to walk all the way home in 40 miles an hour winds and driving rain. It really wasn’t as bad as I’m making it sound. Since I like wind and rain, the hurricane weather was actually nice when it wasn’t pouring on me in buckets. And our town got off light compared to some of the places that were the most effected.


Anyway, it’s an hour and a half walk from where I work to where I live and between those two places, there were no bathrooms. So I got caught in a nasty downpour and I had to desperately pee. I just couldn’t help it and I let the floodgates loose.


The strange thing was it actually felt really nice. The wind and the rain were so cold that when I peed, it was nice and warm and it felt strangely pleasant that I kept stopping every few seconds to just let out more pee.


I only ever wet myself like that a handful of times. Usually on the days before I know I’m going to do laundry, or when I can easily change out of my clothes. But if there’s ever another torrential downpour, I hope I experience another flood.

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  1. WHY oh WHY cant there be more holding on stories?
    its all just easy go letting it out… BORING

  2. Really? The fact that I was walking home in dangerous weather was boring? Sorry to disappoint you, but if you’re so gung ho about holding stories, why not write some of your own.

  3. While I do love prolonged desperation stories myself, I didn’t find your story boring. I found it kind of erotic. You were able to pee in your pants and no one else would have been able to tell.
    You should come to Kansas and see what happens when we have a tornado…. hee hee hee

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  5. I thought this story was very well written. Not only that, it sounded so real and apparently it was given the circumstances of a hurricane, no buses running, and dealing with the long walk home. Why stop and take a piss outside when you’re getting soaked from rain anyway?!? Might as well enjoy the experience and have something good come out of it.

  6. Exactly. I like just letting go, but most of the time it feels uncomfortable afterwards. This was the only time I was happy to have more and more pee in my body.

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