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Adults do poop their pants. I found that out when I walked in on an employee at my auto repair shop who was clearly in that very situation.
I had hired Sean straight out of high school. Bright kid, really passionate about cars and naturally talented at repairing them. Maybe lacking in conversational skills but that didn’t bother me. He was my first hired employee and he worked really hard every day. And he brought in lots of business. When word got out he was at my shop the amount of females needing tune ups actually doubled. They’d hang around in the tiny adjacent waiting room, drinking shitty coffee pretending not to watch him work. Guess they thought he was cute. Totally fine by me.
He’d only been there for a few months the day it happened. On Sundays I’d quit early and have Sean do light work around the shop, mostly organizing and disposal. I didn’t want him working on cars in there alone in case anything happened. At around 5:00 on this Sunday in early September I went back in to pick up my cell phone charger and right away knew something was weird. Sean hadn’t seen me come in and was kneeling with his back to me wiping down tools. Nothing unusual about that but the smell in there was horrible! The whole place stunk of actual human shit. My first thought was that the toilet had backed up or worse. When I opened the bathroom door to check it must have startled Sean because he was up in a flash. I asked him what the hell that smell was and he just stood there for a second, totally red and the face with beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He actually looked scared. Then, in a voice I’d never heard him use before, he said “I’m not sure”. He sounded like a little kid who knows he’s in big trouble and that’s when it dawned on me. He’d shit in his pants. The look on his face gave it away. That and of course the smell in there. I walked right up to him and asked him what exactly was going on. He just looked at the floor, shook his head a little and said, “nothing. I’m just wiping down the tools” in that same shaky little boy voice. He wasn’t going to tell me. I had half a mind to tell him to turn around so I could see the back of his work pants but he’s not my kid and I was feeling like I just wanted to get away from that smell. It’s hard to describe how awkward that situation was. I was so confused and embarrassed. I couldn’t figure out why he’d done it. The bathroom looked absolutely fine but I couldn’t bring myself to ask him outright if he’d gone in his pants. I instinctively looked down and saw a small perfect circle of wetness right on the crotch of his pants. Maybe only two inches across but I’ll never forget that feeling in my stomach when I saw it. I looked up and our eyes met. He didn’t need to say anything else and I didn’t either. He knew I knew. I’ve been in a few awkward situations before but nothing like this. I held his gaze, and put my hand on his shoulder. “Why don’t you finish up here and get going. I’ll see you in the morning.” He nodded a little and I got the hell out of there.
That night after dinner I logged on to the cctv footage from the shop. I have interior and exterior cameras running 24 hours a day. It’s no secret. The cameras are plainly visible. I watched Sean from the time I left to the time I went back in for the charger. It had happened right away. Not five minutes after I’d initially left. It was pretty unmistakable too. He locked all the doors, stood right in the middle of the garage and kind of half squatted. Not for too long but both of his hands were holding his crotch, like he had to pee. I couldn’t believe this shit. I was watching a grown man literally shit in his pants. This was no accident. I braced myself for something sexual to happen. That’s nothing I have any desire to see but to my surprise he just went about his work. I watched a full hour and a half of footage and the only sign that he’d done anything weird was every now and again he’d reach back and feel the bottom of his butt. Just for a second each time. He took one cigarette break outside. He just sat right down on a tire out back and smoked, sitting in a literal pile of shit. I couldn’t believe it. This was a good kid! I knew his family! What the fuck was I supposed to do?
What I did was watch footage from every previous Sunday that he’d been in the shop alone. By this time I wasn’t even surprised to see that every single Sunday he’d done the same thing. Stood in that same weird position and knowingly shit his own pants. I winced when one time he actually pulled his pants down, reached back and touched that horrible ball hanging in his white underwear. But that was as bad as it got, thank god.
I did a lot of thinking that night. I didn’t like this situation at all. I felt gross. Embarrassed. I wished I hadn’t gone back to the shop that day. I wished I could unsee what I saw. I had to fire him. I knew that but what would I tell his parents? What would that do to his reputation in town? This kid had been a star varsity football player. The girls were crazy for him. Firing him would actually negatively effect my business.
So you know what I did? Nothing. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to not do. I went in Monday morning and Sean was there already. He came right up to me and asked if he could explain about yesterday. Again, I put my hand on his shoulder and shook my head. “No need to explain” I said quietly, “whatever happened, please try not to let it happen again. Okay?” He nodded eagerly, clearly very relieved. We didn’t speak about it again.
I never went back in on a Sunday and never watched any more of the cctv footage either. Sean worked at my shop for two years before joining the army and to date has been the best employee I’ve ever had. I don’t know why he did what he did and I actually don’t want to. Clearly I’d gotten a glimpse of something very private and personal. There are mysteries in people’s private lives. Things they do when they think no one is watching. I was unfortunate enough to stumble in on one.

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