A few months ago

I was at my cousins house (because financial problems) and she gave me my own room and I decided to use my new privacy, so later that night I was playing SWTOR and I was holding it in all day, so I crouched up on my chair, shit my boxers, and continued playing the game until 3 AM and went to sleep in these boxers, then when I woke up I hid these boxers under my bed and changed into other ones (without cleaning my ass, I might add) and at night I told my cousin I was taking a bath so I got my boxers and put the shit pile from my boxers in the water and played with it for about an hour, I just rubbed it all ever myself and jerked off, one of my best orgasms ever.

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  1. It would be hard for me not find a pair of her used panties while she was out. I would have definitely figured out her shitting pattern so I could listen to her go or smell the bathroom after she went in.

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