A few, firm loads

For the past few days, I have been passing firm loads and , today, as I lay on my bed for a snooze, I just felt like filling my pants with a firm load. I had to push a bit to get it all started and I could feel the head of a firm turd poking from my arse. I lay there quietly, pushing and slowly it tented my pants, It was a firm, large turd that felt so good, now wedged between my cheeks. I knew that there was more to come and I started pushing again and was rewarded by a similar sized turd, still firm and most enjoyable. By now, there was a sizable bulge in my pants and I got up to waddle over to the bathroom. As I could feel that there was still more to come out, I stood by the sink and pushed another one out. this one was a bit softer than the first two and the combined weight of the three turds dropped down below my balls and swung dangerously close to coming out of the loose leg band. I did not want to be bothered with a big clean up, so I dumped it into the toilet bowl. All I had to do was to rinse out the slightly stained pants and clean up my butt hole. Next time, I might spend a bit more time enjoying the load.

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