A fantasy I have (scat/pee fun fantasy)

There is this fantasy I have that when giving a chance I would love to try it out.

Thing is I would love to meet a like minded lady friend who is into this stuff, and go to their private residence and i mean private, where there is no one around except themselves, like they live out in the country or have their own private beach, where their neighborers are like 1 mile away from where they live. Anyway to get to the point is that the lady friend and I ,If i could find one, would have like a toilet free weekend. Where about everything goes, of course we pick up after each other when inside, if they have to go just go, ether in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, outside, anywhere and just let go right on the floor, or on the ground outside, does not matter which, also at times we could like poop or pee on each other when the mood arises, just when eating, watching tv or sleeping, when we have to go we go, just let it rip then we can wipe each others asses, also we can always put soiled sheets in the wash. just a no down toilet free weekend. Just poop or pee anywhere we want to, in the sink, on the floor, in the shower, bathtub, outside in a private lake or pond, anywhere we can think of. only time we ever need to use the toilet if they have the runs or feeling puckish.

Anyway thats a fantasy I have. I just hope one day it will become a reality.

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