a dream about a friend

It starts with me shopping in a store. All of a sudden the owner  comes up behind me and slids his  hand down my pants and starts to massage my clit. I jump startled and drop my purse.
“Sir! What are you–”
“Shhh, just enjoy it.” He says. I wiggle around trying to escape but I continue to find my body growing weaker and weaker.
“Feels good?” He asks contingent to rub. I nod and whimper as be begins to move his hand away. I grab his hand and slid it back into my pants.
“Don’t–” before I could finishing he thrusts a finger in my cunt (dripping by this point) I gasp and begin to feel my legs give out.
“What if someone sees?” I manage to ask.
“Are the doors locked?” He yells out. His wife turns the corner to our aisle and nods.

His wife approaches me an pulls down my pants. Before I can protest he lifts me up and spreads my legs showing my dripping cunt. hIs wife slids around behind us and begins to message/finger my clit at the same time. I moan and gasp trying to not loose control when a shock hits me.
“Stop I have to pee!” I cry. My cries go ignored.
“Please stop I’m going to burst!” The man begins to rub my bladder causing me to whimper.
“Shhhh. Let it go, relax and relase. I want to see your piss.” He says. His wife licks her lips and continues to finger me. I begin to shake and wiggle, I struggle and shake more.
“In loosing control! Get a bucket! Please! Oh my god I’m gunna pee! Oh lord! Shit” I scream. His wife gets faster in her movements. My pussy tightens around her fingers.
“Fuck! I’m gunna piss! Shit!” I begin to shake as little dribbes of pee run down to my ass.
“I can’t take it!”
“Let it go baby.” The man whispers. “We’ll get you all cleaned up and it will all be ok.”
“Shit! Shit! Shit! I can’t hold it!” My current behind to get faster and a hissing noise sounds.
“Fuck here I come!” My pussy explodes with piss forcing the woman’s fingers out. the stream makes a yellow puddle on the store floor. As I pee I shake from it being to intense.

The man turns me and my piss begins hitting the up bags and other supplies before hitting his wife on the shirt. The look startled then walks up and begins massaging my pussy which it still Peeing. She lets her husband stroke my perking pussy once more before she places her lips to my pussy and begins to eat me out and drink my fluids. I yell:
“Oh god! Right there baby!” The man lies me down in my piss so his wife can drink my fluids Nicly. I hear the mans pants fall down so I know he wants some too. I can see the wife is fingering herself as she’s drinking me out.
“Fuck! I’m gunna, I’m gunna!” My current becomes stronger and be wife comes up for a breakthrough rubbing my piss all over her soaked clothing. She then rips of her shirt and bra and let’s my piss sink into her skin. Still peeing the man spins me around a begins to lick my flowing pussy. I’m moaning an gasping from my and bein to see his obvious boner was a total turning. I grab his cock and began to stroke it.

Trickles of my pee where still flowing when he slid his clock inside me. He picked up pace quick and was slamming me hard and fast.
“I’m gunna cum!” He said at one point.
“Cum inside me baby!” I cried.
“Oh god! Oh god! Here it comes! I’m gunna cum I’m gunna cum! Fuck! I’m cumming!” He began pounding me as his sperm flew into my pussy once e pulled out he began to finger me.
“Your gunna make me cum!” I cried. His wife also beging fingered said the same. We turned to eachothee and began to come on eachothee squirting in each others faces.


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