A Dom takes me for a Woodland Walk.

A couple of weeks ago now I met up again with a guy in his 30s who is a real dom top. He messaged me around 10am and said he would pick me up at 12. He said douche (kill joy 😛 ) but that I was banned from going to the toilet until we met. Now, I only drink water and so drink it all the time, even if I am not very thirsty and by the time I got to leaving the house I must have drunk about 2lts of the stuff. Needless to say I was pretty bursting.

I met him and we drove the long way to some woods outside the city. We had to wait a bit in the car as it was pouring down and we didn’t want to get the wrong sort of wet. I had also been asked to bring my bag of toys which consists of a large 9″ dildo and a pretty big butt plug too. I handed him the bag and from stepping out of the car I was his to control.

I walked ahead of him and he told me “Left, right” etc and then once we were in the woods a bit more he told me to take my trakkies off to that I was walking around in my tight boxers and a t-shirt. He then told me to stop, came up close so I could feel is hard dick against my ass and told me to pee a bit. So, I did as I was told and a small wet patch blossomed in the front of my boxers. Then he said stop. Fingered me for a bit then said walk on. Despite being bursting we all know how hard it is to pee with a hard on haha.

A few mins later he said stop, gently pushed me to kneel before him and I was about to suck him off when he said “stop.” So I just sat there for a bit and then a spurt of pee hit my face, then a larger spurt came out and started to go over my t-shirt and soak it. He then said for me to pee a bit more and I squeezed little bit out. Now he wanted the bj for a bit then bent me over and started working on my ass for a while. Then he stopped, told me to pull my boxers up and walk on.

Our final stop was by a tree. By now he really needed to pee and so he gushed it all over my face and body. I was still bursting but was too hard to do much about it. Then I bent over and sort of wedged myself in a tree. Then he went on to really ruin my ass with the toys, dicks and fists. Not up to double fisting yet, but got some dp going with the dildo and his dick and he really stretched me out. The best part was where he had put the dildo in, and the worked his whole hand, flat, in as well. SO stretched out. Then as he pulled out quite sharply my bladder just released and I peed all over the boxers that were hanging round my ankles and couldn’t stop.

Then he blew his load over my ass. We cleaned up and he took me home 🙂

p.s If you like this type of story then I have a few more that have happened… or I can go back to just telling about my pee and poo exploits minus the ass stuff when they do happen…. comment and let me know 🙂

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