A different kind of fun (True story)

It was rather late when I finished dinner and decided to go and run myself a nice bath to relax in and unwind from the day’s stress. As I headed towards the bathroom, I also realized that I was slightly backed up; my last poop was two days ago, and the feeling of pressure in the lower part of my stomach was beginning to increase slowly but surely. Nobody was home, so I decided to take the opportunity to indulge in one of my secret fantasies – one that I’d had for a very long time but never had the courage to act out.

I ran the water and added a splash of rose-scented bath foam before turning the lights off, putting two candles on to enhance the atmosphere, and climbing in. I shut my eyes as the warmth of the water enfolded me, and at the same time I felt the pressure building up steadily. In response to it, I pushed gently, and a few small gas bubbles slipped out, and then my poop began to emerge very slowly. Oh, it felt so good! In a way, it felt wrong, because there I was, doing a big poo somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to be doing one, but that just added to the thrill. I kept on pushing until it eventually slid out, and then I stayed where I was for a few more moments, eyes closed, enjoying the relief of it. The water certainly didn’t smell like roses any more, but I didn’t mind that at all. My dream had been fulfilled…and now I had something to remember for a lifetime. I knew that someday I would try it again – now that I knew exactly how amazing it was, how could I not?

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  1. Several years ago I was at a motel up North and got the idea to shit my swim trunks in bed. I put down a few towels to prevent bleed-thru to the sheets and proceeded to poop . Afterwards, I beat my pork and after I came, I laid there over an hour enjoying the feeling. while drinking beer and watching TV. Oh, it felt awesome! Then I carefully (not to spill any poop out of my full trunks) went over to the bathtub and put nice warm water in it almost full. Then I got in the tub and as I sit in my poop, I was aroused once again and cranked off for the second time.. After I came again, I just stayed in the tub for hours enjoying the feeling. When the water would cool down, I’d let some out and add some hot water to bring it up nice and warm again. I stayed in there all night long and fell asleep about midnite but woke up every hour or so to add the hot water. It was most enjoyable and I loved every minute of it. Finally, about 6 AM, I got out of the brown water and pulled the plug to let the remains go down the drain. I still had plenty in my pants and when I got up most of it found its way out between my leg openings. I finally got all the poop down the drain then pulled the shower curtain across the tub an d showered for about a half hour cleaning myself and my trunks. Afterwards, I took the trunks to the local laundermat to dry so I could wear them right away again. Give this a try sometime, only next time put on a tight pr. of pants, underwear, swim wear etc. to poop in. I have been planning to buy a woman’s full one piece swim suit to poop in and see how well it holds it in. I believe this would be fine for the bathtub and all the poop would stay inside. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Yeh, your right Omor… It is hard to get the tub cleaned up and you and your pants too. One of the big problems is the drain won’t any large pieces of poop go down the drain. If you can remove the trap on top of the drain, all goes down very nicely without any problem. I only shit in the tub when I’m visiting away or the weather is to cold for outdoors. I like to go swimming in a lake, stream, or river and there I don’t have the clean-up problem. Usually when I poop in my trunks, most of it dissolves in the water after a short period of time then if any is still in my pants, I shake it all out with a few up and down motion of the pants in the water. Then I clean my pants in the same manner and this works fine. The total time of clean-up is probably less than 5 minutes with no mess, fuss, or bother! Easiest way I’ve found yet.

  3. Love this story! bathtub pees and poos are so much fun – so relaxing, so different, and so naughty!

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