A “Diamond” dilemma on the beach

Usually a beach lover, but feeling quite backed up from going on the third day now of not going to the bathroom, Jen wasn’t feeling too comfortable to squeeze in her lime
<br>green bikini and lay out in 90 degree weather…not only was the humidity going to be uncomfortable, but carrying around three days worth of the poor food choices Jen

indulged in, all piled up heavily in her rectum wasn’t exactly the most comfortable either.

Seizing the moment of her sisters going outside to put on tanning oil and knowing they were out of the bathroom, Jen tried to make an attempt to squeeze something…

anything out before putting on her suit.  She quickly made a move for the bathroom, with bikini in hand and closed the door.  Jen dropped her shorts, sat on the toilet, was

able to pee, but no urge came over her to poop…. even though her rectum was letting out a few quick quiet farts…. “c’mon.. when is this gonna come out?” Jen thought.

Giving up, Jen sighed and kicked her shorts and undies to the side, got up off the toilet and slipped her bikini bottoms on.  Jen checked herself out in the mirror… her ass of

course looked fabulous pressed very firmly up to cheeks, with some even ever so nicely falling out of her bikini.  She had the type of ass that you just wanted to see run and

bounce up and down more as the bikini crawled more and more up into her crack… Jen had just the right shaped ass where if she took more than a few walks, she would have

to stop and pick her wedge out…but knowing she has a nice butt, Jen normally doesn’t move around much at the beach and instead just lounged out, a lot of the times on her

stomach, so people can admire that ass of hers.  Her ass was not on her mind right now though…. Jen was looking in the mirror with a frown at her bloated stomach from not

being able to poop.

Starting to worry about being constipated, Jen went in the cabinet at the beach house and found a box of fiber bars… Jen opened the fridge, where a few water bottles were

stored.  “Fiber bars always make me have to go..” Jen thought…. and knowing her sisters were gonna be out on the boat, she planned on seizing the opportunity once the urge

came to go inside and let it all out without anyone having to know.  After downing the first one, Jen thought about it being 3 days… “I better eat one more…”

After eating two fiber bars and 1.5 bottles of water, Jen heads out to the beach.  About 40 mins go by and nothing…. Jen even got the urge to pee a few times, which she just

walked out to the water and peed when her waist was under water, hoping the water and pushing out of the peeing would stimulate her to have to go, but still nothing.

Frustrated, Jen returned back to her beach towel.  Another 30 min went by and a first sign came… Jen started to feel some rumbles in her lower abdomen.  The rumbles started

tingling their way down to her rectum. Looking around to see if anyone was in hearing distance, Jen sat down, slightly lifted her butt check and let out a muffled fart… this one

was different than the ones she was doing earlier…. it felt like the type of fart leading up to a big firm poop.  By the way her colon was rumbling, she knew the fiber bars more

than kicked in as she could now feel that an extremely large bulky poop was going to be ready soon.  “Oh man… maybe I should have only had one fiber bar” Jen thought. 

Not wanting to go to soon and have barely anything come out, Jen wanted to wait til she absolutely knew she had to go… so Jen sat on her beach towel, her butt firmly pressed

up against the sand and let out some muffled big farts.  She knew no one could hear them with the waves and the wind also took the smell away as soon as it came out.  Jen’s

colon was rumbling pretty good…. “I should probably go back to the beach house now” knowing by the time she walked over there, it’d be built up enough to comfortably

come out…

Just as Jen was turning her head to get up, her heart stopped and instant butterflies came to her stomach….  There she was walking towards her right now, “Diamond”.

“Diamond” of course being a nickname, is Jen’s favorite reason for going to the beach house.  Diamond was about a year older than Jen…  She was a hipster/surfer type lesbian

with gorgeous medium length hair blonde that gave her a cute little pony tail when she wore it up.  She had gorgeous blue eyes, white teeth, a lip ring that screamed “make out

with me” and a tongue ring that just the thought of it touching Jen’s lips during a kiss made her want t drop her panties and hop on Diamonds face…. and then of course,

Diamonds body.  Diamond, who also happens to be a semi-pro track athlete, specializing in pole vault and javelin, had a verrrrry cut and lean body.  Her torso had no body fat

on it, and her muscles, despite being very cut, still had a feminine appearance to them…. her stomach was a sexy display of chiseled abdominal, which of course the tribal

designed tattoos that ran up and down her sides and hips complimented.  And her skin, of course being an outdoors person, Diamond was very tan.  She was gorgeous, and

although Jen was normally straight, she had a bisexual crush on Diamond… a bad one.

Jen and Dimaond had a small history…. they met about a year about on Jen’s last visit at a beach bonfire….  after a few drinks, Jen got more flirty with Diamond as she obviously

 found Diamond really attractive.  Diamond, wasting no time, acted on the move and made her own move… bringing Jen in the woods where Diamond made out with her

heavily, feeling up Jens nice body and butt, and Diamond got as far as putting her hand down Jen’s tight skinny jeans and caressing her wet pussy through her panties… but being

cock-blocked by the other bon fire attendees and Jen’s family, Diamond never got to do more to Jen… evne though Jen wanted it so badly.  Jen and Diamond exchanged

numbers and randomly would exchange a few texts,… mainly late night drunken horny ones… Diamond, wanting to fuck Jen as bad as Jen wanted Diamond to fuck her,

wasted no time with building Jen up to this weekend visit with series of sexual texts telling Jen how she cant wait to feel her wet pussy again, with more than just her hands.  Jen

never finished a day dream about Diamond without having soaked panties and a throbbing pussy.  Jen wanted Diamond so bad…. but even above Diamond, Jen wanted

something else even more bad… a private bathroom to take a very big poop in.

Jen clenched in her farts the best she could, as she got up and her colon let out a sad sounding moan as if it even knew that this was bad timing.  Jen ran up to Diamond, and

Diamond being strong and somewhat of a meat head, lifted up Jen when she hugged her.  It was a good thing Diamond couldn’t see Jen’s mortified facial expression as she

unexpectedly squeezed as her, as Jen took every ounce of muscle energy to hold a large backed up fart in.

Jen brought Diamond over by her area on the beach with the towel…. weirdly enough, the beach cleared out, and it was only just Jen and Diamond there.  As Jen squatted

down to straighten out the towel and shake some sand off it, she realized this was not a very safe position to be in as squatting motion made Jen very aware of the really large

load of poop uncomfortably inside of her, ready to come out.  She squeezed her butt-checks again hoping the urge to poop would subside more.  Obviously, like any other

person, there has been occasions where Jen had to hold her poop in, and was fine doing so until reaching the toilet… but Jen also never ate 2 fiber bars back to back after not

pooping for 3 days and eating ALOT in those 3 days.  Even when Jen has one fiber bar, on a day where shes regular, just the one bar causes Jen to have a pretty good sized

dump… “what was I thinking taking two bars with 3 days of food?” Jen thought as her colon grumbled more to remind her of her poor decision.

Diamond had a skim board with her and wanted to teach Jen how to skim board… Jen obviously wanted to do it, knowing it meant Diamond would be touching her a lot, and

that could lead to a heavy make out session they left off at a year ago… but there’s no way Jen could ride a skim board, let alone go in the water, with how badly she had to

poop now.  Jen actually was having a hard time even standing up, as the colon rumbles were growing more and more, and each vibration of it felt like a close call between a

very loud muffled poop filled fart coming out.  But Jen was still able to hold them in… with a few grimaces that she tried to smirk off as difference faces as she watched

Diamond on the skim board.  The skim boarding looked fun and Jen was kind of bummed out she wasn’t out there, as she was afraid now that Diamond would be turned off at

how lame she is just sitting there on the beach while Diamond has all the fun on the skim board.  Jen smiled and got slightly turned on watching Diamonds hot tan body glisten in

the sun… but Jen couldn’t gaze and enjoy herself long as not much time passed between her colon desperately and violently rumbling as she holds not only her farts, but her huge

load of poop in.  Jen was daydreaming about being on the skim board and Diamonds hands on her hips…. or hopping off the board into Diamonds arms.,,, just as Jen was

fantasizing about being on top of Diamonds skim board, with Diamond behind her, with her hands on her hips, a painful and muffled fart uncontrollably slipped out of Jen and

into the beach towel… it was long and drawn out and Jen was really startled by it, as that was the first fart that slipped out, despite her control.  Her fantasy thought took a

disaster turn as Diamond then thought about what would have happened if she did decide to skim board with this really bad urge to poop… Jen sat there thinking mortified as the

 thought of her pooping her bikini in front of Diamond could have been a possibility… with how bad she has to poop, it still is a possibility.  Jen thought about if she was on the

skim board and then hoping out into Diamond arms as Diamond wrapped her arms around her waist and that triggering her to lose control of her load… Jen’s face was red just

thinking about that.  Being in Diamonds arms, and then having a wet loud long fart happen and filling up her bikini bottoms with poop all while Diamond is touching her.  Jen

was seriously mortified at just the thought and then out of nowhere, her thought gets interrupted by reality as Diamond makes her way back to the towel… the towel Jen just let

a large fart out into… Jen hopes it didn’t leave a lingering smell.

“you should have came out there” Diamond said… “I know…but then I couldn’t stare at your hot boy as much” Jen flirtingly said… Diamond smiled and Jen smiled back… and

like magnets, they leaned into each other and started kissing.  For a moment Jen wasn’t thinking about having to poop to bad, as a different feeling came over her… one she was

okay to let out… her pussy getting wet.  Diamond pushed Jen back on her back, which somewhat helped take pressure off the load temporarily.  Diamond leaned over Jens

body and continued to kiss her, her neck, and slide a hand up her bikini top and caress her nipples.  There started to appear a small damp spot ever so lightly over the area of

Jen’s bikini bottom that covered Jen’s pussy.

Diamond started to run her hands down Jen’s stomach as she nibbled on her ear lobe.  Jen was dripping wet, but so paranoid about a fart slipping out.   Diamond looked up

quick to confirm once more it was just them, and then put a small beach towel over Jen’s bikini bottom… “I just want to play it safe” Diamond jokingly whispered as the towel

covered up hand and fingers that were slipping down into Jen’s bottoms.   “I wish I could play it safe too” Jen thought in her head, wishing she could pause this moment and go

for a bathroom break… here is Jen’s #1 sexual fantasy girl about to give her mind blowing sex and all she could think about was instead of releasing a huge wet orgasm, that instead a huge load of poop was going to come out and fill her bikini instead.  The thought of pooping her bikini was mortifying… but Jen was already getting more

and more wet as Diamond’s hand crept more into Jen’s bikini bottom and caressed it’s way over her smooth shaved pussy…. “oh my god” Jen sensually whispered…. Diamond

put two fingers on Jen’s dripping wet pussy and pushed up and caressed her clit…. Jen clinched Diamonds sides and ran her nails down her tatted torso… “this feels soooo good”

Jen thought and said….  Diamond began running one of her fingers in a circular pattern around the outside of Jen’s dripping vagina.  Jen who was lightly moaning at this point

wanted nothing more than Diamond to deeply insert her fingers inside of her and wrap her nice cut arms around Jen’s hips and press her tongue ring up against Jen’s clit and

suck and fuck her so hard that she came multiple times… but Jen was also heavily distracted by how much she was clenching in not farting and hoping her colon didn’t decide to

do a huge noticeable uncontrollable rumble.  Just as Jen was almost at a loss of what to do, Diamond pulls up, gives Jen a horny smile, pulls her hand out and moves the towel out

of the way… “I just wanted to warm you up for later…”  Normally Jen would have been like WTF, and dragged Diamond into her beach house, making later happen right then

and there, especially with how wet and throbbing her pussy was… but Jen was actually very relieved.

Diamond got up and started walking towards the water…. “cmon… I KNOW you need a cold shower”  Diamond joked… Jen laughed and gave Diamond a horny look that

said you’re a jerk, but I want you to fuck me so bad…. but I also have to take a really huge dump.  Jen started walking towards the water, and she realized instantly that walking

wasn’t the best idea right now for her very full rectum, never mind swimming… almost uncontrollably, a muffled big fart slipped out of Jen’s butt. Horrified that Diamond heard

it, she started to walk back towards the beach towel….  “what are you doing??” Diamond asked… Jen thought fast… “umm I have to go let some meat thaw out of the freezer…,

 I forgot to do that before I came here” … “okay, whatever, you better not be ditching me” Diamond joked.

Walking fast to get out of complete sight of her grimace, colon rumbles, and uncontrollable farts at this point, Jen tried to walk as normally as she could without making it

obvious that she looked like she had to go to the bathroom, and bad.  Jen turned around to see Diamond actually swimming, and not paying attention to Jen at all, so she

started walking now more in a way that looked like she was squeezing hard to keep her load in.  The farts were not making it better… from holding them in for so long, they

built up and the ones that were coming out now were very large and drawn out and Jen was almost afraid to let them out fearing it would let a small turd out which would

undoubtedly break the levy and cause the rest of her 3 day load to follow and fill out her small bikini.

Like seeing the finishing line, Jen got to the back door of her beach house and sighed some relief… she actually had to stop and move her hips up and down a little as a small

attempt to hold her load in…. leaning over with her backpack, trying not to make too many steady moves… Jen fished around for her keys…. “dammit, where are they…” Jen desperately said while some quick farts escaped and now very deep and powerful grumbles vibrated through her lower abdomen. And

then like seeing a ghost, Jen remembered she left her lanyard on the beach towel… “ohhh no…not now!” Jen thought as more powerful farts slipped out…

Jen leaned over some as one fart she knew felt a little too powerful and cramped up… as it came out, it shot out a small wedge sized mass of turd.  Jen instantly panicked… the

wedge was between her butt checks… lightly brushing up her bikini… but not too soon after that the next fart that was gonna come out uncontrollably, had way more than a

wedge attached to it…

Not knowing how to move, Jen of course panicked and did probably the worst thing she could do and slightly squatted down over the deck ledge… the squat position caused

the fart to come out….and a large softball mound of poop followed… it came out fast with the fart, and this one wasn’t being squeezed between her butt cheeks… this mound

opened her up and stimulated more to come out… much more she knew was gonna follow… this was just the “levy’s breaking”

“oh no….” Jen whispered as the urge to poop was too great… almost uncontrollably her body pushed and a large bulky but soft turd slowly started pushing out of Jen’s butt and

continued to pile up on the wedge and softball sized mound that was already sitting on the bottom of her bikini.  Even though the beach was nearby, all Jen could hear was the

crackles and soft farts of her soft but heavy load filling up every inch of her tight green bikini bottoms…  a few dribbles of pee accompanied her inner thigh… but mainly it was all

just poop… and a lot of it.  It just wouldn’t stop… it was like the material of Jen’s bikini, plus the shape of her large ass was the correct proportions to let such a huge load fill out

her bikini without backing up the loading.   Jen was hoping the rather large softball size mound of poop that uncontrollably came out was the extent of her accident… but

the double dose of fiber bars to Jen’s dismay had other plans.  Jen exhaled a little in disbelief as more of the massive load came out continuing to add on the already big pile that

was in Jen’s bikini. This part of the load was soft and just continued to fill up and push out the bottom of her bikinis.  The crackles were more soft and muffled sounding as this

part of Jen’s load came out in a more slower fashion…. “oh my god, this is so much poop” Jen thought, as the load, although coming out slow at this point, was still never

ending seeming as it softly just filled out any space it could fit itself in, causing the bulge in Jen’s bikini to continue growing with every crackle. Finally one last push of relief and

Jen felt a breeze on her ass crack.  That was by far the largest poop Jen has ever taken in her life… and instead of sitting in a toilet as an admirable long huge turd you almost

want to take a photo of…. it all sat softly, like a work of art, fully loaded and unbelievably not busting out the seams of Jen’s little bikini bottom.

Shaking and not believing what happened…. Jen put her hand behind her and felt on her lower back where her ass crack was now exposed…. the reason of course being that the

load was so massive and thick, it started to pull down her bikini.  Almost in denial and complete shock, Jen ran her fingers down her tight butt and bikini that clung close to it,

hoping it was just a dream and that if she continued to run them down further, all she will feel is the curves on her butt, and then  the back of her thighs… her fingers going

down lower… and nope… it wasn’t just a dream… Jen ran her fingers down the start of her bikini bottoms.  Her finger first went over the tight part of her bikini

that was just air between the separation of her bottoms touching her and the load pulling it down… she pushed her finger forward to see how much space there as between her

bikini and her butt… there was quite a bit, and Jen almost was scared to see how much poop was actually weighing down her filled bikini bottom.  Jen took a deep breathe and

ran her fingers down more and felt the top of the load.   From top to the bottom of the mass, Jen couldn’t believe how far it went down… the load pushed out more and was

more massive the further her fingers went down,  She could feel the outline of the wedge and softball sized mound, which was more firm on the outside of her bikini…. it made

ridges and held its shape more than the mountain of soft poop that filled out the rest of her bikini… its almost appears the the more firm size mound acted as a shell to keep all

the soft poop nicely in her bikini instead of falling out.   Jen could noticeably feel the texture difference too as even with minimal moving, her butt kept making little mushy crackle

noises as the massive load of softer poop sat loaded at the bottom of her bikini, pressed up against her butt.  Wanting to feel with more than just one finger, she then spread her

fingers out, and put a palm on the lumpy mass.  It felt warm and nice… it reminded her of when she was younger and had chicken pox and her mother would fill a sock with

oatmeal in the bath for her… except the sock was her bikini bottom and the warm oatmeal was instead a very large load of poop.  Jen actually really liked the feeling of the load

pressed up against her… especially in her tight bikini bottoms… the bottoms allowed nothing to fall out and her entire load stayed firmly and nicely piled up in her bottoms.  “This

is weird… I’m actually a little turned on”.  Jen then remembered a spare key being under the mat…  Jen weirdly was kind of happy she didn’t remember the key was there… she

squatted down to get the key and felt the load press up more against her butt as she squatted down.  Jen unlocked the door and went inside and instantly went to the first full

length mirror she could find to admire her backside.  When Jen turned around in the bathroom and saw the end result of her bikini poop, all she could do was marvel and just

stare for a good 5 minutes… turning in various different angles… touching it several times.  Jen knew her bikini was now ruined and there’s no way no one could find out about

this…. so after about a half hour just walking around the beach house with her load in her bikini, Jen ran the shower, got a plastic bag and took off her bikini bottom very

carefully and retired the load in tied up bag as she cleaned up in the shower.  Jen used half a bottle of body wash in paranoia that her butt was going to smell like poop no

matter how much she scrubbed, but then begin to accept that she might just be overly paranoid.

After the shower, Jen got rid of the plastic bag and in a paranoid matter sprayed down the kitchen several times with air fresheners… and then Jen remembered…. “oh my god…

Diamond!!… and my stuff!”

How was Jen going to explain to Diamond, who had been abandoned for over an hour now, that she just randomly decided to shower or change into a new bikini without

looking mysterious…. but then Jen had a different idea…

Diamond by this point, was just outside skim boarding and waiting for Jen to get back… she had been gone for over an hour now, but Diamond, being polite, and well horny,

cuz she wanted to fuck Jen, decided to wait it out and at least stay so no one took Jen’s stuff.  “What is this????” Diamond expresses as she sees Jen walking towards her in a a cute

tank top and little skirt….  “I got distracted when I got back and wanted to tease you the way teased me early… so I changed into this” Jen walked up and wrapped her arms

around Diamonds lean torso and went up on her toes to kiss her.  “if you weren’t so cute and sexy, I’d be more pissed…but I guess I forgive you”.  Jen and Diamond begin to kiss

a little more and soon it gets pretty heavy… Diamond has her hands gripped under Jen’s tank top and grazing the top of her skirt… “Damn you smell so good right now”

Diamond says… and then runs her fingers and hands across Jen’s nice ass, the same ass that had a load of poop pressed up against it an hour ago, and squeezes… “and this ass, it’s

just so nice” … “aww, your so sweet!”  Diamond moves their make out to a bench behind them and sits down, and Jen straddles Diamonds knee with her skirt covering her now

soaked panties that was noticeably on Diamonds bare skin…. “I want you to fuck me so hard” Jen whispers in Diamonds ear… Jen who is already turned on by what happened

earlier is more than ready to go… “I think I can handle that” Diamond smirks… and off Diamond and Jen went to have hours of dripping wet sex.

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