A Dentist’s Appointment IV

Frank was just a little nervous seeing Paul again realizing how they had met. He also squirmed with embarrassment when he thought about his date’s request. “you are not allowed to shit again until you see me”… that was not exactly an issue as he had emptied himself so thoroughly yesterday. He had to put the pants in the trash and showered for half an hour to make sure he was all clean. Now he was dressed up in black slacks and a grey shirt heading towards the bar they would meet at.
He spotted Paul and stopped to stare a little….yeah his date looked stunning. A dark blonde stubble on his cheeks and with a shirt that matched his blue eyes.
Seeing Frank come along he started to smile and meet him half way.
They kissed, found their table and started talking. within the normal conversation Paul suddenly stopped asking: “how was it for you yesterday? the part at home?”
“um … not sure …good I guess cause you know I …umm” Frank looked around him but no one listened and whispered “came hard”
Paul grinned devilishly “did you do what I asked you to do for me today ” Frank nodded “but there’s no need to go again soon” was that disappointment in Paul’s eyes?
They ate a fantastic meal and shared a dessert. Frank paid and ignored Paul’s protests as he knew he had way more money than Frank and they took a walk in the nightly streets.
The air was warm and Paul even took Franks hand.
“Frank?” “Hu?” “I like you” Frank smiled stopped and took a kiss. “I like you too”

They walked on in silence.Three blocks. Then Paul asked”do you have to go yet?” Frank was stunned how casual Paul asked. “not urgent yet” Frank murmured.
Paul dragged him into a quiet side street where they were alone with some trash cans and maybe some rats.
He moved Frank towards the wall and started to kiss him. pressing his body into Frank’s.
Hmmm yes. Franks brain just shorted out. Paul was a great kisser and he knew how to rub his body all over him. Frank didn’t even notice Paul held his hands over his head. Paul was about 2 inches taller so he was a little in advantage here. “turn around please” Paul’s hoarse voice made him shiver…. and obey.
Paul stripped down his pants and instead of removing the underwear next he began to rub his now naked cock against the back of Franks tighty whities. “yes this feels good .. want to do that forever” he groaned “yeah” Frank breathed trying to grip Paul’s dick between his cheeks. “oh baby you are so hot against this wall in you undies… now shit them!” Frank froze. “what?” .. “I want your hot shit oozing out of your undies when I squeezed my dick against your back.”
“can’t ….won’t … I .. that was an accident!” Frank started to feel angry and hurt. Paul stopped. “I know but as we had a lot of fun yesterday I figured we try once more but without the phone.” Frank took a deep breath, tried to relax and whispered” I think you owe me some clothes then” Paul’s moan was deep and he started to move again against Frank’s back.
“Now baby spread the legs a little a let go” “not sure I can” Paul leaned back a little giving Frank more room. Frank moved his ass back some more and pushed. He felt his bowels move and realized the second he did how full he was. He felt how hot Paul’s dick was as his hole bloomed. “yeah I can feel this” Paul sound ecstatic.
The log that was pushed out Franks asshole was big. He grunted. His prostate was sending tingly waves through his belly. He pushed some more moving the turd against Paul’s dick.” Fuck Frank I need to move now!” Paul squished the shit with his dick. That was not that easy as it was not that soft but it felt wonderful when he did. Paul’s moves got faster pressing the poop in Franks crack. Spreading the hotness over his as. Paul shuddered bit into Franks shoulder to muffle the cry and came…onto his ass… his shit-sticky, underwear covered ass. Frank waited one moment to let him recover then tried to move his hand out of Paul’s grip to stroke himself off. But Paul didn’t budge. he just turned him around pressing his shitty ass back into the wall. “my job… leave your hands where they are” with that he dropped to his knees moved the front of Franks undies down and swallowed his dick. all in one fluid motion.
“fuuuuuuuuck” Frank was so overwhelmed he came immediately. Shooting hot sperm into Paul’s mouth and still taking a shit while cumming hard.
He was so glad he had a wall behind him as his legs seemed to be jelly and his spine felt like liquid metal. his hips twitched some more and he could fill his lungs again with air.
“wow…that” “yeah” they snickered… Paul came up giving him a peck on the lips and pushing his pants back up.
“god that feels…” “good?” Paul asked grinning.
Frank padded the shit a little with one hand and grinned back “yeah”

“Then lets go home and play a little”

….to be continued?…..

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