a dentist’s appointment III

Frank blushed … what was he supposed to text back to this?
But his mobile beeped again “come on try it!”
Frank waddled towards the rim of the tub and lowered himself gingerly onto it. He groaned. The mushy mass in his pants moved further up his crack and his ball got pressed upwards.
“good?” his mobile beeped.
“yeah… just cold” Frank wrote reluctantly.
“pee for me” “what?”
“come on let go… your pants are ruined anyway”
Frank tried to relax. Soon he felt a little wet trickle seep into the mess he made earlier. His pee warmed up his shit and his underwear and began to show on his legs darkening the fabric of his pants.
“you doing it honey?” “mhmmm” Frank brain felt a little dizzy from all the sensations so his text were as incoherent. Damn it really felt awesome. He began to rock back and forth listening to the smudgy sounds and enjoying the feelings.
His mobile beeped again but he was too far gone to bother so he reached for his groin instead of the phone. His hard dick was embedded in the hot muddy mess and he began to squeeze.
His phone rang. Paul. “hu?”
“you are doing it are you?… damn I would love to be there rubbing my cock against your messy ass instead of rubbing myself in the x-ray room.” Frank groaned. “yes let me hear it… do you sit in it ? peed your mess? wiggle your ass for me baby! how does it feel” “Close” was all Frank could mutter before he shot another big load in his pants.”fuck fuck fuck…. fuuuuck” Frank could hear some suppressed moans and panting. He himself felt so dizzy he had to grab the sink with his free hand. “Frank? how about a date tomorrow night” “yeah… ok”…. “great… and hey Frank… you are not allowed to shit again until you see me… I want you all for myself”

… to be continued?….

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