A day worth of poop

Today I had some fun. I knew in the morning I would have some time for myself today afternoon, and decided to be a bit naughty. I skipped my morning poop when I got up, to save that for later.
During the day I had to go to the Uni, where I was from 8:30 to 12:45. I had some hard time there, as all my poop wanted to desperately come out. I am not used to holding my morning poop all day, and it was difficult for me. I also had a morning coffee, and it did not help holding it either.
During my first period in school I had some havy gas, some of it I let out, some not. It was not that bad at all, I was completely under control, though I bit uncomfortable.
On my second period I had to write a test. It was 1,5 half hours long, with no leaving the room with any excuses. I did not know about it in the morning, but it just made it better.
I started writing my test and was fine during the first 45 mins. But after that the slight discomfort turned into an emergency situation. I had really bad cramps, and actually I could not stop two really wet sharts, I felt my underwear become moist with my shit and my dick hard with excitement. I could hardly concentrate on my test. The big turd in my ass was turtle heading, and I was not sure if I could hold it through the test.
Minutes went extremely slowly, and in the last 2 mins I was sure I am going to shit myself right there.
Somehow I managed it through the test and got in my car to left. On my way home I had some more wet sharts. I had such a boner…
As I arrived home, I took out my video recorder, stripped down to my underwear and got on my bed. That was the moment I’ve been waiting for all day. It was sooo great to finally let it go. I could not stop myself from masturbating (not as if I wanted to… 😀 )

If you are intereted in the results, check out my vids… 😉

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