A Day Out With Michael and Oliver

(( Gay, Daddy kink, diaper, spankings, scat, etc.))
Things were an average day for our boy Oliver, a 21 year old cutie. Short thin build, very much like a twink, his soft auburn hair and his hazel eyes never seemed so perfect. But on thing was certain, he was a rather naughty boy when his daddy, Michael wasn’t home or mad at him. Now Michael is a big man, he’s strong, handsome, and caring so to say. He was a fine daddy indeed to his little Oliver. The only thing he despised was when his baby boy would purposely mess his big boy undies.
Some nights Oliver would sneak off and head to the kitchen of their shared housing complex, and he’d drink some prune juice just before bed or drink some when he knew his daddy was busy. When the juice would kick in Oliver would mess his undies, filling them, completely destroying them with soft creamy poop. He’d run to Michael and say he had an accident but if he’s mad at him, he’d go to him with a stinky bottom and sit on his daddy’s lap.

Now though, our story begins with Oliver, who is out shopping with his daddy being well padded it was clear to see someone was in a diaper.
“C’mon Ollie, we need to get some noodles.” Michael told the man who he walked having a hand on his padded bottom and held a basket of their things.
Oliver wasn’t feeling the best, his stomach was cramping pretty bad as if he was spiked with laxatives, which wouldn’t be much of a surprise since that happened every now and then. He felt that his bowels were just about to give out and he whimpered softly.
“Daddy my tummy hurts.” He whispered to the male who just brushed it off and he took his hand making him walk on. “Oh whatever babe, you’re fine. Plus if you’re a good boy and not make a mess, daddy has a present for you.” He whispered smiling to his lover. Now they both have this daddy kink but they’re casual with it, so comfortable with it they talk in public like it.

The stomach cramps were far from comfortable, small whimpers left Oliver and he fidgeted around and cautiously let out a few farts in order to help ease up his stomach, whenever he did fart it was kind of clear that he did it since Michael would cough or make a face to his lover. It wasn’t long since they finished up shopping and was about to head to the self check out. Michael told Oliver to stay where he was and not even let out a few farts. The young man was groaning at the stomach cramps and soon was holding his stomach, while Michael was going so damn slow to pay for the things.
Oliver clenched his cheeks together as tight as he could, he tried shifting and distracting himself from his aching tummy but nothing. Out of habit and instinct he held his stomach and squatted a bit, almost instantly his diaper filled with a hot, soft, creamy poo, that its smell was obvious. Oliver was beyond humiliated for filling his diaper in such a public place, a dark blush spread across his face. Michael simply looked to him and tsked, “Such a naughty boy you are, aren’t you Ollie-pop?” He spoke in a tone that Oliver knew a little too well.

Michael was suddenly fast to pay for things and he held the bag of groceries and he went to Oliver smacking his bottom lightly to get him to move. Oliver shivered at the sudden feeling of the poo being spread across his cheeks and he bit his lip hard walking out. Oliver only wanted to get to the car and hide his embarrassment. As soon as the couple reached the car, Michael refused to unlock the door for the poor boy who started whining. “Oliver. Good boys don’t whine. Do you remember what naughty boys get for whining?” The larger male asked in a tone that sounded like he wasn’t going to be able to get out of this one. Oliver remained silent and he only started to fidget feeling uncomfortable in such a messy diaper. The poo inside the padding was caked to his round bottom, and actually made it’s way to the front.
“Can you change me?” Oliver asked in a sweet shy voice since he was forced into his submissive side once he was allowed in the car the couple sat in the car the wretched stench of Oliver’s diaper was stronger in the car, but soon after a quiet hissing could be heard and this let Michael know he was wetting the soiled diaper.
“I might, once we get home… Take off your pants and sit on them.” The man instructed as he was soon driving back to their house, but Oliver did as instructed removing his pants and sat on them revealing a pretty destroyed diaper.

The car ride was long and Oliver was stuck sitting in his own mess of a diaper. Once they got home Michael took the pants and groceries and headed to the door only to embarrass Oliver further by taking his time when Oliver as in desperate need for a change. Once inside the house, the couple put things away but when Oliver wasn’t expecting it, he was pulled over across his daddys lap, and felt a hard slap to his bottom even through the thick padding and poo. The spank made the poo inside spread and Oliver flinched as the spankings went on, Oliver had to keep count of each one.
As soon as the spankings were over with, Michael told Oliver to get on his hands and knees and to crawl to the changing room, the bigger male walked behind him and he padded his lovers bottom ever now and then as encouragement for that diaper change.

The changing room was fairly small, tons of toys, diaper, and other things in there for a little. Michael laid Oliver down on the changing table and he undid the tabs.
“What a big mess this is, covered front to back.” Michael chuckled as he started to clean up the boy after removing the diaper and set it aside for now. Michael made sure that every part of Oliver was all cleans up, he was pretty amazed with how messy he got. Oliver was feeling much better and he soon spoke up, “I’ll be good and have my big boy undies please.” He smiled and Michael smirked, “Then you’ll have to eat that diaper clean for your big boy underwear. You have 15 minutes.” The man told his lover who was hesitant..

What will Oliver do, will he eat the poo for his undies or be back in a diaper?
((Might continue or might not and let people think up their own theories.))

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  1. I think he should get on all fours with a dildo in him and bend over and lap at the poop like a good doggy boy

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