A day on the lake, and a new way to poop in public

What a day!


I went on a fishing trip with a group of friends, and it was originally scheduled to be a guys only day, but as always happens 2 guys decided to bring their girlfriends, and the girlfriends assumed they would get bored, so they each brought a friend. Anyway, so the group consisted of 4 guys and 4 girls all in our mid to late 20’s. The day started out great, the fish were biting constantly, and the weather was pleasant. The lay out if the area is this: a large pond with trees surrounding three sides, and it is mostly deserted until high summer. Now, when it is just our usual group of guys we just step to a tree and pee when the urge strikes. For that matter we do the same if a random urge to shit occurs, we just walk farther from the group. The issue became the fact that the girls claimed the most secluded area to set up blankets to read and relax. A couple of hours in, my closest friend in the group informed me that he needed to take a serious piss, I was feeling full as well, so I told him to follow me. We headed to my truck which was parked about 75 yards away. Neither of us were with the girls that came, so we wanted to be certain to be away from them. We got to the truck, and I told him we could stand back at the tail gate and piss without anyone noticing. I took one side and he the other, I wasn’t desperate so I casually undid my belt and opened my pants and began to pee on the ground. I glanced at him and noticed he seemed to be in a hurry to get his pants open. He unbuttoned and rapidly flipped his cock over his waistband before spraying piss all over the place. I laughed a bit, and he got very embarrassed. I finished and stepped away to wait for him, he continued for about a minute before he joined me.

As the day continued the girls made an announcement, they announced that they were all going for a wee, so the guys should stay by the pound until further notice. We all had a laugh, and their boyfriends intended to follow, but were sent back as well. While they were gone one of the guys took the chance to take piss against a tree. About an hour went by, and everyone was sitting around fishing, reading, and just chatting. I suddenly got hit with stomach cramps. I ignored them for a while, but soon I could feel a wet load right against me ass needing to come out. I left and walked to the truck again. I knew I had no option in the wooded area. I didn’t really want to shit behind the truck, as people were going back there to piss, and to get drinks from coolers etc… I was beginning to worry I would shit my pants, when genius struck. I climbed into the truck bed, and sat on a spare tire. The tire has a rim with a perfect hole in the center for my plans. I eased my shorts down just enough, and proceed to give a slight push. A rush of soft shit comes out and easily falls through the hole. Luckily it all came out in one push, I wiped with a bit of tissue from my pocket, and went back to enjoy fishing. The day was winding down when the same friend I’d pissed with earlier began acting strange. He was quiet and had a pained expression. I asked if he was okay and he told me, “I’m embarrassed, but I think I gotta take a shit soon.” I asked if he were in pain, and he said he was having cramps. I told him to follow me to the truck. When we got there he was clenching pretty tight, and said “I don’t think I can do this man, I don’t feel comfortable being seen.” I showed him the tire, and explained what I did. I assured him no one would notice, and that I was going to leave as well. He reluctantly mounted the truck, and I walked back to the group telling them that we was looking for his pocket knife. He was back within 10 minutes, and everyone began packing up. I told the group I was going to hit the car wash before meeting up for drinks, and the friend said he would do the same with his vehicle. We met there and he helped me move the tire and hose down the bed. Now it is as though nothing happened, and I discovered a fun new way to shit in public in an emergency!

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