A Day at the Pool

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“Damn it come on,” Hailey muttered, struggling to put her bikini top on properly, “Why is this giving me so much trouble all of a sudden?”
Hailey was a curvaceous young woman with rather large breasts, although she considered them more of a curse since they attracted the usual perverts. Nevertheless, she had the capacity to ignore the terrible pick-up lines she usually got and if needed, she could chase them off her. As she continued to struggle, there was a knock on her door.
“Come in,” Hailey said biting her lip.
The door opened and in walked her sister Brooke wearing a simple top and a flowy skirt. Like Hailey, she also had a curvy figure although her breasts were smaller. Brooke is a lot more innocent than her sister and has been the target of other males, but she can chase them away if needed.
“Are you ready to go?” Brooke asked.
“Just about,” Hailey replied, “Can you help me here? This damn thing is giving me problems today,”
“Alright,” Brooke agreed, she went over and tied Hailey’s bikini top on properly, “There you go,”
“Thank you,” Hailey said putting her usual white tank top on.
The two left Hailey’s room and headed downstairs.
“Heey, where are you two going?” Icarus asked. Icarus was Hailey’s boyfriend, he was a bit of a jerk to others but Hailey keeps him in line.
“I told you yesterday that we’re going swimming,” Hailey replied.
“You are? Oh…well…have fun then,” he said lying down on the couch.
“Not even a good bye?” Hailey asked jokingly.
“Good bye,” Icarus replied.
Hailey and Brooke left the house with their bags and began walking down the street towards the pool.
“Is it going to be empty there?” Brooke asked.
“Uh there might be a few people there today,” Hailey replied.
They chatted back and forth for a few minutes before they arrived at the pool. They entered the building and went up to the front desk.
“Hello,” the receptionist greeted looking at them, “Ah, hello again you two, go right in,”
Hailey and Brooke nodded and headed towards the change room.
“Yeah there are a few people here today,” Hailey said looking in the pool area.
They entered the change room and began removing their clothes which was covering their swimsuits underneath. Hailey was wearing a simple plain white bikini while Brooke sported a pink and white striped bikini. They put their clothing in a locker and headed to the showers.

After their shower, they entered the swimming area, the smell of chlorine ever present.
“Alright,” Brooke said looking around, “What are we going to do?”
“Swim of course,” Hailey replied entering the water.
Brooke followed her in and the two began doing laps shortly after. After a few laps Brooke stopped swimming.
“Hailey!” Brooke shouted.
Hailey stopped swimming and turned around.
“I’m just going to sit on the ledge for a bit, do you want me to time you?” Brooke asked.
“Go for it,” Hailey replied continuing her swim.
Brooke watched Hailey as she went from one side to the other, watching her beat her best times and fall short on other laps. Hailey resurfaced nearby.
“How am I doing?” She asked, wiping the excess water from her eyes.
“You’re doing great, I’ll be right back I just have to use the washroom,” Brooke answered standing up.
Hailey nodded and went back underwater. Brooke made her way around the edge of the water towards the change room. Although her demeanor with Hailey was calm, how she felt on the inside was a different story. Brooke entered the change room and her expression changed from calm to desperate as her abdomen let out a low growl.
“Where is the bathroom?” Brooke thought to herself.
She walked around the change room, taking smaller steps to reduce the risk of slipping. Her bowels growled once more as she walked around. Brooke, not wanting to mess up her bikini, put one hand on her bottom, trying to prevent herself from pooping. The urge to go was great and still building, the contents of her bowels ready to come out, in her bikini bottoms or a toilet. Brooke found the bathroom stalls and immediately went over to them, although to her dismay, both stalls were occupied. She stood up against the wall, determined not to poop her bikini, she placed both hands on her bottom to try and prevent an accident. She could feel the tip of her poop beginning to come out, she clenched her bottom together and managed to halt it, but the pressure was becoming too much. After what felt like minutes, one of the stalls were now free, Brooke wasted no time and went in. She shut and locked the stall door, and went over to the toilet, but before she could turn around and pull her bikini down, it happened. The pressure simply became too much for her bottom to handle, and Brooke involuntarily began pushing. A somewhat firm section of poop entered her striped bikini bottoms, tenting them out a bit; it sat nicely in her bottoms. Once the few inches of poop was expelled, Brooke began pushing out a softer, shapeless mass of poop which began filling her bikini quickly, she also began to wet her drying bikini, her pee ran down her legs and started forming a puddle around her feet.
“No,” Brooke said quietly.
“Are you okay?” The woman in the next stall asked.
“I-yeah I’m okay,” Brooke replied, trying to mask the soft crackling noises her poop was making as it entered and settled in her bikini.
Brooke pushed the last bit of poop out, and let out a few farts, which were muffled by the thick pad of poop. She heard the other woman leave, and then began to cry quietly.
“Brooke?” A voice called out.
Brooke looked up, she knew it was Hailey, but she didn’t want her to see her like this.
“Brooke are you still here?” Hailey asked, “Are you coming back out to the pool?”
Brooke cleared her throat, “Uh…no,”
“There you are,” Hailey said going over to her stall, “Why don’t you want to come back out?”
Brooke debated on whether or not to just show Hailey what happened; at the very least she knew Hailey wouldn’t judge her, not too harshly anyway.
“Um…it’s kind of…” Brooke trailed off.
“Kind of…? Brooke what’s wrong?” She asked.
Brooke sighed and opened her stall door.
“This is what’s wrong,” Brooke answered.
Hailey looked her over, “I don’t see anything wrong,”
Brooke closed her eyes and slowly turned around to show Hailey her bikini.
“Oh my god…” Hailey said wide-eyed.
“I-I almost made it and then…well…” Brooke said turning back around.
“Aw, don’t worry Brooke, this kind of thing happens all the time, you’re not the first and you definitely won’t be the last,” Hailey replied, trying to make her feel better.
“Really?” Brooke asked.
“Oh yeah totally,” Hailey answered, “Come on, we’re done here then, you can clean yourself up then we’ll go home,”
Brooke nodded, “Can you get my clothes then?”
“For sure,” Hailey said heading back to the locker.
She returned with her clothes and gave them to her.
“Thanks,” Brooke said.
“I’ll meet you out there when you’re done okay?” Hailey replied.
Brooke nodded and shut the stall door.

Afterwards, Brooke walked out and met Hailey near the front.
“Ready?” Hailey asked.
Brooke nodded and they both left the building.
“Did you manage to clean your bikini out?” Hailey questioned.
Brooke smiled, “Yeah, I’ll be able to clean them out properly when we get back home,”
A slight gust of wind blew Brooke’s skirt up, which revealed unbeknownst to Hailey, that she was still wearing her bikini bottoms, and that the poop inside was left untouched.
“When we get home, they’ll be cleaned out properly,” Brooke said quietly, covering her bikini again with a slight smile.


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