A day at the beach…

Earlier in the year I was on holiday, and on one of those days I went to the beach to relax, swim, suntan and just enjoy myself outside in nature.

After about an hour I started getting that unmistakable feeling in the lower part of my gut that told me that I needed to find a bathroom without delay. This was no surprise as I hadn’t been for three days, so I looked around to see if I could see any facilities anywhere. Lo and behold, nothing, so I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. If I attempted to make the journey to the closest bathroom, I probably would have an accident, but the only alternative was to go on the beach, which didn’t appeal to me because of the possibility of being seen.

Five minutes later, however, I knew that I had no option but to walk behind a secluded sand dune – which, fortuitously, was protected from view by reeds and plants – and pull down my shorts and bikini bottoms and let go.

This was a massive dump – it was three days worth of food, and I’d eaten a lot during that time. It was long and fat and seemed to keep on coming; it inched out bit by bit under the steady pressure I was applying. Finally it was all out, and I remained where I was to catch my breath for a moment.

I then stood up and left quite quickly, lest someone notice what I’d been doing. I hoped that nobody would see the big brown surprise that I’d left behind – I was thankful that it wasn’t really all that smelly because of the breeze – but at least the beach was relatively quiet, so there was less risk of being caught.

I’d do that again right now if I could…

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  1. awesome story would love to have walked by 🙂

  2. Well, you wasted a nice big championship load that could have gone into your pants. I shit my pants often at the beach and have lots of fun and excitement doing it. If your interested in doing it, go out in the water about waste deep and get away from all other people. Either shit it out all at once or take your time and slowly shit your swim trunks or pants. I have to masturbate after I shit in my swim trunks to fully enjoy the feeling. Sometimes I prolong the feeling by getting to the “boiling point” then let it cool down a bit. I may do this for 5 or 6 times but then I’ll just go ahead and let the cum out.. Once I cum, I’m usually ready to empty my pants and get out of the water. Sometimes though, I’ll still play around with my pants full of shit and might even try to masturbate and cum again. I do not dump my pants into the water when I am all done because there could be big pieces of poop floating in the water. To conceal all suspicion, I take my right hand on the outside of my trunks and lightly push and rub the poop until it dissolves thru the trunks or pants. This might take about 10 minutes and afterwards there will be several harder pieces that did not dissolve. With these, I take my pointer finger and my thumb on the outside of my pants and pinch the poop inside. This breaks up the rest of it and causes it to dissolve. After it is all dissolved, I pull my trunks up and down vigorously in the water about 5 to 10 times to shake out any poop still inside. I make sure all poop is clean from around my ass, nuts and dick as well. This cleans my pants out completely and I will wear the pants (swim trunks) the rest of the day. This method has worked for me over the last 20 to 40 years with the latterly thousands of poops I’ve taken at the beach, rivers, lakes and streams. No one has ever been the wiser and I have even had people swim and walk near me that have no clue my pants are full of poop. I held a conversation with a young teenage girl for about 20 minutes without her ever knowing I had loaded my pants. I was, however, caught by a couple in their canoe as they came up quietly behind me as I never heard them and I’m pretty sure they saw me wanking off. I didn’t give a fuck anyway because I just wanted to cum and enjoy my load of poop. But try it next time. I’ll guarantee you’ll be turned on and you won’t have to find a sand dune, bush or any other obstacle to hide behind. Happy poopin’

  3. Great story. I wish I’d seen you. I’ve dumped a few times at a beach near me. The toilets are a long way off, 20 minutes walk, and from the piles of turds and paper back where the trees are, other people have had the same idea too.

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