A couples fantasy.

A Fantasy.

My husband and I were playing video games together as we often do. We were immersed in a cooperative battle when he let out an audible fart. He was laying on him stomach on the couch and I was on another couch reclining. I pretended not to notice and seconds later smelled the unmistakable smell. It was the kind of fart that meant he had to poop. I was excited. 
A few moments later he farted again, but louder and this time he grabbed his butt, laughed and said “sorry.” He was wearing tight light green boxers and a black tshirt. 
I said, “do you need to go to bathroom?”
And he said, “after this battle, we are almost done!”

But for some reason, it was taking forever to come to a stopping place, then I died in the game, leaving only him to play. I watched his ass intently as he squirmed slightly, sometimes grabbing at his butt for a quick moment. A couple more soft farts slipped out, I could smell how badly he needed to poop. 

Suddenly, I saw a small bump poke forward into the seat of his pants, and quickly get drawn back inside his body. “Oh shit he said!” Clutching his ass cheeks. He paused the game. ” I better go to the bathroom “

“Wait!” I said excitedly. “Just let it go in your pants!”
He knows about my fetish, but he laughed and said, “no way!” But then paused, still lying on his stomach with his hands tightly gripping his butt cheeks, he said, “are you sure?” 
“Yes, let me see you fill them” I said, very aroused.
 He hesitated and laughed nervously and said, “I really can’t hold it anymore. It might be really big and gross!”
” let it out for me, let me see. ” I said longingly. 
He let go of his ass revealing a small lump of poop that had already escaped. He lifted his ass in the air slightly and made a slight grunt, like “hrmm”. Immediately I saw a bulge forming in his pants. It quickly, but not too quickly, flowed into the seat of his underwear making wonderful crackling and popping sounds and little gassy hisses as farts escaped simultaneously. My pussy was aching, throbbing, getting slick and wet. 
Suddenly he stopped pushing and said, ” oh my god, what am i doing!” and reached back and briefly felt the tennis ball sized lump he’d made. He looked at me. I had my hands on my crotch, lightly massaging it. 
“Mmm looks so hot!” I said.
” there’s so much more,” he said, “do you want me to keep going?”
“Yes! ” i gasped eagerly. He laid flat on his stomach now, the lump nestling betwee his cheeks, and began to push again. This time the shit came out much faster and louder The bulge growing twice the size in seconds accompanied by crackling and farting. Pfft, thhhbt, p-p-pth. After he finished exploding in his shorts he exhaled deeply. He squeezed his ass checks together making the bulge stick out even more in a large mound of lumpy poop. Then he opened his legs slightly, the weight of the poop causing it to sink slowly down between them toward his balls. A hint of brown could be seen through the fabric. He reached back and lightly touched his load saying, ” holy shit”
At this point, power of suggestion was getting to me, and I felt the need to poop also. But I put it aside and waked over to him, laying on his stomach on the couch, and ever so softly rested my hand on the hot semi soft load in his shorts. He moaned slightly, looking uncomfortable, but turned on. 
“Mmm, feels so perfect.” I said pressing on it slightly. ” Do you like it?” I said. He nodded. “Is it turning you on to have pants full of hot poop?” He nodded again. He lifted his butt up, pressing it against my palm. “Ooh,” I moaned, ” are you hard?” I slide my other hand under him to feel his cock. Sure enough it was as erect as possible, but also the front of his boxers were warm and wet. 
” I guess I peed a little while I pushed out the shit.” He said. I rubbed his hard cock through the wet fabric as he gently humped my hand. My other hand still gently squashing his load over his ass coaxing it down toward his balls. I got down closer to him.
” Do you want to see me do the same sometime?” I whispered. 
“Ooh yes,” he sighed. 
” how about now? “I asked letting go of him and undoing my jeans. He sat up slightly, wide eyed. I took off my jeans completely and turned around, my ass closer to his face. The crotch of my silky light purple panties damp from my arousal. I bent over slightly and began to push. After a few tries to get things going, a nice firm poop began to slide steadily into my panties curling as it hit the fabric, filling the seat and crotch.
” oh wow,” he said, his voice sounded so excited. When I was done, i stood up straight and felt the bulge I’d made, it wasn’t as big as his mountain of poop, but a nice heavy lump, just the same. At this point he also stood up, his load, snug in his boxers, his large cock standing straight up in the wet  front  of them. Without hesitation, he put his hand on my poo bulge squeezing it so slightly. I was about to turn around to face him when he stepped closer and pressed his hard fabric clad cock directly against the lump in my pants.
“Oh god!” I gasped, as his hand reached around and rubbed my satin covered wet pussy firmly. I then reached behind him and squeezed and squashed the load in his pants as he humped my poopy butt. “Don’t stop!” I growled as he began rubbing my clit through my wet panties, furiously.   His humping intensified. I swung around to face him.   And pulled  his huge cock  out, stroking it. He grabbed my panties and tore the crotch off to one side, finding my slippery wet hole with his finger and sliding it in. The poop in my panties contained neatly and snuggly against my left ass cheek. 
“Fuck me.” I begged. He removed his finger and took his cock in his hands sliding it into my hot wet cunt. I moaned, as he began to fuck me, both my hands on his ass pressing and playing with his load shoving it between his legs burying his balls is poop. ” your pants are so full of shit!” I told him. He was doing the same to me, squishing my firm ball of poop into a pancake across my butt. He fucked me madly as we stood there playing with each others poop and panted and hummed in ecstasy. 
“I’m going to cum!” I choked out between gasps.
“Me too” he panted. 
Orgasm swept over me, my vagina pulsing, contracting over and over, hugging his penis. He began to cum as well, shooting spurt after spurt deep inside my spasming pussy. As our climax subsided, he slide his cock out, his cum dripping out of me to the floor. Our dirtied pants messier than ever. We hugged for a while catching our breath. Then we went straight to the bathroom to help clean each other up. We emerged from the shower clean and warm, and got in bed naked, holding each other, agreeing that it was a very very good night. And then we feel to sleep.
The end
Hope you enjoyed this. Please leave comments! 🙂

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  1. It’s only a fantasy because my husband wants nothing to do with my poop fetish.

  2. well mary , that was a hot story, but you could join drongo and i for a 3some pantiepooping peeing and fucking eachother wow how nice that would be hugs mel xx

  3. Awesome. When I was still dating my ex girlfriend, she had a very big and kinky poop fetish. She got me into it. She corrupted me, but I like it:)

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  5. Lovely story Mary, this is what I would love to happen with my partner, but she is like your husband, uninterested in my fetish. 🙁

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  8. That’s an experience I would LOVE to have with a like-minded woman. Only I would go for the mutual cleanup before fucking.

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