A constipation story

Hi everybody.

So I joined this site because for some reason the fact that I get constipated a lot is kind of a turn-on. And since I can’t really talk about it with anyone in real life, I figured I’d post here. Sorry this story isn’t very “raunchy” it’s just a true story about me being constipated lol.

I’ve been constipated on and off since I was a kid and it’s never really gone away. I think part of the reason I get constipated so often is I have a tendency to hold in my poop by default–when I get an urge to go often I hold it. I don’t really know why, but I’ve been doing it for a long time. I also just kind of eat whatever I want and I know it sometimes makes me constipated.

Anyway, a month ago I was on vacation and that always seems to make me more constipated than usual, plus I avoid public bathrooms a lot. So it had been two days and I hadn’t pooped. I kind of didn’t even notice it then. But I wondered if my best friend noticed (I was on vacation with him) because he’s commented on it before. Finally on the third day I realized enough was enough. I could almost feel the poop mass inside my intestines–it was kind of uncomfortable. I sat on the toilet in the hotel room and tried, but all I did was fart and strain to no avail (I think my friend probably heard it–it was a quiet room otherwise and the bathroom had no real fan).

So at that point I was getting kind of worried, because I was eating just as mucha s my friend was, but nothign was coming out. Finally that night I got the slightest hint of an urge, so I decided to take full advantage of it. I went into the bathroom and pushed as hard as I could, definitely making loud grunting noises. I kept doing this for a while until something started to come out my anus (I think my poop is often way too big for my anus so it has to stretch a ton, even when I’m not exactly constipated). At that point I decided to squat on the floor and try and see if it was easier. It came out more, but not much. I coudl feel this big fat piece of poop sticking out of me not moving much.

Well then I knew my friend had heard because he asked if I was okay and I said “uh…yeah…maybe turn on the TV?” lol. I couldn’t believe he was hearing me, but that’s the way it goes. Anyway I continued pushing and straining and grunting. I even pulled my butt cheeks apart to see if it would help my anus stretch. I think it did because the huge log moved a bit more. It was starting to smell in the bathroom, but not too bad because I find my big hard dark brown clay-like poops don’t stink too much. Anyway finally after several more minutes of this it dropped into the toilet. The first part that is. I was panting so much and my face was probably red if I could’ve seen it.

So after that I just started pushing again to get the rest out. The rest was softer but still hard to get out. I must’ve been on the toilet for like half an hour at least. My butt hole was so sore afterward and the toilet was filled with poop including that first hard knobby turd. When I got out finally, my best friend was like “were you giving birth in there or what?” Then my face was red for a different reason. lol

Thanks for reading, any comments or questions are welcome. I hope to share more. It feels so good to talk about this haha.

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  1. I liked the story! And don’t worry, it’s better to let your feelings out than let them in. Are you called Tristan by any chance?

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  3. I get really turned on knowing that someone is constipated. Hearing another woman strain in the public bathrooms arouses me immediately. I hate being constipated myself, but when I am, it is a turn on to know all this shit accumulates inside me and I cannot force it out. The powerlessness in that is a huge turn on. Would have loved to hear you try to poop.

  4. Wow so cool to know there are others who are interested in constipation. Yeah I’m pretty much chronically constipated so I’ve experienced it a lot

  5. Thank you for this great story and sharing about your constipation. I have been constipated in the past, what you tell sounds very familiar to me.

    I was there had been a site like that in the days where I was badly constipated and had nobody to share my frustration and pain. Now my bowels are better but my fascination for constipation remains

  6. Im chronicly constipated too. Average a hard earned poo every few weeks. Ive always liked to hold it in until ive had to go so bad for so long the urge comes and goes until i lose the urge to poop for awhile. I usually eventually get so far behind and impacted ill start skidding my briefs daily for awhile until i finally desperately try to force some out and be less backed up for awhile. I guess id probably be uncomfortable if i didn’t enjoy being impacted

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