A Chance Encounter, Part 1

This story is nearly entirely fictional, with some elements of truth. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is which. I will continue the story if there’s any interest or feedback.

Chapter 1

I had about six hours left to go on my drive home. It had been raining almost the entire four hours since I started out, and since I was eastbound, it wasn’t likely to let up. Since I was tensed up enough from driving I decided to pull in at the rest stop to use the bathroom, instead of just letting go in my pants like I normally would. Not another car in sight in the lot. As I got out of my truck, I saw her. She sat on a bench outside the rest area partly covered by a roof, but not completely. She was soaked from her mid-thighs down in her seemingly well-fitted jeans. Her head hung somewhat low, so I couldn’t see that she was upset. I noticed that the wetness in her jeans seemed to climb higher on her legs than the rain could account for, but I assured myself it was just wishful thinking.

It wasn’t until I was inside seeking the relief of the restroom that it occurred to me; there were no cars other than mine outside. Why is there a woman here with no car? I decided I would risk making conversation with her even though it was nearly ten at night, and a stranger in the dark striking up a conversation might not be the most comfortable thing for her. I didn’t need to worry though because as I came out of the restroom, she approached me. She was about my height of five foot-eight, faded blue denim jeans clinging to a well rounded set of thighs framed by a loose-fitting silky green blouse over a small but perky chest. Above that, she had flowing long curly copper red hair, and the most beautiful hazel eyes I had ever seen. Beautiful except for the hurt I saw in them. She had been crying, and from her appearance, had been crying for a while.

“Can I.. I was just wondering.. I.. Look, my car has been stolen. I was moving, and everything I had was in there. My phone, my purse, everything. I’ve been here for an hour and the emergency phone doesn’t work and you’re the first person to stop since then. I don’t know what to do,” she pleaded, forcing back the tears.

“Let me help. I have a phone. Is there someone you can..” I stopped as I noticed that my phone had no service. Was it the rain, or just the middle of nowhere? Not too distant, the sounds of thunder overcame the constant spatter of the heavy rain that fell. “..well.. never-mind that I guess… my phone doesn’t work here. Look, I can either leave you here and go on till my phone works, or until I get to the next town, or, you can ride along and we’ll get you some help. I know you don’t know me and I could be some..” she cut me off.

“Let’s go. I’m tired of this place. I’d rather take my chances with a stranger than risk being stuck here.” She turned to walk out the door. Aside from ogling her quite round buttocks, I noticed that the seat of her pants was darker than normal. Did she wet herself, or was the bench wet, I wondered. My wishful thinking kicking in again. Of course not, its raining and the bench was wet. I got a few bottles of water from the vending machines and we got in my Yukon and took off.

As I got back on the interstate, the heavy rain gave way to a strong storm. The radio told us that there were severe storms in the area, and several bands of it would roll through tonight. Great, I thought to myself, as if heavy rain weren’t bad enough. We barely got to fifty. There were hardly any other cars or trucks out though, so it wasn’t so bad. I pressed on, fighting the wheel. She took a bottled water, opened it, and passed it to me and then took one for herself.

“Thanks for this. I was thirsty before I ever stopped earlier, but with my.. well.. my everything gone…” she began to waver a little, becoming upset again.

“No worries. We’ll get you some help.” I checked my phone, and still no signal. “I wonder where the next town is. We’ll stop and see what we can do there.” Barely visible through the rain was a sign. Next exit was twenty-nine miles away. At this rate it’ll take forever to get there. I look down, and realize that we’re going thirty and I can barely see through the rain and near constant strobe effect of the lightning.

“If we don’t float away first,” she actually smiled a little as she said it. “Annie.”

Chapter 2

“Annie,” she repeated.

“Wha? … Oh, right. My manners.. I’m Stuart, but you can call me Sam.” as I stifled a laugh. “I never really liked the name Stuart. Sam happens to spell out my initials, and kinda suits me.”

She offered her hand and said “I’m glad I met you tonight. At least I hope I am. Still a little nervous..”

I gently took her hand and tried to assure her of my good intentions “You should be, it’s healthy. People can be… dangerous… I promise you I’ll be nothing but a gentleman.” and shot her a quick smile. She relaxed some, and, much more slowly than I expected, slipped her hand away.

I turned my attention back to the road in time to see police lights ahead. As we got closer, we saw it was an accident. Annie gasped.

“That’s MY car! That’s my… DAMMIT.” We saw that it wasn’t just police lights, but fire trucks as well. There had been a fire and her car was badly burnt out. We pulled out onto the shoulder so she could talk to the officers.

I waited several minutes as she stood in the rain discussing the situation with the officers. Eventually, the officer she spoke to reached in through the passenger window of her burnt out car and grabbed a couple things and handed them to her. As she looked in the broken out windows of her car, she became hysterical, bouncing up and down as she cried out. The officer spoke to her a few more minutes and calmed her down. During the conversation, she pointed to me and my Yukon. After a few minutes he walked her to the truck and she got in. I could smell the smoke and scent of burnt car in what I realized was her purse that the officer recovered. The officer came over to my window.

“I can’t give this young lady a ride right now, but she says you helped her earlier. I checked you out on the radio, and you’re clear. But I know who she is and I know who you are, and she’s to call me in a couple hours to let me know she’s OK. If she doesn’t I’ll have every officer in the state looking for you. Clear?” he said, solid as stone.

“Understood clearly. If we can’t call, I’ll stop at a police station somewhere and they’ll call. Here’s my number.” and I handed him a card.

“Stay safe. There’s going to be some rough weather all night tonight, so keep your eyes open.” I rolled up my window. Shortly after, I caught a hint of a pee scent. I’ve really got to work out this fetish thing because it’s driving me crazy and making me see, hear, and smell things that aren’t there…

We were ready to make our way back onto the road. I glanced over at Annie and saw that she was soaked head to toe. Her curly red hair was now nearly straight and clung to her shoulders and neck as if it were glued there. She was shivering. Her clothes were all in the car and ruined. She was again in tears, cold, wet, miserable, and probably wondering how else life could kick her.

I tried my best to block one of those kicks. I offered her a blanket to wrap up in. At first she refused, telling me that her clothing would get it all wet. I insisted and told her to not worry, it would dry. She took the blanket, and snuggled in. For the first time since we had met almost two hours earlier, she introduced me to her smile, a full smile, as she thanked me for helping her. It took a few moments before we broke our gaze.

As I pulled back onto the road, I looked at the clock and realized that we had been there for over an hour. “So… now what?” I asked her.

“Well… I don’t really know. This is all so weird. It’s almost like one of those bad dreams that you can’t quite wake up from.. not quite a nightmare, though. I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next. This whole night has been a series of bad thing, good thing, bad thing, good thing.. you know? So far, you’ve been a good thing, and I have my purse now so that’s good too. How far East are you going, anyway?”

“North of Davenport. How about you? Where were you going?”

“I wasn’t real sure. I was going to go until I saw somewhere interesting. I was thinking Chicago-ish.”

“I see. How far would you like to go with me?” I asked, and she pretended to be startled. “For this trip, I meant.”

“Oh, right.. that’s what you meant…” she said playfully as she smiled a wry smile from the corner of her mouth.She was toying with me, seeing if she could make me uncomfortable. “Let’s just see how things go.”

We each started another liter bottle of water.

Chapter 3

I could still smell the now unmistakable scent of pee in my truck. Maybe it was just her wet clothing? Maybe it was my imagination. I just didn’t know.

The storm dissipated some over the next half hour. Annie had drifted off to sleep shortly after we got back under way. She looked like she needed the peace, after the day she’d had. I sped up as the rain let up, so we were actually finally starting to get somewhere. It looked like the storm was just regrouping, getting ready to…

FLASH BANG!! Out of nowhere, a very close lightning strike and accompanying boom shattered the calm in the truck. Another downpour started.

Annie awoke startled by the boom. “Oh god!”

“It’s OK, it’s just lightning.”

“No, I need to pee. Like NOW….” she said, rather calmly.

“Uh.. well, I could pull over?” I suggested. Her face had been somewhat pained and panicked until that moment, but before I could finish talking, her face relaxed.

“Never-mind…. damn…”

“Huh? Oh.. I…”

“I’m so sorry. I just got your blanket and seat even more wet.” she said, but not in an overly upset tone, not as upset as I would have expected.

“It’s alright. If I don’t stop soon, my seat will be wet too.” I hadn’t realized until now, but it was true. I hadn’t noticed that I needed a bathroom break until just then.

“Well, if you don’t make it, I can’t very well make fun of you for it, can I?” she asked, again with that playful tone.

“I suppose not.” I smiled back. I decided to take a risk and flood my jeans. I looked at her, and, in an even, unexcited tone, said “Uh oh.” as I relaxed my control. “Never-mind…” I said back to her.

Annie looked down at my lap, looked up at me and bit her lower lip for a moment. “Well, I guess we won’t need to stop for a while.”

“That’s OK… We’ll stay drier in here anyway, even though we…”

I couldn’t believe what I was doing! Right next to this beautiful woman I had just met, I had intentionally let go of my bladder. A thousand feelings ran through my mind all at once. The intense feelings of my hot pee flowing all around my hardening cock, knowing that this woman whom I had just met peed her own pants curled up inside my blanket in the seat of my truck! My heart was pounding, my mind racing. I must be asleep somewhere, dreaming vividly.

No. I am awake, and this is real. And as the wetness in my pants grew, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Annie was fixed intently on my crotch as the wetness spread. She was enjoying this as much as I was! This was all so much, between what was going on inside the truck, and what was going on with the rain outside,

She pulled the blanket away slowly and moved so that she was sitting with her back toward the door. Slowly and slyly, she parted her legs, pulling one flat against the seat, her knee against the seat-back. Her other knee was almost against the dashboard. As I looked over at her, our eyes met, and with them, she motioned for me to look down. Her clothes were still somewhat wet from the rain, but at her crotch and on down were the telltale signs of a full-on bladder emptying. Was I really seeing this?

The dim glow of the dashboard lights did no justice to the wondrous sight I was seeing. Nonetheless, I was more interested in what I saw beside me than the broken white line in the road. My attention to the road was far less than perfect, and I was beginning to wander around on the highway. She sat back up in her seat, and with a shy smile, said “now we have something else to talk about.” I had to admit that at that particular moment, talking was the furthest thing from my mind.

“But not right now. I’m more than a little tired, and kinda cold. Is that a sleeping bag back there?” she asked as she looked over the seat at my assortment of stuff.

“Actually, it is. I take these with me on long drives. It’s cheaper than a motel. If you want, go ahead and roll it out. I’ll pull over so you..” I trailed off as she started to climb over the seat. Intentionally or not, she gave me a very good view of her soaked crotch and ass as she climbed over.

“Find somewhere safe and pull off the interstate and join me back here. And don’t get any ideas. This is just a nap, nothing else.”

“Got it.” I replied. I really wasn’t expecting anything more, actually. And, truth be told, I really needed a nap badly at that point. She had found her phone in her purse and, amused that it still worked after what it had been through, called the officer to let him know all was well and that she had all the help she needed for now.

We arranged everything in the back and laid down. I had a couple dry blankets back there that I used to keep us covered since the bag was too small for us both to fit. It was tight back there with all my gear in the back, so we laid there closely together. I put my arm over her, and she didn’t argue. We fell asleep in our wet clothing to the sounds of the rain and occasional thunder outside the truck.

Chapter 4

It couldn’t have been more than two or three hours later that I woke. Annie had snuggled in toward me, and we were now spooning. She had opened the side of the sleeping bag at some point and we were both somewhat inside it. Our clothing had all but dried by now. I stretched a little to get comfortable; the back of my Yukon wasn’t the most luxurious. As I put my arm back down around her over the blankets, she woke for a moment and whispered that I’d be warmer under the blanket. I pulled my arm inside the blankets and sleeping bag, gently cradling my arm over her. She answered by putting her hand over mine and intertwined our fingers. I heard her sigh gently and felt her relax. We were drifting off to sleep again when the rain and wind picked up yet again. Lightning was crashing down around us not too distantly. She pushed herself into me, gripping my hand. I assured her we’d be alright and gently kissed her ear.  She slowly relaxed as I gently stroked her fingers. We drifted off to sleep again for a while….


“Excuse me, could you tell me where the restrooms are?” I asked the lady behind the counter.

“They’re at the other end of the store” she replied, pointing off into some distant dark corner. I couldn’t even see where she was pointing for sure. I’d wander off in that direction anyway and look around. As I get closer, I can ask someone again. I made it through mens clothing. Then women’s clothing. Shoes. Electronics. Plumbing. Plumbing? ‘Maybe there’s a toilet here I can use’ I joked to myself. Electrical. Insulation. My god, this is a big store. I hope like hell I can get to the bathrooms soon; I really need to go. Lumber. Produce. Canned goods. I found another employee. She’s dressed like a clown.
A clown? Cool. “Where are restrooms?” I asked. “Back that way” was her reply.

I turned around and went back the way I just came. Back through the automotive department. Automotive? I was in the grocery section a moment ago. This isn’t good. I’m really about to lose control. It would be OK normally, but I’m in a public place near home. There’s people I know here. I’ve seen some. There’s my best client now, in fact. And I’m close to wetting myself. It’s going to happen soon.

I made it back to the plumbing department. That’s where the toilets are. You’ve got to be kidding me. The toilets are in full public view? People are sitting there using them? ‘Try before you buy’ the sign says. No one seems to notice or care that these toilets are out in the open, so I am going to find one too. Just have to wait a moment for someone to finish up and… there’s one! I hurry up to the toilet and unzip. I free myself from my underwear and aim. I relax and let my bladder release. Slow at first. I’m peeing. A lot. But where’s the relief? I’ve been peeing for a long time. I should be done by now, but I’m still desperate to pee? I give a little push; maybe if I make it come out faster I’ll get some relief. It’s working. The feeling of relief is intense. There’s a warmth spreading over me as I pee now, one I didn’t feel before. It almost feels like I’m wetting myself. My manhood feels as though it’s bathed in the hot pee that it’s releasing. My left hip is telling me that I’m in a puddle. I close my eyes for a moment. When I open them, I am lying on the floor, not standing at the toilet. I am peeing toward a drain in the floor, but because I am laying on my side, I am missing, and the pee is pooling at my hip. I close my eyes again. I realize that the relief is so intense that I am moaning out loud. But it’s not my voice. It’s a female voice. It sound’s like Annie, the woman I was driving with when I went to…


SLEEP!! I woke, terrified for a moment of what just happened. Terrified, until I realized the moans I heard were not coming from the dream, but from Annie. When I had fallen back asleep, I had noted that I was in need of a pee, but not badly, just enough to know that I would need to wake up soon and go. I hadn’t figured out how or where yet, so I just went back to sleep. Now that I was awake, though, I realized that I was still spooned with Annie. And I had just emptied my bladder. Completely.

“Mmmmmmmmmm… My turn.”, she said.

My cock was rapidly hardening at the realization of what was happening. I had just had a pee dream. I didn’t wake up. I was pressed against her ass and crotch. I had just emptied my bladder through our clothing and right on to her pussy. And she liked it. A lot.

She rolled over to face me and pushed on my shoulder, motioning for me to lay on my back. My cock is fully hard now under my wet clothes. She lifted her leg over my hips and pressed herself directly onto my rock hard member. A moment later, the cooling dampness in my jeans was suddenly refreshed with a hot wetness spreading all over me, flooding me. Down my hips. Down my crack over my ass. Her hot pee was flooding my balls and rock solid cock. She rocked back and forth slightly, moaning as she relieved herself. I felt the familiar fire beginning to burn in my soul. I moaned. She moaned louder, and rocked faster. Her hands met my shoulders, her fingers gripping me firmly. Her moans and her motions became sharper as her body began to tense. Lost in the moment, I felt myself moan aloud again. The white fire overtook my mind as came harder than I had ever come before in my life. Her fingers suddenly gripped my shoulders as she came as though she was trying to remove flesh from bone. She screamed one last scream and fell down on me, spent. The flow from her continued on for what felt like minutes as she leaned her head down on mine, looking me deep in the eyes. We kissed.

Slowly at first, testing each other. Then, our lips embraced and we kissed passionately. We rolled to our sides, our clothing soaked in our liquids, embraced in a kiss. I began to lift her shirt to feel her skin with my fingertips. “Not now. We have plenty of time. Let’s leave something to look forward to when we’re in better surroundings” she said as she winked and smiled, gently biting her lip again, teasing.

“I’d like that.” I replied.

“Hold me.” she ordered, and I complied, taking her gently into my arms. We kissed again, and once again, we drifted off to sleep one last time before morning, in each others arms and a very wet sleeping bag.

To be continued…

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