A certain type of video disappears from the site.

I once made two wanking only videos, both last summer. One of them I was pretty sure I uploaded it but I realized it was gone last week when I found the second old video in my hard drive and remembered about the other one. I went to check for it out of curiosity and it wasn’t there. Weird. I thought maybe I never did upload it even though I was sure I did. So then I thought, “why not?” and put up the other one. I didn’t check back until today (about a week later) and it was gone too. So unlikely to be a coincidence that both these wanking only videos were apparently removed after I did indeed upload them. Ok I’m done talking.

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  1. very weird,i would reckon most guys would love to see you wank,even str8 guys!

  2. I don’t know if I would want to see that…

    Reminded me of what I overheard some guy say years ago that almost caused me to back-snort Coca-Cola through my nose. "My wife always closes her eyes when we have sex. Sometimes I wonder if she can’t stand to see me having a good time."

  3. I think this is down to a quirk with the sites code. Wanking is not a category which can be filtered and as such when a video contains only wanking, it does not appear on this list of videos when the filter is enabled.

    If you go to your member page and click ‘View All’, the wanking videos appear.

    Apologies for the confusion, I will look into a fix when I return.

  4. Hold on, he may be right. I went to …/user_videos.php (My videos) and they were in there.

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